I Ain’t A Tree



Here, I’m quoting some of the things I wrote regarding the first few days I was at my workplace. Lawaak gile! I can’t read this without cringing at my own innocence. I was like, ‘Whaaaaaatttt??’

“I would say, that I’m gonna love the school. I don’t really care about the students, because you know, kids will be kids, (naughty, attention seeker, rebellious), mane2 pon same jer, but the teacher, so far those who I have met, are very very very nice. But hey, it’s only my first day, it’s still early to tell actually. Maybe true colours are gonna start showing in 2 weeks time. Or less than that (Or, is it my own true colours that I am talking about? HAHAHA)?”

Full entry, read here.

So, now after more than two years, do I still think the same about my workplace?

HELL NOOOO! Hahahhahaha.

That explains this.

If I still love it, do I apply for this?

If I still love it, do I apply for this?

I believe in this saying,

‘If you don’t like being in a certain place, MOVE. You’re not a tree.’

What Were The Worst Catchphrases in 2011?


In 2011? I know it’s last year, but the things I’m about to post right now, is still widely used in 2012, and probably for more years to come!

Okay, so, what were the worst catchphrases in 2011? Here we go!


Is it the same as this catchphrase, ‘Like A Boss’? Things that you say to make it sounds cooler than it really is? You tell me.


Yes. Because ordinary fail is just not enough. The word ‘epic’ itself is also a trend now. Like, when you see something that is  sooo cool, you’ll say ‘Wow, that’s epic!’ ‘Man that movie was epic! This epic, that epic. It’s totally out of hand. If you check on Urban Dictionary, it’s stated there that the word ‘epic’ is one of the most overused word next to the word, ‘fail’. To make it worse, those two words are used together to become, ‘Epic fail’.


What does that Z really stand for? To indicate that you’re laughing out louder than ever that LOL itself is not enough? Hmm. I’m not sure though I think I’ve used this one too. LOLZ


I don’t think I have ever used this, but I’ve heard in movies. It totally makes sense now. Totally, totes. Is it so hard to say ‘totally?’ Or using ‘totes’ is so much cooler? I don’t know because I’m not familiar with this catchphrase.


YES! I used this A LOT!!! Hahaha. Usually, in a situation where I mean what I say but at the same time, I don’t wanna offend anyone, I don’t wanna sound so… I don’t know. Harsh, maybe? It’s like a substitute to ‘No offense’. I guess.

Saying ‘Just saying’ is like adding 2 cents in a million dollar conversation. – Urban Dictionary


The most used catchphrase of all time! Haha. Especially girls, ladies. In Malay, it simply means, ‘Kan???’ It’s used to agree with someone’s statement, but this catchphrase probably sounds so girlish. That’s why it’s most used by female. I don’t care if this is the worst catchphrase, I just love using it. You too? I know, right?

For more worst catchphrases, check this website out.

Another Cool Youtuber, The ShortNap

Still remember about this post??

Yes, the coolest local Youtube celebrities, Matluthfi and Anwar Hadi (Matltuhfi is cooler than AnwarHadi though). I am a fan of them, Matluthfi especially (Matluthfi lagi, haha). I love their brilliant ways of delivering messages through their jokes, it’s very casual and easy to comprehend. Every points taken! Owh, they’re funny too! Kan? Kan?

Anyways, that’s not what I’m gonna tell here. Hm, last night, I just found out there is another cool, well not dude, but cool shawty yo, that vlogs too!

Taadaa! The coolest female vlogger, Maria Elena

As I watched this yesterday, then only I noticed Maria Elena’s existence in this vlogging world. Maybe aku yang lambat ke ape, dunno lah, but I’ve never heard of her before. This is her first video that I watched.

Her videos are so raw, not cover-cover cun like most bitches in front of camera yang terkepot-kepot, tersenyum kambing, malu-malu, mengade2, huh, “menyampah you!”. She is soo selamba, salah ke betul, belasah ja, so funny! I don’t think I can be like that in front of the camera, by myself pon x boleh, let alone to be watched by the world. Haha. That explains why I’m still blogging (YES, with the ‘B’ there, not ‘V’). Whatever.

Anyways, actually I haven’t watched all her videos lah, to be honest (I just found her account last night, x sempat lagi nak watch). Hihi. But from the videos that I have watched, I think she’s worth watching, seriously. For me lah. :-p


Still, my favourite of all, sape lagi.. Matluthfi!  (Gaya gedik mcm Maria Elena)

p/s – I might post two entries today.. Hm.. I dunno, maybe.

