Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #18

This week, classes went well as usual. Time does fly. Pejam celik je dah sebulan ngajar ntok 2011. I’m starting to get used to my 32-period-of-teaching timetable and for now, I’ve got everything covered and under control.


Speaking bout work, I used to complain a lot especially when I first taught Year 1, the first few days. It was SUPER DUPER tiring. I had to do everything fast, speak (scream??) my lungs out otherwise they wouldn’t listen to me. At times when I was very tired and didn’t have energy to ask them to keep quite when they were making soooo much noise, I just hit the table with the ruler. Very hard, very loud so that everybody would keep quite. I also gave my death stare to each one of them. Up until now, 5 kids already cried because of me. Haha. The good thing is, they never seem to ambik hati or what. The next day, they would still smile from ear to ear and very excited to see me. That’s the beauty of kids, they never take it personally. You can marah them like gila but tomorrow, they still wanna hug you. Hehe.. 🙂

Well, this is what we did yesterday for English Language Arts. This week, I taught them about the phoneme S, and the jazz chant ‘Siti and the Snake’. So, after reading the jazz chant, after doing some reading+writing+spelling exercise for the past 3 days from Monday, I asked them to make a big book. This is the part I love the most in KSSR. Language Arts!

The title of the jazz chant, 'Siti And The Snake'.

Coloured papers, printed pictures..

Abby's group.. They were working on page 3 of the big book..

Pages were combined..

Page 1 - Faiq's group

Page 2 - Jaida's group

Page 3 - Abby's group

Page 4 - Adam's group


So, for wedding preparation, I’ve bought few stuff already, like the paper bags for the door gifts, bunga telur and few baskets for hantaran. And I’ve already distributed the wedding cards to my friends. Thanks to those who ask for the hard copies. Memang nk habiskan ni. Sila lah mintak sape2 yg blom mintak tu. Haha

The wedding cards..

The wedding cards.. 2000 pcs.. Together with 2 banners..

All the cards inside..

Ewan's side - Blue. Emy's side - Gold+Yellow

The banner. Hahahaha

The door gifts..

Sis made (sponsored) this version of bunga telur (limited edition). She's the most creative in the family.. Thank u kakak!

I will keep at least 5 of these for myself. Hahaha.

Shopping more bunga telur and few baskets at Sayangku, Seksyen 11, Shah Alam.. Special discount yaaaw! Sbb kakak is their regular customer. Hehe


Just got home. Bersepah brg2 haaaa...

The documents that need to be ready before the akad nikah..

Yesterday, after school, I went to Pejabat Agama Sabak Bernam to ask for Borang Kebenaran Untuk Bernikah. Straight after that, I went to a clinic to do a HIV test, one of the procedures to get married. Haih, skang memang leceh la.. Macam2 diorg nak…

Borang Kebenaran Untuk Bernikah Negeri Selangor

Borang Ujian Saringan HIV Pra-Perkahwinan (HIV test)

Mr.Gonzales' form, from Pejabat Agama Muar, Johor. Borang Johor mcm lagi cantik dri Selangor. Haha

Diluluskan! 🙂

But, know what?? After completing all the forms, I just realized Mr.Gonzales did one big mistake. He put the wrong date for the akad nikah!! Eiii! Geramnye aku! He put 12th March 2011. That is the wedding reception, not the akad nikah! The akad nikah is a day earlier, on Friday, 11th March 2011. I thought I’ve told him million times already! So,  I asked him to tell Pejabat Agama Muar about the mistake, and let see if he could just scratch the date or he needs to get new form. The problem is, his forms have been processed and certified by the Pejabat Agama Johor before he sent them to me to be processed in Selangor. I’m just afraid nnti by the time dapat sijil nikah, tgk date x same ke ape ke.. Who knows..?


Owh, lupe nk cite satu benda. Yesterday, when I was still in class, I got a call from an unknown number. She claimed herself as one of the VISA telemarketer ke ape tah, and asked me if I was interested in credit card protection system whatever lah.. Okay, first she asked me about my credit card number and the expiry date untuk tujuan pengesahan. The stupidest thing was, she asked me about the three digits at the back of the card (the SECURITY number) and I very stupidly TOLD her that too!!! Gosh, still can’t believe I did that! And she kept babbling about the product, bla bla bla.. Luckily, I couldn’t really hear what she said coz I was in class, so I cut her off, and asked her to call me back. After I hung up, I couldn’t help myself but feeling really suspicious bout the woman. Okay, one. Why did she ask me bout all those details for pengesahan?? Sampai security number pon dier tanye. Two, why did she call me using a cellphone number, not an office number (landline)?? The funny thing was, she said that the three digits at the back, for example, 100, it means that I’m the 100th user of the card! How stupid is that??? At that point, I know she was lying but the weird thing was, I couldn’t say anything. Hm.. Maybe because she spoke too fast and I was like blurr ke ape time tu..

