Hi There!

Firstly, I’m gonna let you guys know that I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be blogging when the due date for my assignment is tomorrow (in 14 hours to be exact) and I haven’t started any. Well, okay, I have started some but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna scratch that soon because most of them are real bullshit and they don’t make any sense at all.

Hmm.. Just dropping by here because I have totally ignored this blog since January, when I welcomed 2016. Now, I’m almost bidding goodbye to it and gonna welcome 2017 real soon. Anyway, I have you know that a lot of things have happened since I posted my previous post (which was in January). I’m now pursuing my study in UPM in Master of Applied Linguistics. I’m still in my first semester, almost done with it. This week is supposed to be our final week, and then there’ll be study week, followed by the examination week. It’s been such chaotic days of my life but I’m sure it’ll pay off once I hold that degree in my hand, which will be in 2 years time. Such a loooooong way to go. Chaiyok!

As for work, we also have a new headmistress at school and she’s just such a bitch. A stupid one, of course. She’s even worse than the previous one, whom I admit now was quite a good leader actually. This new one is a laughing stock, always cracks us up with her stupidity and arrogance. She’s funny in that sense, you know? What a joke. Hahah. Cant wait to see what shit she’s about to offer us in 2017. Be prepared with some toilet papers, Emy.

As for other things… Yeah, some things happened as well, which NEVER happened before. Not gonna go into details but…… I’m just gonna say that 2016 is personally pretty big for me because of this one particular thing that happened. Hmm… Not really a good thing, but it’s not a bad thing either. Some part of me is sooo glad it happened and some isn’t. Hmmm…. Yeah, I keep saying ‘hmmmmm’ when it comes this thing. Because I really don’t know what to say about it. Got me confused and go ‘hmmmmmm’ all the time. Hmmm…

I should go now. It’s past 2 and I have to get back to my assignment. I’m betting on myself that I’m gonna get it done by 5 and then I’m gonna sleep until 10 maybe? Or 11. Doesn’t matter.

I have to go now. Bye.




I hope it’s still not too late for me to wish you guys, Happy New Year! It’s still January right, so I guess it’s still relevant. Hehe.

2016…. It’s the time where I move from my sweet 20s to oh-not-so-young the big THREE-O phase. It’s scary. I think about lots of things. My future, mostly. Like, what’s gonna happen in this phase? Will kids be involved in this phase? Am I still gonna be a teacher? Will I still be living here in Muar? What about my health? Those and other endless questions…. To think about all these uncertainties, it makes you scared because you don’t have the answers to them. All you can do is just pray that these years ahead of you will be a smooth sailing one.

I’m not intending to write a long entry today, so I think that just might be it. Again, Happy New Year guys. Hope 2016 will bring all of us nothing but happiness and success.

Good luck to us all….

…..and 2016, please be nice.

Masuk Angin



It’s the night of the weekend and this is what I’m up to. I’m not feeling well actually. I did go out with hubs just now just to get some fresh air out of the house but I asked him to just go home after a few drinks because I feel a bit lightheaded. I’ve been feeling this way since last week. No, I am not pregnant and I am so sure of that, seriously. This is just the sign of me ‘masuk angin’. It makes sense since I just had a light breakfast this morning and didn’t eat anything until 7 p.m. Few days go, I had to take an MC due to the same thing too. Sigh.. Do you know that it is just so hard to make sure this girl right here (pointing at me) to eat on time?

Anyway, this is just me blogging out of nowhere. Have nothing to share, really. Everything has been same old, same old. Maybe a lil bit busier, since it’s the end of the school session this year.

My victorious weekend. 'On the bed, feeling sick'

My victorious weekend. ‘On the bed, feeling sick’

Alright. I’ll blog again next time. Bye now.

Still Alive, Dude



I’ve been abandoning this blog for quite some time now. I looked at my drafts, I could see that I am still writing about my Korea vacation Part 3 that is still nowhere near done. Muahaha. What a slow mo!

Since the last post (2nd May), a lot of things have happened. I gained some, but then I also lost some. Things have been pretty difficult at times, but I thank God for lending me a person called hubs, my Mr.Gonzales, for always being here with me.

I probably wouldn’t write much right now, just telling my blog that its owner is still alive.

Will write more soon.


Mamacita Ayayayaya



I am in my hometown right now. The best place and time for me to blog.

First of all, my apologies for abandoning you for so long dear Blind Kitten. I have been so caught up with God knows what so I kinda ignored you for a little while there. Owh, I didn’t even wish you ‘Happy New Year’, did I? Very bad of me! Hope it’s not too late for that, tho we’re already in mid February lols. So, Happy New Year dear Kitty. You’re turning 7 this year, in August to be exact, and you’re still a kitty, forever young. So am I. Haha.

Owh, Happy Chinese New Year too to everyone that’s celebrating it. Gong Xi Fa Cai. It’ll be a ‘goat’ year I can feel it. Haha

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hmmm….. I don’t really know what to say here. Okay, let me give you a quick update of what I’ve been up to. School has been……. great? I guess? Haha not great. School is never great, as long as WWoW is still there (click here to know more about WWoW). But it’ll be better in June or July I hope, since ‘it’ will be retiring soon enough. Also, my dearest KP (Ketua Panitia, Head of English Department), Kak Kila already transferred to Melakaaaa!!! That is such a sad news to me since she was my gossip buddy, as well as my one and only EG-Tukar buddy. Well, at least she succeeded this time around, leaving the place and leaving me alone too. Cries!

So, guess who’s the new KP?
More cries!

HUAAA!! Me no likeyyy!!

HUAAA!! Me no likeyyy!!

Other than that, no, still not getting iPhone 6, no, still not pregnant (in case if you’re wondering), no, still not rich, no, still not getting a new car, no, still not changing school. Same old same old. But I’m still the happiest I can be, except for the last part there. No, not happy about not changing school. Uh-uh *while shaking my fore finger*

Now, let’s get to the brighter and happier side of this post. My delayed vacation that I’ve mentioned in the previous post is about to come true, in sha Allah. It was supposed to be a winter vacation, but now it’ll be a spring one. Hmm, can’t complain. I just hope there won’t be more problems, hassles coming in our way anymore. Everything is booked and paid, we’re just waiting for that date. Tick tock, tick tock.

Clue : Mamacita Ayayayaya

Okay, till I write again. Bye!