Nikki Winchester


One of my favourite time blogging is usually when I own something new. Hehehe.. If you guys follow my Instagram account, you’d have known that I own an Apple Watch 2 now. It’s like a self-treat because I survive my first semester (not yet actually, still have 2 more assignments and one exam to go but you know, almost there).

Apple watch in general is something you should consider as ‘100% completely freaking unnecessary but completely 100% freaking AWESOME. That’s all I can say. I was torn apart at first. With that price, I could  totally buy 3 more Bonia handbags, an MK handbag maybe, make-up stuff from Sephora, more Jovians, more baju kerja, more shoes… A LOT! Plus, I already have a watch (my pink G-shock) so I didn’t think another watch (at that price) was necessary. I was making a lot of sense kan.. But, I didn’t know how could I come up with ‘Okay lahhh, I’ll take that one’ to the salesman. ‘Arrghhhh… Am I really doing this? It’s so expensive. Okay, I still haven’t paid, not too late to cancel.’  But I just stood there, saying nothing. I only realised what was happening when the cashier gave me an exchange of RM1 of the amount paid for the apple watch. I FREAKING BOUGHT IT, WHYYYYYY! But you know, all the guilts and regret and torn-apart feeling faded away as soon as the salesman started unboxing the box. Owh…. Such beauty!! I’m never regretting this!

No more guilts! Nervoussss

No more guilts! Nervoussss

Sporty straps by Nike

Sporty straps by Nike

Nike face layout. There are five options but they're very basic

Nike face layout. There are five options that you can choose from, apart from the other regular layouts .

Since it’s the special edition of Nike Apple Watch, I name it Nikki (duh!). The differences between Nike version and the regular ones are the unique straps and the face layout of the watch. The price is the same tho but there were not many Nike options left at that time. It’s okay, I don’t want black+volt anyway. I prefer the light lavender+white version because it’s more feminine. As for the size, I chose 38 mm rather than 42 mm due to the cutest wrist I have heheh.

Since the straps are limited edition (you can’t buy them separately, only come with the watch), I would be pretty devastated if I somehow ruin it. You know how careless I am right? I might make it dirty, stain it with marker pens or anything etc. The possibilities are endless. So I decided to buy another regular straps then I could keep the original one in the box, safe and pretty. Smart girl, I am! LOL

The straps I bought online from the Apple Store website. Guess, what colour I chose?

The straps I bought online from the Apple Store website. Guess, what colour I chose? #abaikanhouseofdoll #nothemainsubjecthere

Yeah... Product Red baby! Terpaksa tukar phone casing sekali sebab nk matching punya pasal.

Yeah… Product Red baby! Terpaksa tukar phone casing sekali sebab nk matching punya pasal.

Okayyy.. I think that’s about it. Hubs is watching Munafiq on Astro right now and oh my God, he kept pulling my T-shirt and screamed like a little girl. Dah takut tu tak payah la tgkk.. Grrr. Now, dia suruh teman dia tengok pulakk… Haihh..

The Winchester, R. In The House



I figure you should look at this post first, to see how eager I was to get this phone.

Here I am, introducing the new toy of mine, ROSIE WINCHESTER!
The name couldn’t get any more obvious right? 😛

New girl in the house yaaall!

The latest Winchester in the family.

I’ve been meaning to get a new iPhone since I felt like my iPhone5S, which I name her, Goldie Winchester, kept running out of space for anything. Of course it kept running out of space, it was only 16GB. I don’t know what can you do with that little amount of hard disk nowadays. I was so annoyed every time I had to choose which photos stay in my phone and which photos going to trash. I mean, if you’re not really into taking pictures and selfies, that’s probably okay but I take pictures of everything, so having a small GB like that really frustrated me. Same applied for mp3s. Why couldn’t I have them all in my phone? That’s a question with an obvious answer, right? Well, that’s actually my main issue, other than that, Goldie was working tremendously fine (never mind the battery power, that’s an issue for every smart phone).