So, on the way driving home, I was really scared coz I was 100% sure that it was a fraud call. I called Mr.Gonzales and told him what happened. He asked me to call the customer service immediately to see if there was any transaction happened within that one hour. Nasib baik xder.. Lega! Then the customer-service lady said, even if pihak VISA call to offer any product, they won’t ask about those details especially the three digits at the back. So, as I already expected, it was a fraud call. I asked the lady to terminate the credit card and I reapplied for the new one.

Okay, let’s talk about something more interesting.


My niece, Darling has grown big!!! She’s getting sooooooooo cute lah! Geram btol tgk dier ni! She’s good at posing too! Look at these pictures.


Look at those arms!

Those cheeks yg macam apam!!

That smile... 🙂

Hahaha. This is her favourite facial expression. Suke angkat kening!

More smiles from her...

Eeii... Gelak2 je.. Cubit kang baru tau..

My favourite pic of Darling!!! Mcm dalam commercial break je. Haha

She’s turning 4 months-old, I think, but yeah, she looks like she’s already 6 months old or something right..? Sooooo tembam and  healthy! Mom said she looks like Kakak Eda (my sis) especially that pointed nose. Can’t wait to see her grow up and see what a beautiful girl she will turn to! Soooo adorable lah! The best thing about her is, she hardly cries. Sangat2 jarang menangis. Every time we disturb her when she is sleeping, she just opens her eyes and start playing with us, takpon, tido balik. Tu je. Even if we are busy with our own things and she is just on her own, not sleeping, she will play with herself. Tgk sana, tgk sini, speak her own language, paddling her arms and legs.. I mean, crying is just not her thing you know. Sometimes, we have to pinch her arms or her cheeks very hard, to hear her crying. When she finally cries, we will clap our hands and laugh at her. Hahahahah. Tu pon, bukan menangis, merengek2 jer.. Haih la Darling, I love u sooooo much!! You have the main criteria to be my favourite baby; you hardly cry. Haha

Okay lah. Enough for now. Bubbye!


My Sexy Babe, Chullie Winchester

Okay… I’m trying to update my Blind Kitten right now.. It’s been what… almost a month since my last post (excluding the After This post). That was before raya. And now.. Tah bape Syawal tah already…

Eh, before that, I wanna explain why I am sooo lazy to update this thing. Besides the fact that aku mang malas, here’s another reason. Before raya, we had rearranged the furnitures in this house and the current furniture setting right now does not allow me to have access to the Internet easily and comfortably. The sofa and the table had been moved to the other corner, soo… I have to sit in this loser desk to update my blog. Hm.. Ayah, bile nk pakai wireless ni..??

Well, the biggest thing that happened to me so far… Is.. I now have a new darling. It’s bright, red and sexy. It’s… CHULLIE!

From the back, those meaningful numberss... 🙂

The bonet.. Hm.. With the first aid inside.. Haha

From the back+side.. Do you notice the black top? That's for the sporty-look purpose la kot..

From the front...

Tgk dalam lak.. The black+red leather seats..

The back seats.. Owh, that umbrella was a free gift.. Haha

The dashboard...

The red line at the door.. Loves it.

The engine.. Hmm.. dunno what to comment la.. Not an expert in this.. Haha

Charlie, my buddy in the car.. Hehe

The keys.. And that MICKEY keychain, I bought it in Disneyland HongKong when I was there with my babes.

It is a pair. One pink and the other is blue. I gave the blue one to Mr.Gonzales and he attached it to his car keys too. Hehe

Even though it’s still less than a month I own this sexy car, Chullie was injured twice already. First, it was just a minor injury, and it was my fault. I accidentally hit the ‘tong gas’ while parking my car in the garage. Mak was boiling the ketupat in the big pot at the garage, and there was also the tong gas. I miscalculated the distance, and theree…. I hit it. Thank God it wasn’t that hard, so, no kemek2 or anything, just some scratches.. Itu pon dh nk nanges dh..

The scratches..

During this time, I just wished I could turn back the time.. Haha. Really2 nk nanges..

But after a while, Abg Man and Abg Bob helped me to polish and wax it, and some of the scratches were gone, so I could smile again! But ade la lagi sket2 yg tamau ilang, but it was okay, x bape nmpk pon. Haha.

