In The Land of KPOP (Part 3)



This continued from In The Land of Kpop (Part 2)

So, on Day 3, as what we have planned, it was time for some theme park adventures, it was time for Everland! I was so excited! Like the previous days, we had simple breakfast at Nungmaru, just some Lotte bread and Daily Spread that I bought from home. We started our journey to Everland at 10.15 a.m. The journey took about 45 minutes or less but mind you, since the traffic heading to the freeway was always heavy and busy, it might took more than an hour to get there.

We went there by car, by the way. Idham was driving, so we had time to snap some pictures along the way. It was so hard to see any Japan-made car here. Here’s why. Japan is a right-driving country so their cars are generally right-side, while Korea is a left-driving country. I guess that’s the biggest reason why it was hard to find any imported car, especially Japan-made ones here. Plus, I believe they’re very supportive of their local cars. If I were Korean myself, I would too, because Korean cars sangatlah cantik. Sadly, takde second value kat Malaysia. Sobs.

The journey to Eveland.

The journey to Everland.

The view along the freeway..

The view along the freeway..

Traffic was starting to get busy..

Traffic was starting to get busy..

Accident pulokk...

Ade accident pulokk…

We arrived at Everland Theme Park about an hour later. It was quite cold here. Its operating hours is from 10.00 on certain days and at 9.30 mostly. I’m not sure why, maybe due to the season or weather, but it is closed everyday at 10.00 p.m. The ticket prices are as followed:

Adult : KRW48k (RM160+-)
Children : KRW38k (RM126+-)

At the Everland entrance...

At the Everland entrance…

The atmosphere here..

The atmosphere here..

Before we entered, this is a must pic!

Before we entered, this is a must pic!

The uniforms they're wearing. :-D

The uniform they’re wearing at the entrance. 😀

One of my fav pics, cause this looked so spring'y'.. Haha

One of my fav pics, cause this looked so spring’y’.. Haha

Like any other major theme parks, Everland Theme Park is divided into 5 sections, namely

Global Fair
American Adventure
Magic Land
European Adventure

You can download it here.

You can download it here.

As for starters at Global Fair section, we went to the Kpop Hologram since it was the first stop we saw at the entrance. There was a Big Bang hologram concert at that time. Not a fan at all, don’t even know the members of Big Bang, but like they say, ‘Layan je laa..’ No cameras allowed during the 3D concert, so I couldn’t show you how it looked like, but it’s the usual la, you know, dark, images of Big Bang performing, the music etc. I guess it was just typical, but not bad.

The Hologram

The KPOP Hologram

With the ticket girl. :-)

With the ticket girl. 🙂

Inside the Hologram before the 3D concert started.

Inside the Hologram before the 3D concert started.

After that, we went to Sky Cruise Station to go to the other side of the park, which is at the European Adventure, on a cable car. Since we were already hungry, we decided to have a burger snack at Burger Cafe. Sorry no picture of it, we were hungry, so we just ate it right away. Haha

The Sky Cruise Station

The Sky Cruise Station



In the cable car.

In the cable car.

Had our shrimp burger here.

Had our shrimp burgers here.

There has been a culture here in Korea that I admire the most. After having meals, people will take their own trash and leftovers to the dustbin and dump it there on their own. They don’t need waiters or servants to do that for them. It’s the culture. It’s their thing. No argument about it. People won’t look you twice if you take your own trash and handle it yourself because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Handle your own trash. Unlike here in Malaysia, they do. Sometimes, siap tunjuk, jeling2 and bisik2 lagi. Dumping your own trust into the bin is like committing a crime. I guess, we still have a lot to catch up.

Good culture.

Good culture.

Maybe we should do the same.

Maybe we should do the same.

After having burgers, we walked around for our next adventure. Idham told us about the must-try roller coaster here in Everland, called the T-Express. It is located in the Alpine Village. When I looked at the famous T-Express, it didn’t look as convincing and safe especially after Idham told us that they’re all made of wood, instead of strong metals like any other normal roller-coasters. WOOD! What if one of the wooden rails suddenly cracked and broke into parts??????!!!!

Perfect timing, crazy brain!

However, this is quite interesting too because it is actually the first wooden roller coaster and the largest of any kind in South Korea. It would have been so cool if it wasn’t being too scary at the same time. It was a must-try but…… I was nervous, yet excited and then it went back to nervous especially looking at how high it was. Since Idham said it was a must-try and hubs kept repeating himself as an adrenaline junkie and kept pulling my arm like a little child, then okay laaa, let’s do this!

By the way, this is some of the information that you might wanna know about the T-Express.

By the way, this is some of the information that you might wanna know about the T-Express.

We queued to get to the station, and as usual the operators need to ensure that you are at a suitable height to ride this. Normal procedures, I thought we totally passed it. Hell, was I wrong! They didn’t check your height, they checked your waist measurement to see if the belt could be fastened to protect you. I was scared, not for me, but for hubs. I mean, they didn’t even have to check my waist measurement since I was… ehem.. slim, but hubs was a different case. He’s just ‘super cute’ like that! As I thought, he failed. The belt was not long enough to wrap his belly. Hubs was pretty down that he couldn’t try the ride, so I said, ‘It’s okay laaa yang, next time we’ll come here again la okay? Make sure you dah kurus la by then.’ A lil giggle at the end that eventually turned into a laughter. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

The operators welcomed me to proceed to the next checkpoint but I didnt wanna go if hubs couldn’t come with me. I didn’t wanna hurt his feeling and make him feel really bad about this whole thing. I was such a sweetheart, wasn’t I?

And NO! It wasn’t because I was afraid of going alone. Pffft!
Anyway, bye bye the must-try T-Express. See you never!
(You had no idea how relieved I was not riding that thing!)

(Fine, I WAS afraid! Happy?)

The famous T-Express. Picture courtesy from Google.

The famous T-Express. Picture courtesy from Google.

After being 'rejected' at the Alpine Village.

After being ‘rejected’ at the Alpine Village.

