20112010 Meaningful Ceremonies..

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It’s such a sweet feeling, waking up in the morning and saw these two beautiful things on my fingers, a symbol that I am now belong to someone, well, officially. Hehe

Let me just tell you briefly about my E-Day. Actually, we had two events on that day, one was Majlis Kesyukuran / Aqiqah for our beautiful newborn niece, Darling, and my E-Day ceremony was in the afternoon session. Well, here are some photos for the Majlis Kesyukuran Aqiqah for Darling. One thing I tell you guys, she was the loveliest thing (besides my rings, of course) on the planet. She was sooooooooo cute with that Lovely Lace cream gown that she wore that day. Just like a lil princess!!!!

Darling with mommy, and cousin KakLong..

Wan (my mom) is cutting Darling's hair!

The swing that we made for Darling, the night before.. Cantik! Hehe

Sleeping beauty.. 😀

Me, holding Darling.. Together in this picture, is her mommy and her two brothers, Aneeq and Danish. 😀

The proud daddy (my bro) and mommy (my sis-in-law) with Darling on my pelamin! Hehe

How can people say NO to this cute lil thing?? Eii! I admire u soo much!!

Cute lil Darling! I know you'll be a beautiful girl one day!

Darling was already tired after the ceremony.. Haha

The first ceremony ended about 12.30pm. So, I started my make-up around 1pm and then got dressed, put on the veil and all, almost finished at 2pm. Not long after that, when I looked out of the window from my room (which was on upper floor), I saw this very familiar car passing by my house. It was MAV (then followed by other cars)! I was like, OMG! He’s here!!!! I could see clearly he was walking happily with his family heading to my house.

Well, he waited outside of course. While they were all discussing about the dates for the wedding and all, my besties and I were at the room, cam-whoring, laughing and etc. Few minutes after that, I heard my nephews, Ean and Aneeq calling me from downstairs, ‘Cik Imy! Wan suruh turun!’ They shouted that many times, as if I was bloody deaf. I wasn’t deaf, I was just taking my time. Haha. Time tu tetibe la nervous lak.

So, as I was climbing down the stairs, my besties were all behind me, calming me down. Haha. But know what? They were actually making me more nervous. Haha. So, as I came into the view, I didn’t look around (yet), I quickly sat on the mini-pelamin. Then, I looked up. The first familiar face that I saw was Pengkek, our photographer especially hired for my E-Day. He was right beside me, all ready with his camera, waiting for the right time to snap. When he saw me, he jokingly gave me a ‘MEOW’ sound and that somehow made me laughed and less nervous.

After few flashing of the cameras, this one lady came up to me and introduced herself, but sorry I cant remember who she was, was she his Mak Lang? or Mak Long? Something like that. She put on the first ring on my finger, and then some more flashes. While she was doing that, I heard someone said, ‘Huih, menggigil tangan dier tu!’ Hahaha! Really??? I was shaking??? Damn! Soooo uncool!

Well, that was for the first ring (cincin merisik). As for the engagement ring, it was his mom’s turn who was gonna put it on my finger. This, one funny thing happened! The ring didn’t fit my finger!! Haha. And I think I heard his mom jokingly asked me if I gained some weight. Haha. But actually what happened was, my right ring finger was one size bigger than the left one (I think that’s normal, anyway). When we bought the rings months ago, I gave different measurements to the jeweler, coz my two ring fingers were in different sizes. So, I think the engagement ring that his mother put on my right finger was supposed to be on my left one (coz the ring was smaller), that was why it didn’t fit. Err… Do you get what I’m saying? Whatever, but I seriously didn’t gain any weight. Haha

Okay.. So, after salam-salam with the rest of the relatives, my besties and I went outside to do a series of outdoor photo shoot. Sadly, Mr.Gonzales couldn’t stay any longer. He needed to get back early coz of the long journey, plus he got few things to settle too. I think, I only met him for about less than half an hour. Hu… That was the briefest meeting on a very special day. So, he missed our outdoor photoshoot that I was supposed to do it with him, as our pre-wedding photos. 😦 But, it was still okay coz I have my friends who cheered me up. We posed and shot a lil cute video-clip kat kebun, it was soooo fun!

