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Last 11th March 2015 was our anniversary. The fourth one! I have nothing more to say except ‘Thank you Allah for giving us so much love to share with each other and giving us strength to hold on when life’s got in the way. Without your bless and rahmah, we wouldn’t be together, this strong.” Alhamdulillah.

Flashing back to the day I met him in college, he was just an ordinary student that I wouldn’t look at twice. Haha. Nothing stood out, except for the fact that he was one of those noisy back-benchers in the lecture halls. I also knew him as the guy next door. He was in the class of .5 and I was in .4, so we were practically neighbours during our foundation days. One and half years passed by. We completed our foundation, then the 25 of us flew together to Brissy for our second and third year of study. Him, included.

Seriously, I had so much love for footballers at that time. I was a hardcore fan of Liverpool and so easily turned on by men who had great football skills. Footballers worshipper, that’s what I was then. Hahah. I think I even vowed that I only wanted to get married to footballers. Lols. Little did I know, he played football too when he was in primary school and in MRSM. It was just so hard for me to believe since he’d gained ‘a little’ weight at that time haha. He blamed it on the ligament injury that he suffered during a friendly football match, early of our foundation days in KL. Since he wasn’t fit as he used to be, so he gained some weight.

So, over the months of the first year in Brissy, somehow we got closer. Haha it was funny that I was actually more attracted to his friend at first, so I kinda used him to get closer to that guy but it didn’t work. I’m glad it didn’t work because then I realised he was even more interesting to be around with compared to his friend. Hahahah

 He was funny and I laughed a lot around him. He was like my long lost best friend and not once I ever felt awkward around him. He was my gossip buddy, football buddy, winter shopping buddy and sometimes, even Supernatural buddy, a TV series that I was so much into then. We told each other a lot of stuff too and we were kinda open with each other. No secret.

Well, our friendship had dramas too. Some were even stupid to think about and some were just better kept to myself. Long story short, he is no longer in the friend zone and suddenly, everything in my life makes perfect sense. He is totally the opposite of me. I’m bad-tempered and he’s just so patient. While I’m emotional and go all cries and screams, he stays rational and still trying to reason with things, or people. Our differences keeps our relationship sane and that’s what makes us strong till today. Imagine if both of us are like fuel and fire…………………

Owh, about the vow that I’ve made when I was younger, I guess I’ve managed to live up to it. I’ve married to a footballer! Well, an ex-footballer with a big tummy now but nevertheless, still a footballer! Hahah

So there you go. That’s how I met my Encik Perfect 10. 🙂

At Brisbane International Airport, just moments before boarding and flew home to Malaysia.

At Brisbane International Airport, just moments before boarding and flew home to Malaysia.

On the Eye of Brisbane, Southbank. First date, I guess? Haha

On the Eye of Brisbane, Southbank. First date, I guess? Haha

Exactly, 4 years ago. The reception.

Exactly, 4 years ago. The reception.

4 years after. :-)

4 years after. 🙂

So looking forward to our future together.

May Allah ease.

p/s- so looking forward to our anniversary trip too!



Hazy Updates On Our New House


Thank you haze. You force me to stay indoor and blog today. Thank you again.

Well, few days ago, I just got a call from Ling Jaya Developer, regarding to our house. They informed us that we could get our keys now and that also meant that we could move in right away. I know I was supposed to be happy with the news, but surprisingly, I had a minor panic attack. I should get started on brainstorming about the decorations, because to me, that’s what matters the most in a house, and I SUCK AT THAT.

The kitchen, is the most most important area that needs bigger attention than the rest of the spaces in the house. I once told my husband, ‘If you want me to cook regularly, you need to give me a very nice kitchen. Like the one in Food Network.’ Haha. That’s a threat otherwise I don’t wanna cook haha. But he sucks at decorations too, so I have to step in. Duh. Of course I have to. I’m the Jamie Durie in our house. Haha. The thing is, our kitchen is not that spacious, so it’s kinda hard to decorate and arrange stuff in there. The island, the cabinet, the stove, the sink etcetera etcetera. I’ve made some research, but still couldn’t figure anything out. Huhhh, maybe I’m not Jamie Durie after all. I need professional help. Not just for the kitchen, but for the whole house!

I don’t think we can celebrate raya in our new house this year. Well, we can if we want to, but I don’t wanna rush. It’ll be too much hassle.