5 Marriage Humours

1. Women are unpredictable. Before marriage, she expects a man, after marriage she suspects him, and after death she respects him.

2. There was this guy who told his woman that he loved her so much that he would go thru hell for her. They got married and now, he is going thru hell.

3. When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing, either the car is new or the wife.

4. A man received a letter from some kidnappers. The letter said, “If you don’t promise to send us $100000, I swear that we will kill your wife.” The poor man wrote back, “I am afraid I can’t keep my promise but I hope you will keep yours.”

5. A guy asked his friend, “What’s the matter? You look depressed.” Then the friend replied, “I’m having trouble with my wife. She said she wasn’t going to speak to me for 30 days.”
“But that ought to make you happy. You told me she’s a pain in your ass.”
“Yeah, it did make me happy.  But today is the last day..”

It’s funny but still, NOT FAIR. It’s like, we, the wives are the meanest persons on Earth!

Nways, I dig #3. You know, my hubby never opens the car door for me, but I figured that it must be because it’s not his new car and I’m not his new wife.

I’m THE WIFE. Haha

p/s – I came across with this, “Man is like a banana at all stages”.
What does that even meaaan…?

A Day With Awesome+Cute Youtubers

It’s Friday!! Yeaah! Tomorrow is Saturday!! Yeaahh! But I still have to go to school tomorrow. Yeaaaahh!!! *roll eyes*

So today, besides excitedly trying my new brown+grey contact lenses, I pretty much spent time on Youtube. Watched few good videos from these talented fellas, Matlutfi, IniAnwarHadi and a very special person, Ben Bradshaw.



Okay, start from MatLuthfi. Hmm.. Don’t really know much about him, except he has loghat Utagha, maybe originally from Kedah, Perlis, Penang I dunno, and now studying in Perth, Aussie. He’s seriously one funny+smart guy. Semua video2 dia ada message best2 yg disampaikan secara sempoi. Check them out!

Part dier jadi pompuan tu mang thumbs up!! ‘U tak tahu, u tak tahu’. LOL!

This is soooooo cute!

Lawak btol la this budak. Actually, heard bout him dah lama dah, months ago. Since he made this very sweet video for his mother on Mother’s Day.. Comel gilaa..




Anwar Hadi

Next, IniAnwarHadi.. FYI, he’s TESL student. Just like moi. I mean, dulu la.. Now, I’m a TESL teacher. :-p

Hmm… I don’t find this guy THAT interesting to watch or listen to.. I mean, he’s got good points in every video that he makes, but the way he presents/delivers the idea is like, biasa je…. At times terlebih poyo sket. The messages are well delivered but x berapa nk kesan sgt la..

Eh, but this one video boleh tahan laa… Coz topic dier mang bagus pon. Bahasa kita!

But all in all between these two famous Malay Youtubers, I think Matluthfi is waaaaay funnier! And message dier lagi senang nk smpai coz he acts at the same time. Lawak pulak tu.




Ben Bradshawww. This is the most descent pic that I could find. Seriously. *naughty stare*

Lastly, check out this very cool American dude who can speak Malay very fluently, BEN BRADSHAW! Well, I guess he’s already famous among Malay Youtubers. He makes few videos to teach Malay people how to speak English with accurate word choice and slang. Seriously, hati sangat tertawan melihat kesungguhan dier cakap Melayu!! Sooo funny in a very CUTE way! Love his trademark btw, ‘gigi putih kaan… *showing teeth*.. Hihi!

The video up here is the first video of his that I watched. Impressed!

Knowing Ben from this Youtube, it suddenly reminds me of my dream years ago, to marry a Mat Saleh/Org Putih yang dah pandai cakap melayu. Kenapa nak yang cakap melayu? Coz nnti there wouldn’t be any communication gap between my parents and him. Hahahahaa. Gilaaa perasan berangan sampai ke langit!(Mr.Gonzales jgn marah okaaay). But seriously, I didn’t expect la pulak this kinda person betul2 exists dalam dunia ni. Tpi dia memang comel laaa kan?

Owh, he loves singing Kau Ilhamku from Man Bai. Sweet!

p/s -Marilah sukakan page Ben Bradshaw di Facebook bersama-sama, okay?
*gaya cakap Melayu ala2 Ben*