Tho hubs was pretty devastated about the whole T-Express thing, don’t worry, he got over it quickly, especially when we arrived at the Zoo-topia. It’s basically an animal themed section where you can pet animals, ride ponies and here’s the best part, there is also a mini safari where they put these big cats like tigers, white tigers and lions. There are bears too! Owh.. Bears. They were just so majestic and BIG!

How's that for you?

How’s that for you? Imagine you’re on a bus ride to school and you see this on your left..

I like this concept of mini safari where people are the ones who are caged up, instead of animals, and those animals are just roaming around, sleeping, you know, minding their own business.

In order to see those animals in their habitat, you need to take a safari bus ride and the driver will take you from sections to sections while explaining their names, their diet etc. Owh, you can also see the driver feeding them from the bus. But you’re not allowed to feed them tho, only the bus drivers are allowed to do that during the tour.

See that orange bus? That's how we are taken from sections to sections.

See that orange bus? That’s how we are taken from sections to sections. Excuse the bear.

The white tigers here were being lazy!

The white tigers here were being lazy!

Hey you, up there!

Hey you, up there!

Those lions!

Those lions!

Some hyenas too..

Some hyenas too..

Owh.. Look at them big cats!

Owh.. Look at them big cats, just sitting there and couldn’t be bothered by our presence. Haha

This particular bear was trying to follow the bus. Hahah

This particular bear was trying to follow us on her two feet. Hahah. So cute, right?

I really had fun here. I would consider myself as an animal person. In Malaysia, every time I visit some of the zoos, I usually feel sad looking at the condition of the animals here. Not only they’re caged up or put in a dirty place, not having freedom to move, but sometimes, they are left sick and untreated too. At the mini safari, the animals are free to move around, even the workers and bus drivers are very friendly with them. They are left just like they’re in their natural habitat and it’s us, humans, who are ‘caged up’ in a bus to see them. I like it that way. 🙂

After we got off the bus, we used Amazon Express as our exit from the mini safari. It’s a raft ride where you’ll get swamped (if you’re not careful). I was quite lucky that I wasn’t wet at all. I looked around and saw some of the visitors even had their shoes drenched. Thank God it wasn’t me.

The Amazon Express

The Amazon Express

Hubs being his usual self..

Hubs being his usual self during the raft ride.

After the mini safari, we went to Petting Zoo to look at some cute foxes (can’t remember the actual name), wallabies, the baby of orang utan and so many other animals that I can’t recall right now. Owh, there was an animal show as well that we managed to watch when we there, but since the whole performance was in Korean, we couldn’t get the jokes, we couldn’t understand a thing, so it was quite boring for us.

That cute fox I've mentioned

That cute fox I’ve mentioned..

The hopping wallaby..

The hopping wallaby..

Orang utan junior.. Hehe

Orang utan junior.. Hehe

The animal show, featuring the seal (what's his name again?) and friendssss....

The animal show, featuring the seal (what’s his Korean name again?) and friendssss….

By then, it was almost 4. At this stage, we walked by ourselves since Idham said he wanted to take care of some things and would meet us again later. So, we just strolled around with our hands in our pockets (quite cold at this hour) and chatted a lil bit. It was such a long walk that we eventually just enjoyed our quiet stroll while trying to keep up with our breath.
Sigh… Fitness, where art thou?

Then, we arrived here. I can’t remember what section we were in here, Magic Land, maybe? We were told that they actually were preparing this place for Tulip Festival so you could see it was still in process. But still a nice spot for pictures and most importantly, to rest our feet.


There weren’t still many flowers here..

This was nice, but don't be fooled tho. They were artificial flowers with a light bulb in it. If you see this during the night, yeah, please be amazed. It was beautiful.

This was nice, but they weren’t real. They were artificial flowers with a light bulb in it. If you see this during the night, yeah, please be amazed. It was beautiful.

Yeah, after several turns. Hahah

After several turns. Hahah



Then, we walked a lil bit more towards the American Adventure section where we managed to try The Pirate Ship Ride. Then, the last one, bumper cars. Honestly, that was my first time trying bumper cars and I was quite hesitated at first since people could see how noob you were if you were a first-timer, but what the heck? I laughed at them too so let them laugh at me. It turned out, I wasn’t so bad. Only hit the dividers less than hmmmm….15 times.
Okay la tu. :-p

The only ride without the long queue... Less scarier too.

The only ride without the long queue.

The highest point of The Pirate Ship ride. Thank God I didn't drop my phone.

The highest point of The Pirate Ship ride. Thank God I didn’t drop my phone.

Us in action. Haha

Us in action. Haha

Bumper car station.

Bumper car station.

And.... Here we were, at the exit of Everland!

And…. Here we were, at the exit of Everland! Remember those giant tulips from the earlier picture? That’s how beautiful they were with their lights on.

Phewwww! It was dark, it was getting colder, my feet were tired, my body was exhausted, my tummy was hungry so I was just like, “Idham, just take us back to the city pleaseeee…”
I was asleep during the whole journey back to Myeong-dong. All I knew was, I woke up to this.

My dinner.

My dinner, Veggie Bibimbap.

Hubs' dinner.

Hubs’ dinner.

The newly renovated restaurant, just a few blocks away from our homestay.

The newly renovated restaurant, just a few blocks away from Nungmaru.

Stay tuned for In The Land of KPOP (Part 4).

Bye for now.

In The Land of KPOP (Part 2)



This is continued from In The Land of KPOP (Part 1)

Alright, let me just continue writing our vacation in the land of Kpop. This time, it wasn’t Neesa accompanying us, but Idham, who is also an engineering student there, in Inha University, to be specific. Actually, on the first day pun sepatutnya Idham, not Neesa, but since something came up, he had to ask Neesa to fill in for him, which was okay for us because Neesa was very friendly too, and so is Idham.

On the secondary day yaawww...

On the second day yaawww… In front of Nungmaru Guesthouse.