The second incident happened, that was the worst and I really pray to God, that will be the last one. I dont want anymore of that and anything like it. One night, my sister and I went to pekan Sungai Besar to have dinner. It was my first time going out at night by myself (and sis). So, I parked my car not far from the restaurant. From my seat, I could see Chullie and everytime I looked at it, she was just fine. I’d never thought anything bad would happen to her. After dinner, we went to expo at the Sungai Besar bus station. Just round2 jer.. And that was the place I bought Charlie ( the red soft toy ) from.

Hmm.. About 10 minutes, we went back to the car and drove to Maybank to withdraw some money. This. Was. The. Moment. I. Met. My. Worst. Nightmare. When I was shutting the door, I noticed something -a scratch, more like a writing. On my car! SOMEBODY SCRATCHED MY CAR.. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t wanna believe it. I tried to dust it off, but it stayed there. Of course it stayed there, it was a scratch. I immediately called Mr.Gonzales and told him what happened. He asked me to get home quickly. He was worried, I could sense that. On my way home, I kept asking my sister, WHO? HOW? and most importantly, WHY?? I was really heartbroken. She was speechless and very emotional too. I thought it was just one scratch, but the next morning, I noticed the same writing on two more doors at the opposite side. This was not an individual work. Do you know what they wrote? They wrote, PUKI, which means, pussy. Who the hell in the world wanted to write something THAT LOW on other people’s car??? I was speechless and pissed off. I quickly sent my car to be repainted. It already happened. Nangis air mata darah pon x gune even tho I cried like hell that night and the next morning. Better I solved it as soon as possible. Hmm..

To those retarded psycho, I dunno what was your real motive but hear me out. I WILL forgive you, but only if you COME TO ME AND APOLOGIZE PERSONALLY coz I really wanna know WHY did you do it.. Were you mentally sick at that time or were you possessed by evil spirit or something.. I just simply wanna know coz I am still wondering until now. Heh, that would take forever la kan for you to find me…? So, paham2 laa…

The sick scratch.. I was too fragile to take the other two photos of more scratches at the opposite doors..

I believe things happen for a reason. When I sent my car for repainting, I ask the awesome Uncle Lee to paint my bumper yg longgar tong gas tu skali. Alang2 kan.. Hehe. So, long story short, Chullie is fine now and she looks as good, hot and sexy as new, Alhamdulillah.

“Ya Allah, jauhkan lah hambaMu ini dari segala malapetaka dan bencana, juga dari orang2 yang berniat tidak baik terhadapku.. Sesungguhnya, hanya Kaulah yang Maha Berkuasa dan Maha Melindungi.. Amin..”

So, that’s about Chullie. 😀

Next, I’ll write about raya pulak, but right now, need to signing out la… Dad wants to use the Internet. Again, ayah.. Pasangla wirelessss… Xyah rebut2 mcm ni…

Okay, bye all! We’ll have a great day tomorrow, I.Allah.. 🙂

Two Different Emotions In A Day!

I have two stories to tell here.

1- Not a fun story. 😦
2- Exciting story!! 😀


This morning, I was a bit late (as usual). I got out from house around 7.25am. It usually took me around 10 minutes to get to school. So, since I was always THAT late, I would drive fast in order to get to school before 7.40am. There were no cars in front of and behind me at that time. The road was clear. While I was driving while humming the songs on the radio, suddenly I saw a cat from my left running across the road. It ran veeerrryyy fast! I was shocked. I screamed, tried to slow down, but I guess I was too late. I heard something like ‘GEDEGUK!’ under the car. God… I knew I already hit the cat. When I looked at the rear view, I saw the cat was already tergolek2… Then, to my surprise, suddenly the cat got up and ran again to the roadside. It ran perfectly, like nothing happened to it. Maybe at that time, the cat just wanted to save itself from being hit again by other cars, so it just ran to the roadside, ignoring the pain that it felt. I’m not sure if the leg was broken, or anything but I’m sure something must have happened to it. Maybe he’s suffering right now, maybe he cant walk, just lying painfully.. I was sooo down and worried. God… I didn’t mean to hit the cat… If I had time to slow down, of course I would make way for the cat even though I knew I was late to school already! Huhu.. It was my fault..

As soon as I reached school, I quickly texted Mr.Gonzales, telling him what happened. He told me to be careful next time, not driving too fast etc.. At the staffroom, I was just quiet. I couldn’t shake off the guilt that I felt. I nearly cried. I felt like seeing the cat tergolek2 on the road over and over again..