So, while I was just weighing my options whether or not to get an iPhone6, Apple announced that they would be introducing a new colour for iPhone6S and iPhone 6 Plus S batch, which is the ROSE GOLD. I couldn’t get more excited hearing the news. ROSE GOLD, that is such an elegant colour and not too girlish I would say. I was like, ‘I have to get one of those! I HAVE TO!’‘ I took it as a sign from the universe, that it was time for me to get a new Apple gadget haha. After all, besides the awesome colour (it’s not good tho buying a gadget based on the colour, but I’m a girl, so it’s forgiven), I was really really in a need for a new iPhone. This time, with BIGGER GB!!

I almost held myself back from buying it due to the ridiculous price range of the new iPhone batch that had been circulating around in the social media. It was so high that I thought I could only drool on it. But you know, when I want something, I want something. It’s called determination (hubs calls it stubborn tho lols).
Thank God when it’s officially launched in Malaysia, the price is not as ridiculous as what had been spread around. I get why some say the new iPhone is overpriced, but blame it on our currency, because Apple’s price range in Malaysia is based on our currency.

Okay, back to Rosie. I can’t compare iPhone6 and iPhone6S because I don’t own iPhone6 so I don’t really know if it’s much different or just more less the same, but an iPhone 5S to iPhone6S? It’s sure a lot. In iPhone 6S, I love how your still photos are no longer still, they’re alive with the sound and movement of 1 second before and 1 second after the camera click, I love how you can use ‘Hey Siri’ without plugging it to the power even when it is locked, I love how you can fully view your emails and messages in iMessages before even opening them, I love that you can use flash when you take a selfie using the front camera, I love the use of light press and hard press to make your still photos dance..



Look at that face!

Look at that face! Lols

Here we go, almost mine!

Here we go, almost mine!


Wooooot! Look at that big grin!

As obvious as it is, I’m in love with Rosie. I’m so in love with her that I rarely hold her in my hands due to this fear I have, of hurting (dropping) her. God knows how terrified I am if I ever hurt her (right now especially when she’s just four days old). That’s why when I still had Goldie, I used her for my social media updates, and only used Rosie for Whatsapp purposes. Plus, I banned hubs from touching Rosie. If he ever checked on Rosie, I would be close by monitoring him until he got sick of my behaviour and handed Rosie back to me. Hahah freak gilleeer!

Anyway, Goldie’s now happy with her new owner now.

Farewell, Goldie. You be good! Thanks for bearing with my ups and downs for these two years.. Now go and do good to other people okay.. Love you!

Farewell, Goldie. Thanks for bearing with my ups and downs for these two years..
Now go and do good to other people okay.. Love you!

The post when I first bought Goldie. 🙂
Thanks for the memories.

The Signature Scent

DSC_0179 - 2


Some people like to have their own signature scent because it is a symbol of their personalities, but unlike them, I love to change my scent every now and then. I don’t have any signature scent because I can’t stick to a certain scent for so long. I get bored quite easy hehe. Scent, any scent at all, is very significant in life. Scents can bring back memories of someone and some place even though you have left all them behind long time ago. It is like a time machine, transporting you back to those people and places. Some scents can make you smile and cry all by yourself. Some can make you drifting away in your own sad or happy memories, wishing you can turn back the time and relive all that. Some scents can even make you feel like you live in the memories because it feels so real.

Speaking of, yesterday, while I was at my sister’s place choosing perfumes to steal from her (hahah), I stumbled upon her DKNY Red Delicious and I quickly sprayed it on me. It immediately transported me back to a little perfume shop in Elizabeth St (if I’m not mistaken), Brisbane City that I used to visit when I was studying there, somewhere in 2007-2008. An image of a blond promoter wearing all black, with her hand holding a bottle of DKNY Red Delicious suddenly came to mind. I kept asking her to spray that fragrance on a strip of white paper that I was holding and kept smelling it while I was wandering around in the shop. I still remember walking to the shop with my backpack, looking at the passers-by who were walking so fast to do their errands, the buses here and there, the surrounding, the atmosphere etc. Hmm.. Memories. I miss being a student abroad. So young and free, do whatever you want, explore and learn new things. There was really nothing heavy to think about. Absolutely commitment free. Unlike now, I’m married and working, got bills to pay, this and that blah blah blah…

See, that’s me drifting away in my own writing, because of a scent that I smelled YESTERDAY.
That’s the power of scents.