So, on the second day, after having simple breakfast at Nungmaru Guesthouse, we were ready for the next adventure. Actually, more to adventures in our pockets. Yes, something to do with money. SHOPPING that is! It was kinda bizarre that we already went for some shopping only on the second day we were there. Usually, org shopping on the last day haha. Frankly speaking, we didn’t plan to do a lot of shopping (read;tight budget) since we only came for sightseeing, but a vacation without a shopping spree? That’s impossible, even for hubs. 🙂



That day, we decided to try the subways to go to Namdae-mun. We had our card valued at KRW10k for the whole time we were there. Stations that connect Myeong-dong and nearby cities don’t really cost that much. Only a few hundreds to less than KRW2k. Even on our final day, I still had KRW4.8k left in my card.

The subway..

The subway..

First, you need to buy the card. The machines operate both in Korean and English, so don't worry.

First, you need to buy the card. The machines operate both in Korean and English, so don’t worry.

First, Idham brought us to Namdae-mun Market. This place is famous among tourists who want to do the souvenirs-shopping. They have varieties of items, from food to brooches and the most interesting part is, some of the sellers here could speak Malay too with a lil bit of Korean slang of course. It was kinda hard to understand, but so cute of them for trying, right?

Here at the store, you can find varieties of brooches from different colours and shapes. You could lose your marble for a little while looking at all the beautiful brooches around you! I lost it too for a minute there, before I suddenly remembered that I didn’t bring that much money to shop. Okay, sightseeing, remember? Haha

Are you not insane enough by this? Hahah

Are you not insane enough by this? Hahah

But, I did buy some for family and friends. The price range was between KRW2k to KRW10k. I think, I spent more than KRW100k for brooches alone. Some lah sangat kan… Then, we went to this one stall that belongs to a very nice and friendly Korean lady, who I believe is a friend of Idham’s, because they were so chatty with each other. We were there for another souvenir-shopping. Here, you could find souvenirs like a set of cutleries with ‘Korean’ engraved on it, cute bookmarks, plaque displays, nail clippers, fridge magnets and plenty of other cute things. We spent another KRW200k here and only spare some for our own selves. Yeah, things I do for you kesayanganssss sekalian….

We decided to drop by at our guest house to keep our shopping bags there since they were so freaking heavy and we didn’t have that much energy left to drag them. On the way back to the subway, we managed to buy a few more ‘I LOVE KOREA’ T-shirts. 3  for KRW10k, standard price. We bought 9 T-shirst all together. Only one for me, nothing for hubs (no size), and the rest was all for family and in-laws.

Hubs and the nice Korean lady..

Hubs and the nice Korean lady..

A must T-shirt, I guess?

A must T-shirt, I guess?

I left hubs to do the T-shirt shopping

I left hubs to do the T-shirt shopping

The market.

The market.

I'm wearing my pink T-shirt tonight!

I’m wearing my pink T-shirt right now while blogging!

After buying the T-shirts, we quickly walked to the subways since we were already behind schedule. Again, something caught our attention. I saw a group of Japanese tourists were circling something. I told hubs I wanted to take a look at whatever they were doing. When I walked closer, it turned out to be a food stall where a Korean guy was demonstrating something. Idham explained that this Korean traditional food was called Kukul Tarae, which means Honey Skin. Well, because it is from honey with some ground peanuts filling in it.

This funny fella was demonstrating how to make a Kukul Tarae.

This funny fella was demonstrating how to make a Kukul Tarae. I have the video, click here to watch it.

This guy was so funny and very friendly too. Idham said that this guy used to be on a TV show, whatever it was called, I can’t remember. Then, after a while, he took a break and started his Kukul Tarea business here. If you watch the video I posted in my Facebook wall, you would notice that he said a few words in Malay like ‘satu, dua, tiga, empat belas’, ‘macam mihun’ ‘gulung’ ‘sangat sedap’ etc. Haha I’m sure he has a lot of Malay customers. We bought 5 boxes of 3 different flavours, peanut, chocolate and satu lagi tak sure. But memang sangat sedap especially if you eat it right then when the honey skin is still so soft. If you keep it in the fridge, it will harden so jadi mcm candies, but still sedap jugak.

Kukul Tarae from all sorts of flavours!

Kukul Tarae from all sorts of flavours!

After buying Kukul Tarea, we walked fast to the subway station, hoping nothing caught our eyes anymore, but first thing first, LUNCH! Owh, my favourite time. LET’S MAKAN!

Don't know the name of the restaurant, but it's situated near the subway station.

Don’t know the name of the restaurant, but it’s situated near the subway station.

Yeayyy!! The grilled mackerel, the spicy squid, the kimchi, the radish. I've never had enough of these delicious babies!

Yeayyy!! The grilled mackerel, the spicy squid, the kimchi, the radish. I’ve never had enough of these delicious babies!

After lunch, we took the subway back to Myeong-dong. We managed to drop by at Nungmaru Guesthouse and keep our bags in our room, before continuing our journey to Namsangol Hanok Village. This place is a free admission, but if you would like to try on their Korean traditional costumes, you have to pay at least KRW5k per person. We couldn’t resist so we tried it on.

At the entrance of Namdaemun Hanok Village.

At the entrance of Namsangol Hanok Village.

Hanbok at Namsangol Hanok Village

KRW5k per person.

The biggest Hanbok for men. Hahah

The biggest Hanbok for men. Hahah

I chose this one because of the skirt. Soon beautiful!

I chose this one because of the skirt. Sooooo beautiful!


Taraaaa! Gambar wajib la kan….

Korean traditional game. Basically, you just throw that stick into an earn or something. I scored....NONE! Tangan x bedung, bak kata hubs.

Korean traditional game. Basically, you just throw that stick into… that 3-hole thing. I scored….NONE! Tangan x bedung, bak kata hubs. Whatevs.

After that, we walked around the place, the garden, played their traditional games and then walked some more. Me, being the photographer, I walked the slowest because I was busy taking pictures of everything while hubs and Idham were walking few metres in front of me and chatting about God knows what. I stopped and looked at the surrounding, try to imagine the place in different seasons, winter for example. All white and it must have been so beautiful, or the sweet pink cherry blossoms that you could see from afar if it was in spring, or the gold yellow path covered with the fallen leaves if it was during autumn. Cantiknyaaaa! On my mind je la kan since the place was like a ‘padang jarak padang tekukur’ in front me right then.