So, that was pretty much about my E-Day. I am only uploading few photos here as the rest of them are still in the editing process. Cant wait to see it! Way to go, Pengkek and Wana!

Emy & Ewan Engagement -E3

This is my favourite pic! Everyone looks soooo happy holding cupcakes!!

The nice cupcakes baked by Capira..

The lovely rings!! Love them!

These pictures are the official ones from Soulclickers Studio. For now, there are only four of them, but here, I’m also uploading the unofficial yet still lovely photos from my niece’s camera, Kak Long.

Putting on the first ring!! 😀

After putting on the rings, smiled nervously!

Salam2 with the Mr.Gonzales' relatives.. Hihi

Some of the hantaran photos…

The red ones were from my side, and the purple ones were from his.. (could you see the purple oness in this pic??)

Bunga Rampai..

Body Shop stuff... Hehe.. I've already told him, that he only can take the shaving cream, the rest, he needs to return those to me! Hahahaha. JK

So… That’s it. Here, I wanna thank to those who came to the ceremonies, gave supports, especially relatives, neigbours and close friends.. Special credits to Pengkek and Wana, as our photographer for the day, to Capira, who baked our delicious cute cupcakes (I’m addicted already!), not forgotten, Aina, Cikin, Masreha who cheered up my day! Also, to those who gave me warm lovely wishes on my FB wall, I love you guys!! ♥

It Was A Fun Day! :-)

[No background music since my Fifi is ‘mute’ right now. Haiya… Kena antar service.. Deng btol la!]

Hm… I’m now blogging while eating bread with peanut butter and jelly (while lying on my belly.. so pemalas!). Just wanna update what I’ve been doing these past two days. Yesterday, I attended one of my friend’s wedding, Umie Nadiya. She was gorgeous that day! She was actually my dorm-mate and my bed-mate when I was Form 5. Why did I say bed-mate? This is because every night, when everyone was getting ready to sleep, I would go to her bed, and slept with her on the same bed. Ye la.. Katil single yg kecik tu. Nasib baik kitorg kurus2, so muat la… Hehe. Why did I refuse to sleep on my own bed? Frankly speaking, I was (am) afraid of the ghost and stuff that related to that. Seriously, I dont really mind bad people, thieves, robbers, pick-pockets, but I am really afraid of the ghosts. At that time, my bed was near to the window. When I looked at my left, I would see kebun2 la, pokok sawit and all.. At night, it was kinda creepy and scary. Plus, some of the windows tak bleh tutup lak tu. Huhu. Every time I slept on my own bed, always rase x sedap hati and mmpi yg bukan2. So, I was scared and decided to sleep with Umi, in a kelambu. That continued until the end of the year. Hehe. Tu pon dh tido berdua, pernah jugak aku kena kacau ngn bnde2 ni. Tapi x takut sgt sbb Umie ade kat sebelah. Hihi. Since high school, we haven’t been in touch for quite some time even though she lives in the same district with me. Hm…

Well, congrats Umie on your wedding! Semoga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu. Cheers! 🙂

Haha. Nways, besides meeting Umie, I also met my other high school friends, like Azma, Ain, Raihan, Shakirin, Nisa and etc etc. Haha. I even forgot one of my friend’s name, how cruel! And know what, most of them said the same thing about me, ‘EMY DAH KURUS!!!’ I was like, ‘sejak bile pulak aku gemok ni…?’ Hahahaha. Tapi layan je la…

