Nikki Winchester


One of my favourite time blogging is usually when I own something new. Hehehe.. If you guys follow my Instagram account, you’d have known that I own an Apple Watch 2 now. It’s like a self-treat because I survive my first semester (not yet actually, still have 2 more assignments and one exam to go but you know, almost there).

Apple watch in general is something you should consider as ‘100% completely freaking unnecessary but completely 100% freaking AWESOME. That’s all I can say. I was torn apart at first. With that price, I could  totally buy 3 more Bonia handbags, an MK handbag maybe, make-up stuff from Sephora, more Jovians, more baju kerja, more shoes… A LOT! Plus, I already have a watch (my pink G-shock) so I didn’t think another watch (at that price) was necessary. I was making a lot of sense kan.. But, I didn’t know how could I come up with ‘Okay lahhh, I’ll take that one’ to the salesman. ‘Arrghhhh… Am I really doing this? It’s so expensive. Okay, I still haven’t paid, not too late to cancel.’  But I just stood there, saying nothing. I only realised what was happening when the cashier gave me an exchange of RM1 of the amount paid for the apple watch. I FREAKING BOUGHT IT, WHYYYYYY! But you know, all the guilts and regret and torn-apart feeling faded away as soon as the salesman started unboxing the box. Owh…. Such beauty!! I’m never regretting this!

No more guilts! Nervoussss

No more guilts! Nervoussss

Sporty straps by Nike

Sporty straps by Nike

Nike face layout. There are five options but they're very basic

Nike face layout. There are five options that you can choose from, apart from the other regular layouts .

Since it’s the special edition of Nike Apple Watch, I name it Nikki (duh!). The differences between Nike version and the regular ones are the unique straps and the face layout of the watch. The price is the same tho but there were not many Nike options left at that time. It’s okay, I don’t want black+volt anyway. I prefer the light lavender+white version because it’s more feminine. As for the size, I chose 38 mm rather than 42 mm due to the cutest wrist I have heheh.

Since the straps are limited edition (you can’t buy them separately, only come with the watch), I would be pretty devastated if I somehow ruin it. You know how careless I am right? I might make it dirty, stain it with marker pens or anything etc. The possibilities are endless. So I decided to buy another regular straps then I could keep the original one in the box, safe and pretty. Smart girl, I am! LOL

The straps I bought online from the Apple Store website. Guess, what colour I chose?

The straps I bought online from the Apple Store website. Guess, what colour I chose? #abaikanhouseofdoll #nothemainsubjecthere

Yeah... Product Red baby! Terpaksa tukar phone casing sekali sebab nk matching punya pasal.

Yeah… Product Red baby! Terpaksa tukar phone casing sekali sebab nk matching punya pasal.

Okayyy.. I think that’s about it. Hubs is watching Munafiq on Astro right now and oh my God, he kept pulling my T-shirt and screamed like a little girl. Dah takut tu tak payah la tgkk.. Grrr. Now, dia suruh teman dia tengok pulakk… Haihh..

Why Winchester?


People used to ask about my nickname used in Facebook, Emy Winchester. ‘People’ here, referring to those whom I met after college days, like my colleagues, mostly. Haha my college buddies know very well where I got the Winchester name right. Well, let me just tell you people who don’t know what Winchester means and the significance of that name to me.

Winchester actually is a name of place in US/UK and I’ve never been there. Haha. So no, my nickname is not after the place.

Here’s the real reason.

Have you guys watched Supernatural series? It is about two brothers Sam and Dean (starred by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) who hunts supernatural stuff like demons, evils etc. So, I was so into those boys and I fell in love with both of them, especially Dean, from head to toe. So deeply in love. I love the brotherhood between them. You know, I always have a thing for brotherhood, especially the hot ones. Whether they are real or just fictional characters, I don’t care. I just love it. Like Numbers, if you’ve ever watched it, I like that series too because of the brotherhood between the FBI guy (Don) and his younger brother, the Math professor, Charlie. Anything about brotherhood, I dig it. Heroes too, brotherhood between Nathan and Peter, but of course the Winchesters win it all. Their love towards each other made me cried so so badly hahah

Back to the topic, the boys’ surname is Winchester. Sam and Dean Winchester. And John, the father of Winchesters.

Dean and Sam Winchester

Dean and Sam Winchester (when they were still young and beautiful haha). Look at that puppy dog eye of Sammy’s. Haha

My crazy love towards them brought me to Sydney to meet one of the Winchesters there,


Sammy is not my favourite Winchester, Dean is, but hey, where else an ordinary person like me would ever meet a Hollywood star like him? You got the chance in front of you, grab it tho you know later you would make one hell of a hole in your pocket. I did. Haha. Still, one of the best days of my life and it was all worth it.

This is my fav Winchester. Dean, the big brada!

The cutest pout in the world, isn't it?

The hottest pout in the world, isn’t it? One more thing, look at the lashes. Owwhhhh…

So back to meeting Sam story, you know I told him to sign my name as Emy Winchester during the photo-signing session, and Jared himself said, ‘Winchester? Owh, so you’re one of the Winchesters’. He declared me ‘one of the Winchesters’. How could I not crazy over that, you tell me.

Jared and I.. Well, he HUGGED me right after this photo shoot. Hihihi

Jared and I.. Well, he HUGGED me right after this photo shoot. Hihihi

The photo that he signed especially for me. :-)

The photo that he signed especially for me. Note, EMY WINCHESTER

The rest of the album is here. Meeting Jared Padalecki.

Hence the name, Emy Winchester Abdul Malik. Of course, I’m not leaving my real surname either.


p/s- Do you know that I name all my favourite stuff Winchester too? Like my first laptop 6-7 years ago, the white Twinhead, Baby Winchester. My second laptop, the pink Sony Vaio, Fifi Winchester. My external hardisk, Andy Winchester. My pink Sony phone 6 years ago, Bitchy Winchester. My iPad mini, iPurple Winchester. My car, Chullie Winchester. My Macbook right now, Macky Winchester. Haha. Tho I don’t really watch Supernatural right now, but that Winchester name remains in me.

Annoying Afternoon




Luckily I have these two guys entertaining me right now. My beautiful brothers, Sam and Dean. Dah lama gila tak tgk Supernatural.



Big brada Dean

Big brada Dean

The Winchesters..

The Winchesters..

My (Hopefully) Next ‘Winchester’


I’m looking for a new cell phone.. The FFFFFFFLIP one!

And after spending two days doing the research, I’m finally torn apart between these three.

Sony Ericsson Z770i

Sony Ericsson Z770i

Motorazr V8 (or V9??) Not sure..

Motorazr V8 (or V9??) Not sure..

Nokia N76

Nokia N76

Honestly, kinda like the third one here… (It looks like pink, but it’s actually RED! As in..Liverpool Red. Got it?)

*Ayah!!!!! You’re the best Dad in the world!! I’m so happy, grateful and feel blessed to have you as my Dad!! CAN YOU BUY ME THAT PHONE???? PLZ!!!* 😛