Is It Time To Go?



Still can’t sleep. The standard thing I do is coming here to my blog every time I can’t sleep. I’ve been busy with work, as I stated in the previous post, but since now that work is already over, I feel like I have my life and my house back in my arms. Yeay! I’ve just vacuumed and mopped the floor, dusted the shelves and did everything in my weekly list, that I failed to do the last time (refer to the previous post).

These last few months of the year are probably the busiest. I’ve got courses to attend to, post-UPSR activities to conduct at school and on top of that, I’ve to update the panel files. Usually, there’ll be an SPSK observation in October or November, so I have to get ready for that. Did I mention that I’m the KP for English Panel at my school? Haha I think I did here. It’s my first year being a KP here in SKPJ, replacing Kak Kila who moved to Melaka last February.

Speaking of work, two days ago, I got a WhatsApp text from one of the the cluster-school teachers here in Muar, asking me to transfer to her school, which happens to be quite near to my house. Actually, I met her at our English Carnival for district level and she told me that they don’t have enough English teachers, siding aside the fact that it’s a cluster school, which the niche is English. Weird right? She also told me that they want someone young to be in their English team as they’re already quite veteran. They’re easily tired, they don’t have time, they this, they that. Anyway, I did tell her at the time that I wanted to transfer because I had a problem working under my then GB (the WWoTW), but since now she’s already retired and we don’t have any replacement yet, I have a second thought about the transfer. I didn’t even apply for an EG-Tukar this year because I’m happy at my workplace right now and I don’t want it to change.

Also, I thought she already forgot about it. It was months ago since I last saw or heard anything from her. The way she talked me into joining her school was quite suspicious to me. I kinda sense that she just wants me there to be bossed around. You know, since I’m young and all so the logic is that I can do anything they’d be throwing at me. So, thanks but no thanks, I don’t wanna be bullied like that. Maybe I’m being very negative here, maybe they mean well, but the truth is, I love my current school and I don’t wanna go anywhere else. Well, not yet anyway. I’ve established my reputation there (do I even have one hahah) and I’m not planning to start over at a new place. Plus, their GB is pretty much like the WWoTW so what’s the point of going there?
Haha.. So again, thanks, but no thanks.

There’ll be time when I’ll walk away from SKPJ, but it’s just not now.

Some day la kan..




So, I just got back from tonight’s tuition at school. You know, same old same old, year in year out. I wonder if this is the same thing I would be doing for the rest of my teaching years. Tuitions here and there, day or night, weekend or not. Blerghh!

Actually, I don’t really know what to ramble here. I got everything ready for tomorrow, outfits ironed, lesson plans done, books marked and me showered. All that’s left is just hitting the sack, but it’s not even 11 yet. So early and I’m not even sleepy.

Okay, maybe I should watch TV in the bedroom, while waiting for my brain to stop thinking and then getting sleepy.

Hmm… Bye!

Waiting, And Blogging


Haloooo! Guess what? I’m still at school, waiting for my husband to pick me up. He had a tuition then he went straight to English Meeting for Zone level. He asked me to replace my KP for the meeting so then I could go with him, but duhhhh! Meeting means more work. Takde kerja carik kerja, nk buat ape haha. Plus, my KP, Kak Kila is a very committed teacher. Heheheh..

It’s almost 3.15 now and I’m fasting. Imagine how exhausted I am right now. At this hour, I should’ve been relaxing on my bed watching Food Network (that’s me, puasa2 memang suke tgk food channels), instead I’m still here, in the staffroom.

It’s so quiet.

So quiet that you can hear a pin drop.


Okay, jangan layan sangat kang tetiber jadi seram.

Okay, so here’s a funny story. I was running low on my Marine Essence Beauty Bar. I have been using that for more than 3 months now, and I just love it so much that I don’t wanna change it to other facial cleanser. I don’t even wanna go back to my Neutrogena Facial Foam yang dah guna consistently almost 2 years. It works on my skin and owh! It is soooo wangi!

I don't sell this okay. I'm just a very happy customer. :-)

I don’t sell this okay. I’m just a very happy customer. 🙂

Okay, so I googled, searched here and there, looking for COD Muar because I need it TODAY (blame it on hubby sebab lambat beli kat colleague dia, pastu dier pun dah habis stock dan haku pun tak dapat grr). So long story short, I found this website that displayed a contact number, which was also written with this in caps, MUAR. Cool, let me give a call.