The garden

The garden

The 'padang jar padang tekukur look alike' path haha

The ‘padang jar padang tekukur look alike’ path haha

In front of the lake.. which was empty. Haha

In front of the lake.. which was empty. Haha

Me, at the palace.

Yups, that’s me. Trying to defy the gravity.

After visiting the Hanok Village, we used the subway again to go to Dongdae-mun Market, the biggest retail warehouse in Seoul. You would not only find tourists here, but the Korean themselves like to go to this place too for fabric shopping. There is a wide range of types of fabrics available here. Once again, you would lose your sanity.

Some of the fabrics sold here..

Some of the fabrics sold here..

All kinds of lace..

All kinds of lace..

All kinds of fur for winter coats!

All kinds of fur for winter coats!

They got Korean silk too.

They got Korean silk too.

I was quite tempted to buy the Koean silk, but since the owner was busy attending to other customers at that time (the one who was sitting in the picture, do you see that?), I just went ‘Mehhhh. X payahla.’ So I didn’t buy anything there. We just walked around the warehouse, seeing all the beautiful and unique fabrics, clothes and cutesy stuff like socks, hats, handkerchiefs etc. I bet fashion designers would really love it here. It’s big and crazy.

After half an hour of walking in the warehouse, we went out and walked to Doota. It was nice to just walk and see the locals doing their things you know. To me it was nice, but not to hubs. His feet were killing him so we had to stop at Dongdae-mun Hollys Coffee for a little break. Weak, I tell you.

Cant remember what this is.

Cant remember what this is.

You can find cute socks here too! It's a thing here, I guess.

You can find cute socks here too! It’s a thing here, I guess.

More walking..

More walking..

And walking...

And walking…


Doota! It wasn’t that cold anymore at this hour, but the wind.. I couldn’t stand it. Hubs boleh la, banyak fat shield.

A good cup of coffee at this kinda weather.. HEAVEN!

A good cup of coffee at Hollys, in this kinda weather.. HEAVEN!

At Hollys, we just chilled out and talked to each other about lots of things. Talked about Idham’s study, talked about our study and experience when we were in Aussie, talked about Koreans, the job opportunities there for foreigners, the discipline of its people, the education system.. hah, the list goes on. Haha. About an hour or so, we headed back to Myeong-dong and hubs was still dragging his feet. Haha

Back in Myeong-dong.

Back in Myeong-dong.

Wait for Day 3’s adventure in Everland!

In The Land of KPOP (Part 1)

Travelling with Your Cat, pets, pet, cat, Cats,


When I first put the hashtag #delayedvacation in almost every picture of us in Korea, especially on Day 1, hubs asked, “What do you mean ‘delayed vacation’? ‘Ye la.. It means, kan we’re supposed to go here in December, but then we postpone it to March, so delayed la…’


I’ve been meaning to go to Korea since last year. Not a fan of the Korean dramas or Kpop music (but I know Super Junior and I think Kyuhyun’s voice is beautiful), not even sure how Lee Min Ho looks like (they all look the same to me) but Korea is one of the countries that I would really like to visit because of its geography, especially being one of the nearest 4-season countries from Malaysia. This year, Alhamdulillah, I managed to set my foot on the land of Kpop! I consider this as an anniversary trip since March is our anniversary month. Last 11th March 2015 marks 4 years of us being together and we decided to celebrate it in Seoul. Yeay!

The luggage.

Travelling in red. Well, mostly.

Here we go!

Here we go!

We flew with MAS Airlines at 11.30 p.m. on Saturday and arrived in Incheon International Airport at 7.15 a.m. local time. Korea is  one hour ahead of Malaysia, so the flight took us around 6 hours. After claiming our baggage, we met our tourist guide, Neesa, who is a Malaysian student, currently studying in Seoul National University (SNU). She speaks like a Korean, even looks like a Korean a little bit haha. This was not a rombongan Cik Kiah yang ramai2 tu tau since there were only three of us. At first, we thought of going alone, main redah je la kiranya, but thinking we don’t know any Korean at all and these Korean people mostly don’t speak English, we thought it was best to have someone who could speak the language for us. I think that’s a wise move. Even if some Koreans can speak English, their Korean English is soooo freaking hard to understand.

At the Incheon International Airport.

At the Incheon International Airport.

So on Day 1, after leaving the airport, we went straight to the famous tourist spot, the one and only, Nami Island, by car. Neesa drove us there in her Kia Carnival. It was so cold up there since it was located at the hilly area. Nami Island was once used as a drama set of Winter Sonata. You guys are familiar with that, right?

Entrance fee : 8k (for foreign tourists) while for Korean adults, 10k.

Leaving the airport..

Leaving the airport..

On our way to Nami Island..

On our way to Nami Island..

Stopping by for some snacks.

Stopping by for some snacks.

At the entrance. This was actually a water fountain, but due to the freezing weather, it became an ice sculpture.

At the entrance. This was actually a water fountain, but due to the freezing weather, it became an ice sculpture.

Gambar wajib.

Gambar wajib.

By the frosting pond.

By the frosting pond.



Looking for better view.

Looking for better view for more pictures.

Hop! Haha

Tryna fly against the cold wind?

The unusual sculpture.. Haha

The unusual sculpture.. Haha

When we arrived, it was not yet spring, but the Nami Island workers were already planting flowers here and there to prepare the place for spring season. Since we came here in March, it was already the end of winter. No more snow, but it was still so cold especially in the hill area like Nami Island. Since the trees were all ‘leaveless’ and there was no green grass, it was more like ‘padang jarak padang tekukur’, only it was so dry and cold. It was still amazing tho I’m aware that the scenery could be even more amazing, especially in autumn but I can’t complain. I’m glad enough we got to be there despite the season.

This pakcik was busy planting flowers for spring season.

This pakcik was busy planting flowers for spring season.

We spent time in Nami Island for 6-7 hours, taking pictures, eating Nasi Goncang, then taking some more pictures but most of all, sitting down, stretching our legs while chatting with Neesa, about herself, her study but mostly about Korea and its interesting places and its people.

Nasi Goncang. Shake shake shake!

Nasi Goncang. Shake shake shake! Yeah, you would need gloves, because the metal container was hot.