Dear pitiful cat, here I’m writing to you to let you know that I am soooo very sorry for what happened to you.. I didn’t mean it, I tried to avoid you but I was too fast and couldn’t slow down. I reaallly2 hope you’re okay out there…

I’m so sorry..
Please forgive me… Huhu.. 😦


Next! About my red baby…

Well, that baby hasn’t born/arrived yet! But I’ve already got the I/C number for her. It’s called, drum roll please…

*BKX 2331*

Okay! Let me tell you the story behind this.

I actually wanted a Wilayah number, which at this time maybe starts with WUC or something around that, but I changed my decision at the last minute. Well, I change my mind every 2 seconds, you all know that. Nways, I finally decided that I wanted Selangor number. That’s because, soon I’ll be settling down in Muar after I get married, and this Selangor plat number, will always remind me of my ‘kampung’, also as a reminder that I’m always a Selangorian. Well hmm, let’s just put it that way. Hehe. In Selangor, it’s now BKX, and the number was just opened for public to book this morning, since yesterday was still BKW.

And also, my first choice was actually BKX 3123. Obviously, that’s a combination of my birthday, 23rd April and Mr.Gonzales’ birthday, 31st January. But.. Sadly, the 3123 plat number was taken by someone else (whoever you are, damn you!), so the second choice would be 2331. But I guess, as long as 23 and 31 are together, that’s alright with me..

When I told Mr.Gonzales about this plat number, he said, ‘Sweet la bb ni…‘ Hihihi

So, BKX 2331, is MINE!
I’m sooooo excited!!!

Whoa! I already got the I/C number for my baby, but no name yet!
What am I going to call her?
Hmm… But one thing for sure, the surname is Winchester.

Life Means FUN!! :-)


By the time I’m typing this, I’m actually super glad that I have technically finished my prac. The feeling was great (even though a bit sleepy coz I didn’t have enough sleep last nite writing lesson plans!) Haha. Nways, just wanted to update few things that happened yesterday.

Car ‘BreakDown’!

Yesterday, we went to school by taxi. Haha. Funny story, Ponnie’s car broke down. It wouldn’t start. It was weird coz after Ponnie entered the key, the emergency lights suddenly turned on and it kept blinking.  Ponnie tried again, but still it wouldn’t start. So, we didn’t have any choice except to catch a taxi. Dah mgu2 akhir ni kena la pulak naek cab, cilakak btol!

Tgk.. Cian kami..

Tgk.. Cian kami..

After school, I asked Mr.Gonzales to see what was wrong with the car. I assumed it was because of the battery. He called Badak to help him checking on the car. Badak membebel2 about pompuan tatau jage keta and bla bla bla. But what more could we say. Hahaha. Memang air kurang pon, air battery kurang, minyak brake pon dah tinggal sket. But still, those were not the reason why the car wouldn’t start. Check punyer check, long story short, there was nothing wrong with the car. It wouldn’t start because…………… Jeng Jeng Jeng… Erm, because the alarm was switched off. Hahahhahah. So, it locked the system and that was why the engine would not start! Damn! X pasal2 je nek cab pagi tu. Hahahahaha.

Mr.Gonzales and Badak.. and Ponnie..

Mr.Gonzales and Badak.. and Ponnie..

Another picture at the scene..

Another picture at the scene..

Well, at least, I learned something from the sudden-short-course about how to take care of your car by Badak and Mr.Gonzales. ;-P

MidValley Outing!

After that, I went out with Sal and Eqa to the Midvalley. The agenda; Celebrating Eqa’s Birthday which was yesterday. Haha. Xder la celebrate sgt, saje2 membuang mase padehal our lesson plans x siap lgi pon time tu. Kehkehkeh. Erm, we had dinner at Chicken Rice Shop. Had TCRS Meal with my favourite yummy Kerabu Manggo!! Owh, and we did gossip. As usual. Hahaha!

Sal Bitchy (this is how I save her name in my phone. haha)

Sal Bitchy (this is how I save her name in my phone. haha)

And Eqa's Gedix! Hahahah

And Eqa Gedix! Hahahah

Sal and I while waitin for the food to arrive..

Sal and I while waitin for the food to arrive..

Sal and Eqa.. After gosip, tgkp gmbar! hakhak

Sal and Eqa.. After gosip, tgkp gmbar! hakhak

And then, we went to MPH. Sal and I wanted to buy books. It’s been  a while since I last bought books. I think the last book that I bought was Thanks For The Memories by Cecelia Ahern, 5 months ago?? Yep, I think! And then, I was busy with I-Dunno-What-Craps, and I figured that I might not have time to read books, so I stopped buying them. But now, since prac is almost over, I start to buy them again. I wanna finish reading all Kinsella’s books. The one that I bought yesterday was The Undomestic Goddess (which I wrote The Ultimate Goddess in my Twitter, haha!). Korang dah lame abes bace?? Eleh, pedulik ape. Sukati la if aku baru nk bace pon. Haha. Eh, emo pulak.

