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Last 11th March 2015 was our anniversary. The fourth one! I have nothing more to say except ‘Thank you Allah for giving us so much love to share with each other and giving us strength to hold on when life’s got in the way. Without your bless and rahmah, we wouldn’t be together, this strong.” Alhamdulillah.

Flashing back to the day I met him in college, he was just an ordinary student that I wouldn’t look at twice. Haha. Nothing stood out, except for the fact that he was one of those noisy back-benchers in the lecture halls. I also knew him as the guy next door. He was in the class of .5 and I was in .4, so we were practically neighbours during our foundation days. One and half years passed by. We completed our foundation, then the 25 of us flew together to Brissy for our second and third year of study. Him, included.

Seriously, I had so much love for footballers at that time. I was a hardcore fan of Liverpool and so easily turned on by men who had great football skills. Footballers worshipper, that’s what I was then. Hahah. I think I even vowed that I only wanted to get married to footballers. Lols. Little did I know, he played football too when he was in primary school and in MRSM. It was just so hard for me to believe since he’d gained ‘a little’ weight at that time haha. He blamed it on the ligament injury that he suffered during a friendly football match, early of our foundation days in KL. Since he wasn’t fit as he used to be, so he gained some weight.

So, over the months of the first year in Brissy, somehow we got closer. Haha it was funny that I was actually more attracted to his friend at first, so I kinda used him to get closer to that guy but it didn’t work. I’m glad it didn’t work because then I realised he was even more interesting to be around with compared to his friend. Hahahah

 He was funny and I laughed a lot around him. He was like my long lost best friend and not once I ever felt awkward around him. He was my gossip buddy, football buddy, winter shopping buddy and sometimes, even Supernatural buddy, a TV series that I was so much into then. We told each other a lot of stuff too and we were kinda open with each other. No secret.

Well, our friendship had dramas too. Some were even stupid to think about and some were just better kept to myself. Long story short, he is no longer in the friend zone and suddenly, everything in my life makes perfect sense. He is totally the opposite of me. I’m bad-tempered and he’s just so patient. While I’m emotional and go all cries and screams, he stays rational and still trying to reason with things, or people. Our differences keeps our relationship sane and that’s what makes us strong till today. Imagine if both of us are like fuel and fire…………………

Owh, about the vow that I’ve made when I was younger, I guess I’ve managed to live up to it. I’ve married to a footballer! Well, an ex-footballer with a big tummy now but nevertheless, still a footballer! Hahah

So there you go. That’s how I met my Encik Perfect 10. 🙂

At Brisbane International Airport, just moments before boarding and flew home to Malaysia.

At Brisbane International Airport, just moments before boarding and flew home to Malaysia.

On the Eye of Brisbane, Southbank. First date, I guess? Haha

On the Eye of Brisbane, Southbank. First date, I guess? Haha

Exactly, 4 years ago. The reception.

Exactly, 4 years ago. The reception.

4 years after. :-)

4 years after. 🙂

So looking forward to our future together.

May Allah ease.

p/s- so looking forward to our anniversary trip too!



Waiting, And Blogging


Haloooo! Guess what? I’m still at school, waiting for my husband to pick me up. He had a tuition then he went straight to English Meeting for Zone level. He asked me to replace my KP for the meeting so then I could go with him, but duhhhh! Meeting means more work. Takde kerja carik kerja, nk buat ape haha. Plus, my KP, Kak Kila is a very committed teacher. Heheheh..

It’s almost 3.15 now and I’m fasting. Imagine how exhausted I am right now. At this hour, I should’ve been relaxing on my bed watching Food Network (that’s me, puasa2 memang suke tgk food channels), instead I’m still here, in the staffroom.

It’s so quiet.

So quiet that you can hear a pin drop.


Okay, jangan layan sangat kang tetiber jadi seram.

Okay, so here’s a funny story. I was running low on my Marine Essence Beauty Bar. I have been using that for more than 3 months now, and I just love it so much that I don’t wanna change it to other facial cleanser. I don’t even wanna go back to my Neutrogena Facial Foam yang dah guna consistently almost 2 years. It works on my skin and owh! It is soooo wangi!

I don't sell this okay. I'm just a very happy customer. :-)

I don’t sell this okay. I’m just a very happy customer. 🙂

Okay, so I googled, searched here and there, looking for COD Muar because I need it TODAY (blame it on hubby sebab lambat beli kat colleague dia, pastu dier pun dah habis stock dan haku pun tak dapat grr). So long story short, I found this website that displayed a contact number, which was also written with this in caps, MUAR. Cool, let me give a call.