To make it look like this. This is Kimchi Cheese rice.

You shake it to make it look like this. This is Kimchi Cheese rice.

Around 4, we went back to the city, Myeong-dong to be exact, to check in. We stayed in Nungmaru Guesthouse, yes, not in hotels, because we were in a tight budget here you see haha. But the guesthouse to me, is quite okay for its rate. I don’t really mind the small size room, as long as it’s clean, and yes it is very clean. The owner was so friendly too, although most of the times I didn’t really understand what he was saying, but I know he was friendly. This place is so famous among Malaysians too. A lot of Malaysians stayed there during our stay. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of our room, since we literally just threw our stuff there so it was a lil bit messy, but you can go to their website, to check on the place. Click here.

Or let me just show you some of the pictures of the rooms.

Or let me just show you some of the pictures of the rooms, taken from the website.

The location and the rates.

The location and the rates. The rate may vary, depending on your type of room.

That night, we went to one of the most popular restaurant among Malaysian students and the Koreans themselves, Gosame, for our dinner. Let’s just say, one of the best dinners ever!

Although it is quite pricey (if you convert it to RM), but you can almost ignore it because the food here is really really good!

The price of the menu here in Gosame.

The price of the menu here in Gosame. The price range is from 1k to 8.5k per dish.

10k here equals to RM30+-
Hubs ordered another set of spicy squid, the anchovies (because it was so good) and a bowl of rice and it cost 14-18k. No, not including the rest of the meal. The whole dinner cost 40-50k.

Kimchi, sweet anchovies and radish.

Kimchi, sweet anchovies and pickeled radish. Owh, those anchovies! So good!!

The tofu kimchi

The tofu kimchi

The star of the show, the grilled mackerel. So crispy on the skin, and so juicy on the inside. Looking at this, my mouth just watered.

The star of the show, the butterflied grilled mackerel. So crispy on the skin, and so juicy on the inside. Looking at this, my mouth just watered.

Neesa and our food. Look at her, like a Korean kan?

Neesa and our food.

Eat like a Korean. Haha

Eat like a Korean. Nyummsss!

All gone.

All gone, including those two rings.

We went back to the guesthouse, full and happy. Get ready for Day 2.

For more pictures, just click here. I set it public for you.


Nasuha Spices and Herbs


I’ve lived in Muar, hubs’ hometown, for more than 3 years now and he had never told me about this place I’m about to tell you guys.

Last week, I went to Pagoh for a post-UPSR meeting with hubs. We went there together but hubs was placed in a different group so we only saw each other again in the evening, after the program ended. So when I was out for lunch with my friends, he didn’t get to join us as he was out with his boys too.

So back to the main story here, around 11, my friends (Akmal, Fiza and Kak Tiqah) and I had a lunch at this place that I just knew existed. It was Akmal’s idea to dine here. They said something herbs, weird healthy drinks blah blah. I just didn’t care because my tummy was growling at that point. It’s called Nasuha Spices and Herbs. If you’re from the PLUS Highway, it’s located on your left, not far from the Pagoh exit, about 5 km to Muar direction. It’s very hard not to see that big sign by the roadside, so don’t worry you won’t miss it.

Outside, before going in.

Outside, before going in.

This is what greets you at the entrance.

This is what greets you at the entrance.

Located at the foothill, this place is actually a herb nursery. Everything about this place is herb-themed, from the decoration to the menu. Before you enter the restaurant, you need to take off your shoes first. There’a reason for this. Here’s why.

The reflexology treatment for your feet!

The reflexology treatment for your feet!

Owh, I always hate this kinda floor but this, I can't resist to try.

Sakit kaki ceq!

When we arrived at this place, we were among the earliest customers so we kinda had the whole place to ourselves. It was very serene and peaceful. Being in the restaurant, the decoration kinda made you feel like you were in a tree house or something. Or in a dwarf’s house. Haha

Was in awe with the decoration.

The inside of the restaurant.

Akmal, Kak Tiqah and myself. :-)

Akmal, Kak Tiqah and myself. 🙂

The herbal tree. I guess if you want one, you can just pluck it from the tree haha

The herbal tree. I guess if you want one, you can just ‘pluck’ it from the tree haha

The menu

The menu, ‘We Serve Finest Fresh Herbs’ tagline is spot on.

What can you order here? Everything is herbs!

What can you order here? Almost everything is herbs!

We asked the waitress what was their significant winning dish and she said, most people came here for the briyani. That day, I didn’t feel like having rice, so I chose grilled lamb chop. I can always come back later and then I’ll choose briyani. You know, I’ve never been a big fan of lamb chop since I don’t really like lamb (I prefer beefsteak, even asked if they had one but they didn’t), but that was the only western choice that I preferred having compared to chicken chop and fish and chips, so grilled lamb chop it was. The price is RM21.00.

As for the drink, this is the interesting part. Since this is a herbal restaurant, we chose to have herbal drinks. As you can see in the above picture (bottom right), there’s an information on every herbal drink provided, like Serico, Centella, Garcinia, Gora, Cinnamon and many others. I chose Gora because I’ve never heard the name and was very curious about the taste. Apparently, Gora is a fruit, originally from Yaman and you can’t find this fruit elsewhere, except in Nasuha Herbal Farm and Yaman itself. Hmm.. Interesting.


Interesting choices of herbal drinks. It’s best served hot!

My Gora hot drink and Gora the fruit next to it. Looks like buah koko. Haha

My Gora hot drink and Gora (the fruit) next to it. No, they are not served together. We were just curious what the fruit looked like so we asked the waitress to show it to us. Macam buah koko pun ye jugak..

Akmal chose schapium long drink, or something. Can't remember the name but this one is served cold.

Akmal chose schapium long drink… or something. Can’t remember the name but this one is served cold. It is the mixture of buah barli and gula melaka and something else, so it’s wee bit sweet compared to other herbal drinks. Perfect for you who doesn’t like bitter plain herbal drinks.