Yesterday, was also a reunion day with my high school girlfriends, Wana, Aina, Rina, Doyot, Capira, Mas and Cikin. After the kenduri, we hung out at Parsley Cafe. We reminded each others bout the things that we did in high school, all stupid and crazy things, the fight with seniors, with wardens, all those ‘gatal2 case’ with boys, and etc etc. And they reminded me about one big lie that I made when I was in Form 1. I lied to the whole hostel. Haha. The story was, I slipped and fell down the stairs when I was rushing to the ‘prep’ (I believe I actually stepped on my own kain and fell). There was a big crowd and I couldn’t dare to lift my head up after I fell. I was afraid they were gonna laugh at me coz that was one very embarrassing fall. So, I pretended that I actually fainted (HAHAHHAHAHA). Every one was panic and memang kecoh btol satu asrama. The excos brought me to the senior dorm, massaged, gave me water and fanned me until I slept… Haha! Best btol tido bile org kipaskan. I kept that secret for years, and accidentally told my friends when I was Form 4. They shouted in disbelief. Time tu baru terbongkar yang sebenarnyer aku pura2 pengsan sbb malu yg teramat akibat jatuh tangge. That’s why la until now bnde tu still jadi bahan. Hahaha! 😀

Nways, these are the pictures taken during the outing.

Arrived at the wedding scene.. Haha

Congrats Umi! 🙂

The bride+groom and friends..

My gurls, Aina and Rina

Wana and Pengkek.. My official photographer nnti.. Haha


Doyot and Capira @Parsley Cafe. Lepak cni after gie wedding.

Mas and Aina... Aina khusyuk men phone ngn sape tah... Kehkeh

Cikin, Emy and Rina

High School Besties, (From left, Cikin, Aina, Rina, Emy, Capira, Wana, Nini, Doyot,Mas). Harap maklum, gmbar ni ikot ketinggian okay? Hihi

After that, lepak lak kat Pantai Sg.Nibong makan Mee Bandung.. Cair sket la.. X sedap sgt.. Tpi kire stakat nk lepas gian kat Mee Bandung Muar that I’ve been craving right now… Kire lepas la… Hehe.


Okies! That’s all for now, update more things, next time.


*I’m praying for something good to happen this week…. Amin*

Che’ Tam; REST IN PEACE -I’ll Be Missin You ;-(

I’m at home right now! This week, I’ll be single child again! Yeah!

Thanks to my beloved Mr.Gonzales for accompanying me to meet Wana at McD Pudu, thanks to my sweetheart Wana for the lift home, and thanks to Wana’s beloved Pengkek for the dinner treat at Tanjung Karang! (Wa… First time aku nmpk dua org kawan aku ni romantic2 with each other! Xper babe, wpun aku tahan gelak, aku ttp sapot ko! Haha)

I arrived home at 12.30am. I could see my mom smiling behind the sliding door, waitin for me. It was kinda late already and my dad was already asleep, but as usual, my mom and I had late night catchin-up session. I told her lots of things happened at IPBA, lots of assignments need to be done, and also bout the Raub camp that I’m about to join. My mom told me lots of things too; about my lil sister who is still jobless, bout my elder sister who fought with my other sister, bout my nephew who now is getting naughtier, and also… bout my two cats, Peah and Che’ Tam. Peah just gave birth to four kittens last week (haven’t yet seen them!), and her brother; the very cute Che’ Tam, just died in an accident. Huhuhuhu…..
Is that what you call the balance of nature? To create some is to lose some?
*sob sob*

Tomorrow, I’ll be having Latihan Kemahiran Asas Memandu at Sungai Besar. That’s the main purpose of me going home this weekend actually. Argh… Takut lak!

p/s – sorry ‘you’, lupe nk msg awal, sonok sgt bercerite ngn mak! heheheh

I’ve Been Tagged, Again!!!

I’ve been tagged by FAT!!! (still gelak2 lgi bile teringt citer ko and the black board time ko kat skola. hahaha.)

1. Do you think you’re HOT?
Yeah.. Sometimes. The other time I would say I’m extra HOT! Hakhakhakhak!! No la.. It depends on what I’m wearing. Hahahaha!

2. Upload your favourite picture of you.
Ermmm…. Malas coz the internet speed here in IPBA is so…. lembap!

3. Why do you like that picture?
Of course la coz I look so cute in that picture (look je la..) Hahahaha! Plus, my Mr.Gonzales loves it too.. ;-P

4. When is the last time you ate pizza?
Hmm.. Couldnt remember… Maybe, last year when I was in Malaysia for summer break… With Wana, Pengkek, Cikin, Capira, Rina and Doyot. Not a big fan of pizza… Hehe.