So the name was Fiza, and thank God, she does have the stocks at her home, but since she’s in Melaka at that time, we can only meet at night. The funny thing was……

She is my neighbour (taman sebelah).
Kahkahkah. What a small world.

So lepas ni senang nk restock.

Hubby texted me few minutes ago ajak balik. Meeting dh habis letew. Okay bye.

Bandung, Indonesia (Boleh Pak, Bolehhh?) Part 1



‘Boleh pak, bolehhh?’ is the phrase that we kept hearing when we were shopping there. Every single shop! Haha


So, last Friday, my husband and I went on a vacation to Bandung, Indonesia. This was actually a school trip organised by my husband’s school, so I just menyibukkan diri to join them. Bandung is a shopping paradise, especially for kain lace and kain pasang, rugi la kalau tak ikut kan? Hihi

Packing packing!

Packing packing!

A must!

A must!

We were early (2.15 a.m. whereas boarding at 6 a.m.). Took some time for not-so beauty sleep haha

We were early (2.15 a.m. whereas boarding at 6 a.m.). Took some time for not-so beauty sleep haha

The two-hour flight took place at 6.30 a.m. and we reached Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung Airport at 7.30 a.m. local time (Bandung is one hour behind us so we were blessed with that one extra hour to shop, yeay). On the first day itself, we went straight to Pasar Baru Trade Centre to do what women do best, SHOPPING! I had a mission here. I was given a responsibility, untuk carik 10 kain pasang untuk team SKPJ untuk Sambutan Hari Guru Peringkat Muar. 2014. They wanted a ‘uniform’, so that’s what I was here for, along with other reasons too (personal shopping hahah).

Yeayy arrived!

Yeayy arrived!

Hubby with taksi that brought us to the hotel

Hubby with taksi that brought us to the hotel

We still couldn’t checked ourselves in because it was too early, so we put our stuff in the lobby and went straight to Pasar Baru! Here comes the shopaholic, but before that, I needed some fuel, especially my husband a.k.a my banker. Haha

Here's what we had for brunch. Set Gurame Panggang Pedas, Es Teller and Jus Alpukat/Choc. This was soooooo good! Literally fingers licking good!

Here’s what we had for brunch. Set Gurame Panggang Pedas, Es Teller and Jus Alpukat/Choc. This was soooooo good! Literally fingers licking good!

The famous Teh Botol. I didn't really like it tho, too bitter. Haha

The famous Teh Botol. I didn’t really like it tho, too bitter for my liking. Haha

Now, to complete the mission! We went to this store recommended by Cikgu Nazim, husband’s boss. The workers there were very friendly and helpful. They had varieties of fabrics, patterns, colour combinations, beads, sulam and etc! Senang cite, memang rambang mata laaa…

Rambang mata!

Gila lama2 duduk kedai ni..

So, long story short, after hours of choosing, I finally settled for these two.

For us, ladies on Sambutan Hari Guru Peringkat Muar.

For us, ladies on Sambutan Hari Guru Peringkat Muar.

For the four dulang girls, on the big events.

For us, the four dulang girls. I love purple and cream. Both colours combined are soooo sweeeet!

And a bunch more for family and friends. Hehehe

And a bunch more for family and friends. Hehehe

Besides kain pasang, I also bought some tudung bawal and telekung. Memang berjuta2 rupiah habis, but owh well, it’s once in a while, there’s no harm. Hehhehe. We went back to the hotel, which was Fave Hotel in Braga to take a nap, before going out again at night. I was so exhausted and sleepy since I hadn’t had enough rest on the night before, so after checking in, I went under the quilt and boom! Zzzzz..

So comfy!

So comfy!

After a few hours of good nap, we had dinner at this restaurant called, Bebek Garang (Seriously, bebek garang?? Hahah). The food they offered in the menu seemed delicious, but sadly we didn’t have chance to try since most of them were sold out. So we tried these.

Es Kemon drink (coconut and melon).

Es Kemon drink (coconut and melon).

The name of this dish was, Nasi Ayam Negro Pedas, or so. I can't really remember, but I do remember the 'N' word there.

The name of this dish was, Nasi Ayam Negro Pedas, or so. I can’t really remember, but I do remember the ‘N’ word there.

That’s it for the first day! Will continue again to tell you about out experience in Gunung Tangkuban Parahu, next time. Babai!