So after waiting for 10-15 minutes, my yummy looking grilled lamb chop had finally arrived. Loved the fries, they could work more on the coleslaw tho, the lamb was quite okay too, but THE STAR OF THE SHOW WAS THE GRAVY! Owh my, the gravy was sooooo good! It was sweet salty and you could also taste the herbs, like the guys in the Food Network always say, ‘It’s like an explosion of flavours in my mouth!’. It was seriously finger licking good. I didn’t bother to use the knife and fork anymore, just used my bare hands to eat the lamb and lick the gravy.

My grilled lamb chop! Heaven knows how delish this is!

My grilled lamb chop! Heaven knows how delish this is!

The gravy was gone. If only I could eat the bones too.

Gone was the gravy. If only I could eat the bones too.

We went back to Pagoh, feeling full and happy! Good meals make people happy right?

You know something? Turns out, Nasuha Spices and Herbs doesn’t just offer good food and healthy drinks, but it’s also suitable for meetings, camps, seminar talks and even outdoor adventurous activities like canoeing, abseiling, jungle trekking etc. They also provide chalet or villa for those in Muar or nearby areas, who’re looking for short getaway but thinking it’s too far to go to Cameron Highland. Nice! Teachers, this might be an excellent idea for your annual dinner or end year school activities for your kids. For more info, check out their website here.

So back to the lamb chop, I told hubs about our lunch once we got back to the meeting place. He was so jealous and insisted to go there again that evening, on the way back to Muar. I always have issues going to the same place so many times and then being recognised especially if you’re wearing the same outfit! It is so freaking embarrassing to me. So I said ‘NO!’ to hubs but Fiza and Akmal said they were going again too for dinner, and insisted I brought him along.


So we went there again. Twice. Same outfits. Hid my face. Being recognised still. Embarrassing.

Hubs chose briyani beef.

Hubs chose briyani beef.

Guess what I chose for that dinner?

That's right, the lamb chop again! Hahah

That’s right, the lamb chop again! Hahah. Felt sooo good having lamb chop for both lunch and dinner. Muahaha

 Hubs tasted my lamb chop and decided to order it! After finishing a plate of briyani!

Way to diet, sayang.

Family Vacation, SINGAPORE


More vacation stories! Hahaha.

This time, I’m gonna write about my vacation last year to Singapore. This entry is actually 9-month-delayed (gila lama), but I still wanna write it here. So, last December, Abg Bob’s family and mine went to Singapore for a family vacation. We drove from Muar, met Abg Bob’s family at RnR Machap and continued our journey to Johor Bahru. Before that, we stopped by at Kulaijaya to have a quick shopping at Johor Premier Outlet (JPO). It was just opened at that time, so that explained the free parking and crazy sales. It was my first time there, and I was stunned by how similar it was to Harbour Town in Gold Cost, Australia! The design, the building, the landscape, everything was so Harbour Town alike.

Malaysia version of Harbour Town

In front of Timberland

Aneeq and Darling at JPO

The long line in front of Coach boutique..

I didn’t shop much here because I was saving money for Universal Studio Singapore (USS), but still, I managed to buy two Nike T-shirts for my husband and I. After walking around and cuci mata, we continued our journey to Johor Bahru.

To be honest, I think that was my first time setting my foot in Johor Bahru. Yeah, I had never been there before. I guess, our family didn’t have anybody in JB and there was no solid reason for us to go there, if it wasn’t for Singapore. So, I was a bit jakun. Haha. We checked-in to Naza Talia Hotel that evening. It was actually situated in front of Grand Blue Wave Hotel. We only had to add extra $60 per person if we were going to choose Grand Blue Wave, but since we thought that we were only gonna use the hotel for showers and sleeping, so there was no need of grand hotel. We were gonna wake up so early and came back so late at night, so why waste money? Plus, Naza Talia Hotel was as good.

Day 1 in Singapore : Marina Bay Sand, Merlion Park, Arab St., Mustafa Centre

The next morning, after having breakfast, our tourist guide, Encik Zaidi was already waiting for us outside the hotel. He was the one who would drive us to interesting places around Singapore. So, the first stop was Merlion Park. It is a well-known Singapore trademark. If you have been all around Singapore except for Merlion Park, it still means you haven’t been to the country. Haha. Just like Sydney Opera and Australia. The view was so awesome! Across the river, you could see the most unique building in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. It looked so luxurious, even from across the river. Three tall buildings are combined with a gigantic boat on top of them, brilliant! Owh, did I mention the boat is actually a swimming pool?! How I wish I could be up there!

Marina Bay Sand, the awesome building behind me!

I like this picture. Kalau jari dier tu ke atas sikit, it looks like hubby’s lifting the building using his finger. Haha.

In Merlion Park, the signature landmark of Singapore..

Peace yaw!

Even though there was nothing really there besides the awesome view, but it was a good place for photo-stop.

Next, we went on a cruise, Hippo River Cruise. Again, it reminds me of Australia, or specifically, Brisbane City. The cruise was very much alike with CityCat, and all the tall buildings by the river reminds me a lot of the place. I could not remember how much we paid for the cruise because it was all included in the trip fee. Being on the boat, I imagined myself cruising the Brisbane River with all my besties, be it from the class or going to the city for supplies. Those were the time… Zaman muda2.

Satu acuan.. Hahaha. Aneeq and Darling, while waiting to board..

That’s what they call, the floating taxi..

Bumble Bee, our boat ride that day.. I like the name of it!

Along the riverbank.

Tall buildings by the river.. This is soooo ‘Brisbane!’ Owh, do you spot Maybank there?

The white balloons.. I was told they were preparing for their National Day..

Esplanade Theater as my background..

Look at the sculptures! They’re so cool, aren’t they?


After being on that boat ride, we went to Arab St for lunch. There were many halal restaurants along the way, and most of them served Malay food, like Nasi Briyani, Nasi Goreng Ayam etc. We met many Malaysians there so I know this was a good place for our lunch. We were also rambang mata to pick which restaurant was the best. Finally, we stopped at Victoria Restaurant and it was a full-house. We barely had a table there though it was a double-storey building.  We had Nasi Arab, and I chose to eat Singaporean murtabak. It was a bit similar with the one that I usually had in Muar, in fact, the one in Muar was better. I don’t know. That was my tekak lah. Haha

After lunch, we wanted to go back to Marina Bay Sand to have a look at the place, but since we were running out of time for shopping trip, we canceled MBS and went straight to Orchard Road. Orchard Road was full of people (obviously). We didn’t really shop there, just driving by. The tourist guide brought us to Mustafa Centre instead, because he said that place offered better goods and prices compared to Orchard Road.