The Ultimate (scratch!) Undomestic Goddess! Haha

The Ultimate (scratch!) Undomestic Goddess! Haha

And then, after that we went up to Jusco. Eqa wanted to redeem her birthday coupons by Jusco. Haha. Know what? Actually, Eqa was very ’emo’ yesterday coz she couldn’t buy Arashi magz due to her current financial condition. It was soooo funny coz she almost cried because of that. And it was funnnnn seeing her like that. Sal and I kept teasing her along the way until die tarik muke. Mcm gmbar kat bwh ni. Hakhakhakahahkahak!



Emo lagi...

Emo lagi... And si Sal dok gelakkan si Eqa. Haha

Sal gelakkan Eqa lagi! Hahaha

Sal gelakkan Eqa lagi! Hahaha

Nways, I reallly had fun yesterday!! Thanks guys for the wonderful time!

RM60, The Price For My Carelessness


Hahahah! Looking at the picture above, you can guess what is it that I wanna tell here. Stupid me! Let me tell you what happened to us (Ponnie, Eqa and I) this morning.

Since I was the first who got ready for school, Ponnie asked me to start the car engine first to warm it up. It was 7.05 then. It was still dark and I waited for Eqa and Ponnie in the car. Then, when I saw Ponnie was walking towards the car, I got out to open the car bonnet. I tried to open the front door from outside but I couldn’t. I was like, ‘Shoot! What’s wrong? Did I lock the car??.’ Right then I remembered that Ponnie’s car was a bit ‘different’ from any other cars. The doors could be automatically locked from inside even though the engine was still running. I was soo panic. I quickly went back to the back door and tried to open it, hoping that I hadn’t shut it yet. But I did! And it was already locked from inside! So, all my stuff including handbag, cellphone, lesson plans and teaching materials for my class today were inside the car. With the radio on and the engine was still running, we were all locked outside the car. And it was 7.15 already!

It was bright, but were still in IPBA. Huhu. Ponnie was calling someone for help.

It was bright already, but were still in IPBA. Huhu. Ponnie was calling someone for help.

My stuff which was locked inside the car

My stuff which was locked inside the car

Ponnie and Eqa's stuff locked outside the car. Haha

Ponnie and Eqa's stuff, locked outside the car. Haha

Abg Guard yg cube menolong kami..

Abg2 Guard yg cube menolong kami..

Berusaha... tpi x berjaye... Hu..

Berusaha... tpi x berjaye... Hu..

Then, we saw Capiq came back from driving Lorex and Rini to their school. So, we stopped him in case if he could help. But he also didn’t know what to do.

Capiq, our savior. Hahaha

Capiq, x pasal2 kene temankan kitorg. Hahaha

Smile sket capiq!!

Smile sket capiq!!

I tried to call Mr.Gonzales too since he knows quite much about cars or whatever that related to cars, but what else could he do? He was already in school. So he could only give options through phone. 1) Break the front window (which we would NOT do) or, 2) Call the mechanic or ‘tukang kunci’. Even though the second option would take longer time than the first one and we were already late, we still would not want to break the front window (WHO WOULD??! duh~~) as it would cost more more more money.

So, since there was nothing else that we could do except for waiting for the ‘tukang kunci’ to arrive, we asked Capiq to send us to school since Eqa and I had class at 9.15am. Lagipon, dier punyer class during afternoon session, so pgi tu dier free. Haha. Nways, Capiq was a big help! Thank you so much!! Hihi

Arrived at school at 8.50 am. Still had few minutes left to prepare my back-up lesson plan since I didn’t have my lesson plan and teaching materials with me. Hahaha. HangMan game, what else. So, for the whole two periods, I just played HangMan game with my students about the names of transportation.

Bakugan (whatever) that I took from the students in my class today.

Bakugan Toy (or whatever) that I 'rampas' from the students in my class today.

Going back to the staffroom, some of the teachers still asked about what had happened to us this morning. Worst, they thought we had an accident! Not long after that, Ponnie came back to school with the very car. The price to unlock the door was RM60. It was fucking expensive, but what to do.. My own fault. Haih…

I still think it was funny, stupid and unbelievable. Haha. Like Ponnie said, this kind of things just happen in movies, not in real life. Ramai pulak tu yg tgk tdi. Malu btol. Bru nk bukak lembaran baru for 2nd phase of practicum.. It was just not a good start!