How Do You Forget People?

I just found this article when I was actually looking for something else. I can totally relate this to myself because at the current moment, yes, there are some people that I really really want to forget and have them out of my system.

  1. Make a relationship log.
    1. Talk about it as honest as you can as why it didn’t work out, were you happy with them, did they make you comfortable? The more honest you are about this is the better.
  2. Look for relationship patterns………………….


You know what?

I’m too lazy to do this right now, writing the gist of it here in my blog. I’m just gonna read that article and make sense of it. You can read it too. Here’s the link.

Hi There!

Firstly, I’m gonna let you guys know that I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be blogging when the due date for my assignment is tomorrow (in 14 hours to be exact) and I haven’t started any. Well, okay, I have started some but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna scratch that soon because most of them are real bullshit and they don’t make any sense at all.

Hmm.. Just dropping by here because I have totally ignored this blog since January, when I welcomed 2016. Now, I’m almost bidding goodbye to it and gonna welcome 2017 real soon. Anyway, I have you know that a lot of things have happened since I posted my previous post (which was in January). I’m now pursuing my study in UPM in Master of Applied Linguistics. I’m still in my first semester, almost done with it. This week is supposed to be our final week, and then there’ll be study week, followed by the examination week. It’s been such chaotic days of my life but I’m sure it’ll pay off once I hold that degree in my hand, which will be in 2 years time. Such a loooooong way to go. Chaiyok!

As for work, we also have a new headmistress at school and she’s just such a bitch. A stupid one, of course. She’s even worse than the previous one, whom I admit now was quite a good leader actually. This new one is a laughing stock, always cracks us up with her stupidity and arrogance. She’s funny in that sense, you know? What a joke. Hahah. Cant wait to see what shit she’s about to offer us in 2017. Be prepared with some toilet papers, Emy.

As for other things… Yeah, some things happened as well, which NEVER happened before. Not gonna go into details but…… I’m just gonna say that 2016 is personally pretty big for me because of this one particular thing that happened. Hmm… Not really a good thing, but it’s not a bad thing either. Some part of me is sooo glad it happened and some isn’t. Hmmm…. Yeah, I keep saying ‘hmmmmm’ when it comes this thing. Because I really don’t know what to say about it. Got me confused and go ‘hmmmmmm’ all the time. Hmmm…

I should go now. It’s past 2 and I have to get back to my assignment. I’m betting on myself that I’m gonna get it done by 5 and then I’m gonna sleep until 10 maybe? Or 11. Doesn’t matter.

I have to go now. Bye.

Masuk Angin



It’s the night of the weekend and this is what I’m up to. I’m not feeling well actually. I did go out with hubs just now just to get some fresh air out of the house but I asked him to just go home after a few drinks because I feel a bit lightheaded. I’ve been feeling this way since last week. No, I am not pregnant and I am so sure of that, seriously. This is just the sign of me ‘masuk angin’. It makes sense since I just had a light breakfast this morning and didn’t eat anything until 7 p.m. Few days go, I had to take an MC due to the same thing too. Sigh.. Do you know that it is just so hard to make sure this girl right here (pointing at me) to eat on time?

Anyway, this is just me blogging out of nowhere. Have nothing to share, really. Everything has been same old, same old. Maybe a lil bit busier, since it’s the end of the school session this year.

My victorious weekend. 'On the bed, feeling sick'

My victorious weekend. ‘On the bed, feeling sick’

Alright. I’ll blog again next time. Bye now.

Is It Time To Go?



Still can’t sleep. The standard thing I do is coming here to my blog every time I can’t sleep. I’ve been busy with work, as I stated in the previous post, but since now that work is already over, I feel like I have my life and my house back in my arms. Yeay! I’ve just vacuumed and mopped the floor, dusted the shelves and did everything in my weekly list, that I failed to do the last time (refer to the previous post).

These last few months of the year are probably the busiest. I’ve got courses to attend to, post-UPSR activities to conduct at school and on top of that, I’ve to update the panel files. Usually, there’ll be an SPSK observation in October or November, so I have to get ready for that. Did I mention that I’m the KP for English Panel at my school? Haha I think I did here. It’s my first year being a KP here in SKPJ, replacing Kak Kila who moved to Melaka last February.

Speaking of work, two days ago, I got a WhatsApp text from one of the the cluster-school teachers here in Muar, asking me to transfer to her school, which happens to be quite near to my house. Actually, I met her at our English Carnival for district level and she told me that they don’t have enough English teachers, siding aside the fact that it’s a cluster school, which the niche is English. Weird right? She also told me that they want someone young to be in their English team as they’re already quite veteran. They’re easily tired, they don’t have time, they this, they that. Anyway, I did tell her at the time that I wanted to transfer because I had a problem working under my then GB (the WWoTW), but since now she’s already retired and we don’t have any replacement yet, I have a second thought about the transfer. I didn’t even apply for an EG-Tukar this year because I’m happy at my workplace right now and I don’t want it to change.

Also, I thought she already forgot about it. It was months ago since I last saw or heard anything from her. The way she talked me into joining her school was quite suspicious to me. I kinda sense that she just wants me there to be bossed around. You know, since I’m young and all so the logic is that I can do anything they’d be throwing at me. So, thanks but no thanks, I don’t wanna be bullied like that. Maybe I’m being very negative here, maybe they mean well, but the truth is, I love my current school and I don’t wanna go anywhere else. Well, not yet anyway. I’ve established my reputation there (do I even have one hahah) and I’m not planning to start over at a new place. Plus, their GB is pretty much like the WWoTW so what’s the point of going there?
Haha.. So again, thanks, but no thanks.

There’ll be time when I’ll walk away from SKPJ, but it’s just not now.

Some day la kan..


Midnight Update



It’s 2.32 a.m. right now and I’m still wide awake. Actually, my eyes are half-closed but I just don’t wanna go to bed yet. I was browsing a few online shopping websites just now while waiting for hubs finishing whatever he was doing and suddenly I feel the urge to update my darling blog right now. Just because. 🙂

Hence, the midnight update. Tho I don’t really have anything worth telling right now.

The house is pretty chaotic these days. I’ve been busy with work and it’s hard for me to keep up with my weekly cleaning duty. As the result, I have to turn a blind eye for all the mess that’s happening here right now. At least to my eyes la, hubs cakap x semak pun. Pffft. Finger prints on the coffee table, dusty shelves (not visible but you know the dirt’s there), laundry’s not done, fridge’s not stocked up etc. They are all in my weekly duty list but at the moment, I fail to check them off the list.


Can’t wait for next week. Can’t wait to get my life back.
Can’t wait to get my proper house back!


I just don’t know why am I staring at this mute TV right now. I just can’t be bothered to turn it off properly or even turn it on so then I could watch something.

NO. The remote’s too far.

Mute TV

Mute TV

Meanwhile, this is what hub’s is up to right now.

Packing Tamiya for his buyers.

Packing Tamiya for his buyers. Excuse the sexiness. I’m too lazy to crop it. Hahaha

I guess I should go to bed now.

Btw, I’m sure the box will be left on the floor, until I ask him to keep it somewhere else. Wanna bet?