In front of Mustafa Centre

Inside it.. There were many types of souvenirs you can find here..

Hubby was not shopping, but playing peekaboo with Darling!

The shopaholic!

Leash your kid yg suka merayau supaya x hilang. Hahaha

We were in that mall for more than two hours and I bought a lot of souvenirs for friends and family at home. I had great time shopping with husband and believe me, he was a worse shopper than me. Semua pun nk beli and until I had to stop him. Haha. I also love how they had various number of chocolates there. I have never seen some of the flavours before though it was just a Cadbury. We bought a lot of them too. My brother bought a digital camera at Perfect Pix. At first, he just went there surveying the price because a lot of people said that gadgets in Singapore were so much cheaper than the ones in Malaysia. Somehow, he ended up buying a red Nikon camera for… I can’t remember the price (mind you this entry was written almost 8 months after the trip haha). Tapi sebenarnye lebih kurang je laa.. Kalau murah pun setakat few dollars je..

KakSeha (Abg Bob’s wife) chose the red Nikon kunun2 mcm Yuna. She forgot Yuna duta Canon kot.. Haha

By the time we walked out of the shop, it was already dark and we wanted to head back to Johor Bahru for dinner. Again, we drove by along Orchard Road and God, it was sooooooo beautiful!  It was nearly Christmas and there were colourful lights, Christmas-themed decorations, it looked like there was a festive there. So meriah! I took a lot of pictures but they were not really good because I was in the car and it was quite shaky. These three pictures below were the best among the worst. Haha

The colourful lights outside the mall and along Orchard Road..


This one was a little bit romantic to me.. Haha

So, after going through the custom checking, we went to Sayam Restaurant for dinner. It was quite a popular place for dinner and the food there was good too. The price? Hm… Not sure. This one was on Abg Bob. Heeee

Sayam Restaurant!

We also went to The Zone to have a quick shop for some bread and jam, for our USS journey tomorrow. Then, we went back to the hotel and rested the whole night. Seriously, lenguh kaki!

Day 2 : Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

Sooooo excited to go to USS. We woke up early, had breakfast and waited for the tourist guide to pick us up. This time, we had different tourist guide, Mr.Alex. Mr.Alex was such a friendly guy. He has been doing this job for years now, that was why he was so expert about shortcuts to Woodland Custom checking.

First thing first, BREAKFAST!

When we arrived at the ground car park of USS..


So, finally, we arrived at USS! It was still so early so we camwhored in front of the globe like no one was watching. Since we already had the tickets, we didn’t bother to queue though we could see clearly it was getting longer and longer. Haha. Turned out yg beratur punya panjang tu pun semua dah ada ticket. Poyo gila nk tgkap gambar depan globe, sampai x queue padahal sampai awal, and now we had to queue, KEPANASAN! Sweating all over. Huh.

One of the pics with the globe! Woohoo!

The loooong queue! Eh, what’s up with that little girl? Haha

The first thing I saw when I passed the counter was Kungfu Panda! I screamed excitedly! He was so big yet sooo cute! The thing when I see a mascot like this, I always think about the person inside it. He/She must be sooo tired of waving all the time, and probably sick of  being chased by people like me. The good thing is, they don’t have to fake their smiles kannn.. Kalau dia jegil mata kat kau pon xper sbb kau x nampak.

Everybody Kungfu Fighting! Yeah!

Hollywood St la kunun kan.. Hehe

There were seven sections all together in USS as you can see in the map below.

Universal Studio Singapore Map

New York
Sci Fi City
Ancient Egypt
The Lost World
Far Far Away

We didn’t really spend much time in Hollywood section because to me, it was quite boring. So was New York. Only when we were at the corner of the road, we saw a BB-dance performance by some BBoys, and that was it. It seemed nteresting, but unfortunately it was almost the end of it. We only managed to watch the performance for the last 2 minutes. Then, we went straight to Sci Fi City. My nephews, Danish and Aneeq were already excited because they saw giant Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee from Transformers. We wanted to try the indoor ride in this section. I don’t remember what they called it (too lazy to google), but what I remember the most was the loooong queue. They told me, it took 2 hours if I got in the line, so instead they offered me to buy the Express Pass for $50 each. Huh, thanks but no thanks. I rather skipped it.

The BB Dance performance.. Haha. This was the finale pose.

Optimus PRIME!!!

Hubby was being silly!

Beside the indoor ride, the most interesting, tempting ride was Battlestar Galactica, Human vs Cyclon. It was so big, more extreme compared to Leathal Weapon and Superman in Movie World Gold Coast that I tried few years ago. It is a twin rides, with two different types of carriages.

Battlestar Galactica- Cyclon

Battlestar Galactica- Human

They are designed as such so that the carriages from both rails will miss each other at mere inches, and with speeds of 90km/h, that should be quite the gut-twister. Hubby was a thrill seeker, so he tagged me along to try the ride. Since Cyclon looked more challenging, we chose to try that one. Aneeq and Abg Bob joined us too and KakSeha, Danish and Darling waited for us outside. I bet that was Aneeq’s first time being on a roller coaster and already he tried the extreme one. Haha. I loved the fact that he didn’t know what he walked himself into. He was so excited!

After about an hour of queuing (phewww), it was now our turn! We sat on the second row from the front, the four of us. I started to feel like peeing in my pants. My legs were already lain macam. My heart was starting her own roller coaster. Then, in a few seconds, we flewwwwwww upside down! I didn’t know how loud I screamed, sampai terbatuk2. Haha. It was totally a fun ride! While I was on it, I managed to look at my right where Aneeq was, and man, his face was soooo red! He was like burning up! And of course, he did scream like a girl. Haha. After that, I asked him if he wanted to try it again and he said, ‘Never!’