So the name was Fiza, and thank God, she does have the stocks at her home, but since she’s in Melaka at that time, we can only meet at night. The funny thing was……

She is my neighbour (taman sebelah).
Kahkahkah. What a small world.

So lepas ni senang nk restock.

Hubby texted me few minutes ago ajak balik. Meeting dh habis letew. Okay bye.



What’s on?? Yeay, the school holiday mode is ON! I’ve never failed to make this shoutout without feeling like a school girl. At this 28 years of age, I feel so young that I still can talk about school! That’s the good thing being a teacher. You’re just never old. 🙂

So far, I still have no solid plan of what what I’m gonna do, or where I’m gonna go. I was thinking of  Redang or Perhentian, but the places are fully booked. If anything still available, it’s gonna be so expensive.

Hmm.. Still thinking. Ideas?

While I was still searching, my fingers ‘accidentally’ clicked on this very familiar website. Thereeeee you gooo…..

Raya Collection from Poplook

Raya Collection from Poplook

Raya Collection from Poplook

Raya Collection from Poplook

I love caftan! It’s flowy, airy.. Haha! Sesuai sangat la dengan weather Malaysia yang ‘sejuk’ ni kan.. My favourite would be that purple green caftan and also that pink beige dress. Cant buy them now tho. Have to ask hubby if he’s okay with it. This is only the first collection, there will be other collections coming from them soon. Check out their website for more raya designs okay?

Before I go, I just wanna post some pictures of yesterday’s event. My colleagues and I were assigned to be apart of the Teacher’s Day Celebration for Muar Level in Dataran Tanjung Mas. We were in charge of the gifts and souvenirs as well as the emcees for that prize giving ceremony. For that matter, 2 months ago I went to Bandung to buy our uniform for this event (click here if you miss my Bandung story), and this is the result of that uniform!





With Kak Irma (ketua dayang) and Kak Lia.

With Kak Irma (ketua dayang) and Kak Lia.

Aren’t we beautiful? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA

Okay, enough for now. Blog again soon.






My Angry Day!



Yesterday, kerani datang kat meja aku suruh isi menatang hrmisone ni. Aku pernah la dgr hrmis tapi x pernah berurusan ke isi ape2 bnde pakai sistem ni. Siapkan terangkan kat aku camana nk google hrmis. Hahaha okay layan je la.

So tadi aku pun isi la. Aku tau for a fact website2 kerajaan ni mmg hampeh, lembap selembap siput sedut semuanya tapi ada jugak yang bila aku guna, okay je. Contoh mcm SAPS. Okay je takde lembap pun. So, aku ingt hrmis ni pun xder la lembap mane. Bukak pakai Safari, tak boleh. Kena pakai IE7 yang ko hapgrade sampi IE700 pun tetap la tahap zaman batu jugak. Pelik btul kan? Dah ade Google Chrome, Firefox semua tu, ko nk jugak pakai IE yang dah sedia 2×5 jugak lembapnye ngn hrmis tu.

Aku x install IE7 (duhhhh), so aku naik computer lab nak isi. Tgh2 isi, nk mula dah rase aura lembap siput sedut tu. Hati dah panas dah ni sbb aku memang pantang betul bnde2 slow tahap siput sedut ni. Pastu2 everytime aku isi2 maklumat semua, slow gile laaaa dier nak respond. Sebenarnye, kalau dh darurat sgt, ko slow pun ko slow la. Tapi jangan laaa sampai aku dh isi banyak2, ko tetiber frozen, non-responding tak habis2. Lepas tu tetiber hilang and kena buat balik yang baru. Stressssss tau x? Eeeeeeeiii, mula la aku mencarut sikit demi sikit. Ingt aku ni takde keje lain asek nak dok mengadap hrmis bangang ni je ke? Seriously, wtf la wei yang buat sistem bodoh ni! Menyusahkan org x habis2!

Aku ade bace kat satu blog ni, dier cakap ‘Nak semuanya di hujung jari, tapi nk isi hrmis ni rasenye mcm dah di hujung nyawa,’ Hah. Betul sangat la tu! Aku memang setuju sangat. Kepala aku ni dh pening2 dh ni. Banyak keje aku tergendala sbb menatang hrmis ni.

Kepada sesape yang bertanggungjawab, tolong laaaaaa wei. Ko xbleh nk menyenangkan org, ko xyah la nk menyusahkan pulak. Nk bnde online mcm2, tpi server mcm mangkuk ayun. Ko kerjekan dulu server tu kasi laju sket, stable sket, pastu ko nk buat ape2 bnde online takde org bising la.

Okay habis membebel. Bye.