5. The last song you listened to.
Forever and Always by Taylor Swift… This song has nothing to do with me and my life coz it’s about breaking up, heartbroken and stuff while I’m in a very happy zone right now *hahaha*, but this song is so cool!!! A good heart-breaking song! Plus, it’s a true story.  😛

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Hmm.. Eating Apollo Choc Layer Cake..

7. People you tag

8. Who is no.1?
Hahaha.. Salina Bitchy/ Bossy. Loves to tell gossips! My best and favourite satelite ever!! HAHAHAHAH!

9. Say something about no.5.
Pengkek… Hm… MU supporter, casual photographer, Wana’s boyfriend.. What else..?? Owh! Almost forgot. He’s my friend who will ‘belanja’ me…. Kan Pengkek? Kan? Kan? Hahaha!

10. How about no.4?
Owh, Sahara? She’s so pretty!!! She’s Sabahan like Sal, my friend when I was in Brisbane. 🙂

11. Who is n0.2?
My roomey!!!!! Was my housemate in Brisbane, now she’s my roomey. Every night when I wanna sleep, I will place my pillow near to her coz I’m afraid of…. ghost! Kehkeh. She’s not here right now, she’s going to tae kwan do training at the gym.

12. No.3??
Wana is my best friend since I was in school! We’ve been friends for almost 10 years now. She’s my only friend who I think knows everything. From computer/ hardware stuff, until lovey dovey stuff. Good at scandals too. Haha. Hm.. Not sure about cooking….

Girls Day Out!

It’s Girls Day Out!!!! (with my 6 girls)

Me, Wana, Capira, Cikin, Aina, Doyot and Rina reunited today (Mas was supposed to be there as well, but she was busy since his brother’s wedding day was this morning)! Talk about priority, huh? Even though Mas wasn’t there, it was still fun!

Wana picked me up at 10.30 and then we went to Rina’s and Cikin’s to pick them up before dropping by at Pengkek’s (okay, Pengke’s the only man there). Then, we went straight to Capira’s house. Aina and Doyot were already waiting for us. It’s kinda weird that they were already there coz usually, Doyot adelah yg paling lmbat skali. Hahaha! We had spagethi, then Nasi Ayam for lunch. I was so so so full today. And I brought my special Batik Cake as well since Wana asked me to otherwise she swore she would beat me up if I didn’t make the cake. Hua9. We watched Ulangan Juara Lagu while having lunch and of course, we did some catching-ups and gossiping too.

After that, we went to town to lepak2 again with Pengkek. It has been understood that ‘Wana and Pengkek’ is already a thing now. Hahahah! Nways, Pengkek belanja kitorg sume mkn petang tdi. Thanks dude. That was so nice of you. Haha! Yela, Pengkek tgh kaye skang. Bisnes kencang katenyer! Haha! And after mkn2 lagi, we walked to park nearby to do some photoshoot! Yeah! My favourite part here! The lompat2 shoot! Pengkek was the photographer, our great photographer. Haha. But I dont have the pics with me right now, coz I forgot to bring my camera, but Pengkek and Wana will gimme the pics as soon as they uploaded them. And I will upload them here in my blog. Before this, I’ve never noticed that the park at Sg.Besar (the one at the big cross-junction) is actually quite nice! Hahaha!

Hmm.. What else?

Erm.. It’s been a while since we last changed presents with each others. So, we’re gonna do it again now. We drew names to decide who will be giving presents to who, and we can’t reveal the names until the ‘present-giving’ day. The price would be around RM30 to RM50. Last time we played this, I got Wana and I gave her white shorts. Haha. And I couldnt remember who gave me the present, and what the present was. It was in F5. It’s like million years ago. Haha!

But this time, I got…. TUTTTT! Can’t tell! Hua9

Hmm.. I got home when it was already dark. Wana sent me home. As long as I haven’t got my driving license, Wana would be my driver here. Right girl?

Okay. Gtg! I blom mndi lagi and I’m so melekit right now. Haha! C ya!

p/s – Pics later okay! Still haven’t got them!