Anyway, it was such a nice smell to me, but I ended up buying other perfume, LAMB by Gwen Stefani. I swore that would be my signature scent for the rest of my life. Pfffttt. I quickly bought other perfume once it was all out. Because I got bored already.

Here, some of the perfumes that I remember using.

My first signature scent, LAMB by Gwen Stefani.

My first signature scent ever, LAMB by Gwen Stefani.

My second fragrance, Curious by Britney Spears

Curious by Britney Spears

The third one, Hypnose by Lancome

Hypnose by Lancome

Butterfly by Mariah Carey

Butterfly by Mariah Carey

Manifesto by YSL

Manifesto by YSL

The current one, Mademoiselle by Chanel

The current one, Mademoiselle by Chanel

Right now, my Mademoiselle fragrance is almost gone. Haven’t got time to buy the next perfume yet, so I decided to steal one of my sister’s perfumes. Most of them I saw on the rack were half used already, so this, the full bottle of Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden seemed like the best choice that I’ve had.

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

Hated the scent at first, but after a few minutes, I think it grows nice on me. Citrusy, lemony, refreshing. Nature lovers would love this scent, I guess. The only downright is that it fades away so quickly. It doesn’t last longer on my skin so I am thinking to make this as my temporary scent until I buy the new one.

Told you, I don’t have a signature scent.




Aidijuma Fever Is Back On!



Yeah, the release that I’ve been waiting for! It’s been awhile since they last released the Black Label (BL) collection, which is the best quality label in Aidijuma hijab line. Looking back to the old days, I ain’t sure how did I get myself into this, but once you’re hooked, you’re forever hooked. I always have a hard time to hold myself from buying these beautiful scarves because they’re indeed so beautiful. Although they’re exclusively designed by the founder herself, they’re still not ridiculously expensive, you know. You can get them as low as RM10.00, for White Label (WL).

This is my first post on my Aidijuma fever. Click here.

BL is my favourite label in Aidijuma collection because I love how they come up with different patterns at the edges of the scarves (besides full print scarves) so you can wear them in different styles. Click here and here to see how I wear them to work. Compared to the plain bawal scarves, I believe this is more fun and attractive looking. Just look at their colours. Colourful, chick and modern, aren’t they?

So, this BL collection that is just released today consists of 8 different B.E.A.U.T.F.U.L  designs which are;

Screenshot 2014-11-29 13.23.45

The new collection.

Each design of the new BL Aidijuma collection.

I bought 6 of them! Guess which designs I bought today?


Tadaaa! *Winter Shell is a WL. See, RM10.00 only. And another piece of Traveller is actually for my friend.

BL Traveller was all sold out in the website, in just a matter of minutes and by now, the only designs left are just BL Love Safari and BL Fall. The rest is gone. I heard the same thing happened at the concept store (Aidijuma boutique). Customers were all like piranhas, hungry for human flesh. I stayed by my computer since midnight, kept clicking refresh button to see if they have posted them up. At 3 a.m., I gave up and went to bed. I remember saying this to hubs, ‘I need to buy those scarves. Kalau x dapat, I will bad mood and tanak cakap dgn you satu hari.’ Sleepy hubs was just like…’Hmmmm’.

So this morning at 6.30 a.m. after Subuh, I sat with my laptop on the bed and ‘refreshing’ the website every 5 minutes, with my eyes half closed (because I was still freaking sleepy. I went to bed at 3 remember?). Until I noticed one of the designs was up, then I stopped clicking ‘refresh’ button, adjusted my sitting position, opened my mouth to show my sharp teeth and… started hunting. I am very happy with my ‘tangkapan’ today. Heheh

I guess I was a piranha too. A virtual piranha.


p/s- After the hunting activity, I was all smiles and laughs that I woke hubs up. He turned to me with his eyes closed and asked, ‘Dah menang ke blum? I said, ‘Dahlaaa!!’
‘Semua ke dapat?’ Yesss.. All 6 of them!’
‘Patut laaaa hepi semacam…’