We wanted to try Human ride too, but since we couldn’t afford to queue for another hour, we moved on to the next section Ancient Egypt.

Hubby loved it sooo much!

Lepas ride ni memang pening kepala gilaa..

We rested here and had some bread with strawberry jam. My two besties, Ponnie and Eqa were here before, and they told me, the indoor ride in this section was so similar with Scooby Doo ride in Movie World, which was my favourite indoor ride so far. Hubby and I went inside the building while Abg Bob and the rest of his family went straight to The Lost World. I guess, Abg Bob was already traumatized after trying Human vs Cyclon. Haha

Revenge Of The Mummy was the name of the indoor roller coaster. The one that was similar with Scooby Doo ride in Gold Coast.

The queue didn’t seem long at first, until we walked in deeper, again, came the ‘great’ view of the loooong queue. Haha. I can’t remember how long we were in there, but it sure did feel like hours. This better worth it. Unfortunately, not so much. Scooby Doo  was better. I guess, I had high expectation about this ride, but overall, it wasn’t that bad too.

This pic was taken after trying ROTM. Yeah, that statue was beheaded. Haha

After that, we went to The Lost World. Now, it was only us; hubby and I. The Lost World was quite boring. We just took some pictures and moved on to the next section, Far Far Away (Shrek’s castle). The castle was as amazing as the one in Disneyland. You feel like you are in fantasy island, really! We didn’t try the boat ride (because of the long queue of course), but we tried the 3D Shrek animation. Well, this was the second time we watched this and we still think it was fun though all the 3D effects were kind of expected already. Hehe. Last but not least, Madagascar! Actually by this time, we were both so tired so what we did was, just taking picture with Alex and the gang before wrapping everything up by going to the souvenir shop.

Hubby, in front of The Lost World.

The Far Far Away castle

With Madagascar gang..

Yeah! All covered! Look at what happened to my shoes now! Haha. Banyak jalan punya pasal.

Koyak rabak. Haha

Since I was in a serious need of a new pair of sandals due to the situation above, we went to the last souvenir shop to buy them and few souvenirs as well, such as the Universal globe, few T-shirts and some other things for families and friends. I left it to hubby to pay for the stuff, quickly walked out and looked for some place to sit. My feet hurt like hell.

Hubby was exhausted too! Hahaha

While I was waiting for him, there was this girl, USS worker, came to me and asked if I could spend some time for an interview. It was actually a quick survey in order to improve the system, facilities and whatnot in USS. One of the questions that I still remember is, which one is better, Hong Kong Disneyland or USS (before this, I have been to Hong Kong Disneyland, too bad I don’t upload the entry and by this time I already forget the details. It’s an excuse to probably to.. go again? haha)? I took me a while to answer that question. Haha. To be honest, I don’t know, but of course I told the girl USS was better. However, frankly speaking, the only thing that I hate (SUPER HATE) about themed park like this, was the queue, especially in December (school and Christmas break). Oh my! It was like I couldn’t see the end of it! We missed a lot of interesting rides because of the queue, be it in Disneyland or USS, so if only they could do something about the long queue that doesn’t involve money (remember the Express Pass for $50 each?), that will be superb! Haha

After touring all the seven sections in USS, we waited for Abg Bob at the main entrance. We planned to go to the candy section in next building. Hubby and Abg Bob were dying to go to Hard Rock cafe which the building was just next to it. I didn’t buy anything in HRC because I’m not really a collector of such stuff (bought one HRC T-Shirt in Surfe’s Paradise tho), so I didn’t really bother buying anything, but Hubby bought a very nice T-Shirt together with HRC badges. Actually I saw a few nice long-sleeved T-shirts in there, but…. Nah! No need.

In front of Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa Island.

Candy Store, this was totally heaven! And sooo CUTE!

Hmm..?? But if there’s no candy, then it’s not heaven is it? Haha

After that we went to Candy Heaven. There were many types of chocolates in there! If you are a big fan of chocolates and a sweet tooth, you’ll be crazy. Not just chocolates, there were also sweets, lolipops, mashmallow and etc. Well, candies!

Salivating much?

I love how they sell these in mini packets..

By the time we walked out of the building, it was already 5-6 o’clock. Perut dah berkeroncong and it was time for dinner. We took the monorail straight to Sentosa Island and had dinner at The Achilles. Since it was a buffet so it was our chance to eat a lot mcm setahun x makan. After having the superb dinner, around 7-ish, we took the monorail to the last station to watch The Beach Song. At first, I thought it was some firework presentation like the one I saw in Brisbane and Hongkong, but no, this one actually came with a story (but sorry I can’t remember what story it was) There were characters, dancers and songs! At this point, I couldn’t focus on the performance because I was sooo tired and couldn’t wait for it to be over so then we could go back to JB. Even though it was drizzling during the performance, I could see a lot of people still enjoyed it.

Combination of water and lights..

Sea Angel.. Something like that.. Awesome, isn’t it?

Though I wasn’t really paying attention, this is my favourite part. Love the colour.


Right after the performance, we walked to the monorail station to go back to USS. We were going to wait for Mr.Alex at the ground floor parking. This time, I could see the globe was so much better in the dark surrounding! So, we took more pictures in front of it and this was better than the day because this time, no one was around.


Dark figure! Haha

After 15 minutes of camwhoring, we went to the ground floor to wait for Mr.Alex. While waiting, we bumped ourselves into this!

Prince and Princess!

Few other photos taken during this trip.

Shoes Vending Machine??! Awesome!

This was the first time I saw something soo cool!

The colourful recycle bins at Sentosa Island..

World’s Best Wife, and World’s Best Husband. That’s us! Haaha (in one of the souvenir shops in USS)

Woody Woodpecker!

Look at hubby, sooo gedik!

Woot woot! With Betty Boop!

So, in conclusion, the whole experience to Singapore  is priceless! When you could travel to good places with beloved companion of yours, what can you ask for more? Besides, as for me, the trip was actually half sponsored! Haha. Even though we made a huge hole in our pocket after the trip (hahaha shopping a lot maaa), but it is all worth it. I’m looking forward to go there again next time, probably with our future children, insya Allah.