Till meet again. Bye for now.

Home Is Where One Starts From


Today is 28th January 2012. It means, we have been in this house for a month and half. I love it here. Well, it is surely not my dream house, but I try to make the best of we have. I want a very clean and comfortable house, a place where I can’t wait to go to after a tiring day at work. I think, so far this place is THE place. 🙂


The living room, my favourite place.

This is my blogging spot!

Actually there’s a sofa on the left of this picture, but I didn’t snap the whole view because, atas sofa tu banyak kain yg x berlipat. Haha


The bed. I chose the bedsheet! Hehe

Mom in law gave us the TV cabinet. We turn it into photo cabinet since we only have one TV. Haha

Close up!

My make-up table..

Like the living room, this is also my favourite spot.


Oops. Kantoi polystyrene tu. Yes, lunch tapau bwk balik. Haha

Small meal table.. Ala, berdua je kan.. 🙂 This is also given by mom in law.. Alhamdulillah..


The place where I cook meal for hubby..

The kitchen cabinet.. I dunno who the hell put the kettle on the tong gas. Yg pasti bukan aku.

The sink.. This is made by hubby’s uncle using kepingan papan2 dari mane tah dier jumpe.. He’s creative and very hardworking. I respect him so much.


The guest room.. Mom and dad yg rasmikan.. And after diorg balik time family bbq tu, x sempat nk kemas lagi…

Prayer room sbenarnyer.. Tpi hubby dah turn it into car bodypart room pulak. Tah pahape. But still boleh smayang kat cni. Kire 2 in 1 lah.

So, that’s my place. I think, we have been so much blessed for all of this. The house owners are very kind and generous. The rent is also reasonable. Thank you Kak Ifah and husband for being so understanding to us. Family in law also helped us a lot by giving this and that to us. Not forgotten, my family too. Most of this stuff are given as wedding gifts from family and friends. I really appreciate them. Thank you so much. Semoga Allah juga memurahkan rezeki kami dan kalian..


p/s- We’ve already found the real house. Somewhere in Muar town. Everything is still in process. Kalau ada rezeki, adalah. Kalau tak ada, tak ada lah.. 🙂

5 Marriage Humours

1. Women are unpredictable. Before marriage, she expects a man, after marriage she suspects him, and after death she respects him.

2. There was this guy who told his woman that he loved her so much that he would go thru hell for her. They got married and now, he is going thru hell.

3. When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing, either the car is new or the wife.

4. A man received a letter from some kidnappers. The letter said, “If you don’t promise to send us $100000, I swear that we will kill your wife.” The poor man wrote back, “I am afraid I can’t keep my promise but I hope you will keep yours.”

5. A guy asked his friend, “What’s the matter? You look depressed.” Then the friend replied, “I’m having trouble with my wife. She said she wasn’t going to speak to me for 30 days.”
“But that ought to make you happy. You told me she’s a pain in your ass.”
“Yeah, it did make me happy.  But today is the last day..”

It’s funny but still, NOT FAIR. It’s like, we, the wives are the meanest persons on Earth!

Nways, I dig #3. You know, my hubby never opens the car door for me, but I figured that it must be because it’s not his new car and I’m not his new wife.

I’m THE WIFE. Haha

p/s – I came across with this, “Man is like a banana at all stages”.
What does that even meaaan…?

Excuse Me, It’s Puan Emy Now, Okay?

Wow. I better get used to it from now on. Haha.. I’ll post a proper entry bout that very big day later. Ni curik2 update post. Mr.Gonzales (who is now my hubby) asked me to pack my stuff coz we’re going to Muar in a bit. So, this is gonna be a very quick post. I hope.

Here are some pictures..

Dup dap dup dap.. Waiting for the moment..

A wife now.. 😀

Emy, Mr.Gonzales and Darling

With Abg Bob family who was celebrating their 10th anniversary.. happy with 3 beautiful children now, totally my role models!

Bersanding time.. tgh tgu hubby..

Outdoor Photoshoot with Soulclickers crew!

So, it’s been 6 days now living our life as married couple. It’s been so wonderful! Yes, I mean it. Thank you Allah for sending him to me.. I’ll take care of him, appreciate him and love him with all my heart..

p/s- official photos and videos from Soulclickers will be uploaded later.