My Kinda Morning


I’m home alone  right now. Hubby’s not here due to a course that he needs to attend this morning, so I’ll be on my own until 4-5 p.m. Hmm.. What should I be doing now? I can’t go out because hubby’s using my car and I don’t know how to drive his manual car. It’s not that I can’t drive manual, I just can’t drive his. Too many modifications he did on that car. I’ve already folded every single clothes yang bergunung x lipat semalam, changed the bed sheet, scrubbed the toilet and vacuumed the whole house including the room. All done yesterday. So now, I’m on my Macbook, facing the TV watching Starworld, with a cup of hot Milo and Delicia Gardenia with me. What a boring morning. Haha

My kinda morning..

My blogging spot.. (Ignore those Tamiyas)

Any of you who’s already off to your vacations? Well, we’re going back to Selangor probably next week since hubby has LDP sessions at school for the whole week. As much as I want to, I can’t be there longer since we need to check on our house renovation that will be starting this week. Probably balik sana just for a week. Can’t wait for mak to complete her ‘edah’ so then we can bring her jalan2 in Muar. Heh, jalan2 la sangat kan..

Anyway, last night I saw a link posted by an acquaintance (wanted to write a friend, but… no she’s not really a friend haha) on Facebook about this tremendous journey of a British man, from Singapore to London, BY TRAIN, BUS AND FERRY! No planes at all. Here, I’m giving you the link.


Such an awesome journey! I spent the night reading all his stories on his blog and pretty amazed by all the fascinating experiences, cultures and people that he encountered along the way. It’s true what they say, it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters the most. I told hubby about this and asked him if he wanted to experience it some time in the future, he said ‘Taknaklah. Buat ape susahkan diri? Kalau nak pergi, naik flight je la.’ Adoi. So then I lectured him about all this journey and destination quote thing and asked him again the same question. He didn’t answer (because he was focusing on FIFA14 at that moment! I doubted he even listened to my lectures.)

Alright. I think I wanna do some blog-hopping and then maybe try to get some ideas on the internet for my kitchen at the new house. Bye!

A Boring Update, Don’t Read.

cat with a pen

When was the last time I properly updated this blog? Last November? Adoi kesiannya The Blind Kitten…

Siang tadi tertidur petang lama gila. 2 until 6!! I woke up early and slept quite late the night before. Memang letih sangat, tambah2 lagi tadi ada program kat sekolah. Balik2 terus tido and pukul 6 tu la baru bangun. Hubby said, I tido mati. Haha. Then, bangun2 je mak called. I told her that I just woke up and soalan wajib dari dia, ‘Dah sembahyang ke blum?’ No la mak. I’m in the time of the month. Sebenarnye ni memang update merapu sebab xtau nk tulis apa. Dah lama x blogging btul2. I miss the time when I always had something to blog about. Siap buat notes dulu sebab banyak sangat nk type. Haha.

So, actually last Saturday, I went to JB for English Conference organised by Brighton Education. It’s only my third time being in JB (kesian gila haha). Met two college buddies, one of them was my senior and the other one was my classmate. Well, the conference was fun but I had to go back early sebab kesian kat hubby ke’boringan’. He was not in the program, he was there to accompany me so bila I sibuk kat conference tu dia bosan, especially bila dah check out. So, about 12 something, we went back together. Tak terus balik rumah, singgah JPO. Terbeli la pulak Coach Shoulder Bag. I really love the colour and design. I thought beli nk buat raya handbag, tapi x jadi sebab rasenye memang terpakai pon before raya. Haha. So, since dah x jadi buat handbag raya, boleh la reveal gambar kat cni. Haha.

This is the bag! So comellll.. Haha

This is the bag! So comellll.. Haha. Gambar original kat S3, malas nk transfer. Ada kat Dropbox jugak, tapi malas nk download. Haha

Hubby pon sibuk nk bag jugak, so time masuk Adidas tu dia ternampak bag ni and sambar la jugak satu. Jumlah kerugian almost almost 2k.

Limited edition jersey come with a stylish bag!

Limited edition jersey come with a stylish bag!

Huhu. Esoknye beli pulak Wireless Printer from Brother kat Wetex Parade. Asalnya nk beli cartridge je, tapi tah camana, terbeli printer trus. Tapi memang best. 10 kali ganda hidup lebih senang dengan wireless printer. Takdelah wayar berselirat sana sini. Haha. Okay. Memang batak pon.

Brother printer is the best!

The same model I bought.

Eh, apesal asek cakap bnda yg I beli je ni…. Eh, bisinglah!

Actually, ada kerja lain nk buat skrg sebenarnya but I dont feel like doing it. Tu la.. Bila kerja makin banyak, jadi makin malas! Rasa nk tidooooo je… Tapi dah malam2 mcm ni, time semua org tido, I xmau tido la pulak. Huh. Dari dulu I memang ada issue ngn time management.

Okaylah. SHOULD go to bed now. Babai.