The Helpless Cats


I love cats. I do.

Today, WWoW (the wicked witch of the west) has decided to get rid of all the helpless cats at school. I really felt for those poor cats though I actually understand her actions. It was due to the hygiene and the school cleanliness. You know, cats’ poo and vomits around the school. Kids might have stepped on it and carried the smell everywhere. Therefore, I understand if getting rid of the cats is the only solution she could think of. I don’t agree, but I understand.

What I don’t understand and couldn’t ever accept is why did she need to raise her voice and condemned some of us for feeding the cats? As if it was the worst thing to do as a human being. Those cat feeders are responsible for their actions, you know. They bring own containers, keep a broom in their cars so they can sweep away the kibbles leftover. If she really thinks that they are forbidden from feeding the cats at school, couldn’t she just say it nicely? Didn’t have to use the words like ‘Gune otak’, ‘Kalau cikgu baik sgt’ etc. That was so provoking. The end of the meeting, she said it again with a sarcastic tone, ‘Haaa ambik la cikgu kucing tu bawak balik. Free ajee..’

Thank God I could hold myself from showing her my middle finger.

I shook my head, grabbed my bag, waiting for her to look at my way and gave her a death stare instead when she did.

Erghh.. I hate being in this place! Back in the car, I told hubs,
‘If she is standing in front of our car right now, I would just knock her down without a second thought.’

Yeah, maybe I was just saying it and didn’t mean it literally (if killing isn’t sinful, I’d probably just do it), but you get a rough idea now how much I hate her.

Celcom Sucks B**ls!

Bulls? Bells? Bills? Anything.

Sooooooooo maaaad at Celcom right now! What’s wrong with the line tonight? I cant send even a single text message! Jeez!

p/s – Changed the layout again. No more pink.

Random Gibberish

I’m in IPBA, in Bilik Bestari to be exact. It ‘s actually lunch time now. Everybody is in surau performing Zuhur (I’m not going so it means…?? Haha) and there are only few persons left in this room. I am so bored so I’m blogging even though I don’t really have anything to tell actually..

After this, we are going to do some blogging. Mdm Zu asked us to upload our lesson plans online so that everybody can share the LP that we have designed in this phase. It’s not much pon. Haih, this third phase is not as enjoyable as the second phase. It is a bit more serious. I am not sure if it is because of the lecturers, or the content in the module itself.

Okay, speaking about the course, I have something actually to tell you. Haha. Have you ever disliked someone that you just meet? I mean, you have never seen them all your life, but then when you look at their face, you feel like, ‘Eish! Menyampahnye la aku tgk budak ni!’ It’s really mean, I know, but I’m experiencing it right now. There is this girl (about my age? Maybe) sitting in front of me right now. I’m sooo menyampah looking at her face! Dier x buat dosa ape2 pon, but I really really dislike her, especially when she smiles. She looks so fake (Suke2 je judge orang. Haha)!

Haha. Whatever lah. I’m sure there is someone out there will hate me too the minute they see me, just like the way I dislike that girl. :-p

Okay lah. Mdm Zu is coming. Gtg. Bye.

The Damn Monthly Disease!

This is what I hate the most.

It’s the psycho stage u have to get through before your time of the month.
It’s called………….


I’m starting to hate people lately, my mood doesn’t only swing, it’s now like a crazy roller coaster, one minute I’m okay, next thing I know, I start throwing swearing words.

Everybody and everything around me suddenly seems soooo annoying to my eyes. I feel so lazy and not motivated to do this and that..

I lost my appetite especially at home, I feel like crying, screaming all the time, I feel so sorry for myself (dunno for what reason). I feel so weak.

I am not happy.

And I totally hate this!

Arghhh!!! I’m talking crap in my blog again!!!
Haih.. Guys, just excuse me,
and this stupid entry.
p/s – macam gila. 


Okay, I have been meaning to talk about this, for a long time. Actually, the other day, I already tweeted about this in my twitter, now I wanna talk about the same thing, in my blog. It just irritates me so much lah!

People people, especially ladies, women and teenage girls.

Let me get this right to the heart of this matter. Okay?

It’s about your spelling guys. Do you have to be that PELAT in your Malay writing?? Do you, like, SERIOUSLY, have to write ‘marah’ as in ‘mawah’?? ‘Lari’ as in ‘lawi’?? ‘Story’ as in ‘stowy’?? (Just to list a few here.) Why the hell do you need to replace the letter ‘R’ to the fuckin ‘W’??

Do you think it’s cute?? To me, it’s more like a retard! Please la weiii… X paham lah!

Okay, I don’t mean you have to write perfect Bahasa Melayu baku in your casual/informal writing, in your text messages or whatsoever, but don’t alter the spelling too much until it becomes so ridiculous and not making any sense! Seriously, I have to read very slow and sometimes I have to read twice or thrice to really understand what are you retards trying to say! It’s mentally tiring! Sungguh!

Sikit-sikit sudah la.. Like, ‘hari’ becomes ‘ari’ ke.. ‘Tidak apa’ becomes ‘takper’ ke, ‘Lagi’ becomes ‘lgi’ ke, ‘Tidak payah’ becomes ‘takyah’ ke, ‘Ada’ becomes ‘ade’ ke, ‘Belum’ becomes ‘blom’ ke, ‘Ambil’ becomes ‘amek’ ke… I mean, the ones that are not too weird and too ‘fancy’. The common ones. Nak bace pon senang.

Honestly, ade banyak lagi spelling yang pelik2 kan.. I don’t really care about other styles of ‘fancy’ spelling, nak letak ‘Takpe’ jadi ‘takpeww’ ke, ”Saje’ jadi ‘sajeewww’ ke, whatever lah.. I don’t really ambik port sangat, but changing this R sound to W sound, it really annoys me. I have to read mcm budak yg takde lidah.

Haih, just meluahkan perasaan coz I was just text messaging with this person, who is actually an adult, but texting like a 3 year-old kid. PELAT!

Agaknya button R kat phone kau tu rosak ke hape?
*trying to understand* <– bullshit.