The Helpless Cats


I love cats. I do.

Today, WWoW (the wicked witch of the west) has decided to get rid of all the helpless cats at school. I really felt for those poor cats though I actually understand her actions. It was due to the hygiene and the school cleanliness. You know, cats’ poo and vomits around the school. Kids might have stepped on it and carried the smell everywhere. Therefore, I understand if getting rid of the cats is the only solution she could think of. I don’t agree, but I understand.

What I don’t understand and couldn’t ever accept is why did she need to raise her voice and condemned some of us for feeding the cats? As if it was the worst thing to do as a human being. Those cat feeders are responsible for their actions, you know. They bring own containers, keep a broom in their cars so they can sweep away the kibbles leftover. If she really thinks that they are forbidden from feeding the cats at school, couldn’t she just say it nicely? Didn’t have to use the words like ‘Gune otak’, ‘Kalau cikgu baik sgt’ etc. That was so provoking. The end of the meeting, she said it again with a sarcastic tone, ‘Haaa ambik la cikgu kucing tu bawak balik. Free ajee..’

Thank God I could hold myself from showing her my middle finger.

I shook my head, grabbed my bag, waiting for her to look at my way and gave her a death stare instead when she did.

Erghh.. I hate being in this place! Back in the car, I told hubs,
‘If she is standing in front of our car right now, I would just knock her down without a second thought.’

Yeah, maybe I was just saying it and didn’t mean it literally (if killing isn’t sinful, I’d probably just do it), but you get a rough idea now how much I hate her.

Moving Into A New House, And Some Other Rambles Too


My body is still aching. I just got back from Family Day event with my ex-colleagues at De Palma Inn Hotel in Kuala Selangor (it was really fun and I’m gonna post the story about that later), then went home to Sabak Bernam to meet my parents who just got back from their vacation in Bandung, before rushing back to Muar.

This is just a quick update. After the event, we went straight home to Sabak Bernam, since it is only 60+ kilometers away. Sadly, we didn’t stay long at the house because we had to rush back to Muar. Last night, we were supposed to host a kenduri selamat at our new place, but we didn’t manage to get there in time, so the kenduri selamat started and also finished without us. A big thanks to family in law who helped us to host the kenduri… And today, people from furniture company is coming to our new house to deliver our purchases (Yeaayy, EXCITED!!).

When I was at home (Sabak Bernam), suddenly I realized that I really missed the place. I missed my cats too, but sad to say, they don’t recognize me anymore. 😦 Another one thing that I noticed yesterday was our rambutan tree. It is now starting to grow its fruits! They are all still green and yellow, but in a couple weeks, kenduri rambutan lah mak ngn ayah. 😀

Speaking about mom, I actually pity her staying alone at home since ayah is always busy with meetings, events and stuff. Maklumla.. Ketua kampung.. And it’s hard to ask them to come here too, to stay at my new house even only for few days. My parents have only been here once, which was on my wedding day. Mom has never tasted Mee Bandung Muar and I really want her to taste it (sebab everytime I gave her Mee Bandung Muar instant paste, mak akan buat and letak air banyak2 so the kuah selalu cair. Dah ckp banyak kali kuah Mee Bandung Muar pekat, mak x percaya). Yesterday when I saw her, mom said she was just fine being alone at home, but I’m still persuading her and ayah to come here this weekend. I’m gonna use all my tricks as a second youngest daughter of the family. I’m better at persuading forcing them into things compared to my little sis. In fact, I’m actually the youngest because she looks overly matured for her age. People always think I am the ‘Adik’ anyway, which pisses her off. :-p

Okay, so, back to the main point. Since we are moving into a new house, we need a lot of things especially furniture and electrical appliances. The important ones such as rice cooker, iron, vacuum cleaner, oven and many others. Not to forget, the unimportant ones such as juice and coffee maker and sandwich maker. THANK GOD, I got all this as presents on my wedding day. There are too many sets of glasses too which helps us a lot to save our money. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU, MY DEAR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND STUDENTS who have made our life easier by giving us those. Thank you so much!

Full with a lot of stuff. Haha

The backseat is also full. Like, fully full!


 The other day, I was thinking to host a BBQ party (house warming party lah kunun) at our new house, only if we have enough time, budget and God’s willing. It’ll be good to reunite with friends before the school starts right? But if not now during the school break, we’ll do it later. I told my husband about this idea and he just said ‘Hmmmmm……..’ *long pause*.

Honestly, I’m not sure what that means.

Owh, suddenly I miss BBQ parties that my friends and I always had when we were in Aussie.. Those marinated wings from the Valley were sooo good!! I miss the taste of it! Aiseh, kalau nanti dah pregnant,  craving wings from the Valley camane? Taknak yang lain, nak yang from the Valley jugak. Haha

The marinated wings from the Valley. If I'm not mistaken, yg ni honey with soy sauce flavour. Ke ape tah.. This picture is taken during our Aidilfitri Open House in West End, 2008

Okay, I gotta go. Today, I’m gonna soo busy being Eric Leong, decorating my house! Yeah!

p/s – Did I say this is just a quick update? Apparently, it’s not as quickie as I thought. Haha

Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #20


For this Catchin-Up series, I try to make it less wordy, and more pictures.

#1. Stuff I did..

Spent time in Muar with hubby, and these 'budak keciks'.

Budak keciks were about to send to the vet. Kena kurung. ;-p

Renew roadtax..

Went to Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya at my village. Haha

Darling and Aneeq were also there.

Darling seronok dapat duit rayaaa! Sape bagi? Ketua kampung aka beloved Atuk! Hehe

Went to Midvalley to celebrate Ayu's birthday at Amarin Heavenly Thai.

Mahfodz, the birthday girl Ayu, darling girlfriend Mdm Teh, and I.

That Red Velvet Cake!

Sooooooo rich!! Yummmy!

Brought my sudent, Syafiqah to SK Seri Makmur for Story-Telling Competition.

Even though she didn't win, but she did great on the stage. Congratulations.

Owh, met a friend. His name is Syahrul.

On the other hand, my other student, Thalith was the champion for Public Speaking Competition in SK Seri Mawar. Congratulations! Glad that I contributed something to the school. 🙂

#2. Stuff I bought…

Bought a headphone. PINK rules.

Also bought these two novels by Madeline Wickham. Currently reading #SleepingArrangement

Again, spent some money on these accessories..

Bought new bedsheet. English style la kunun.

This Charles & Keith stuff for mom's birthday (that I actually forgot!)

#3. Stuff I got..

Raya card from Eqa

Raya card from husband..

Surat Pengesahan Dalam Perkhidmatan. Yeay me!

Surat Pertukaran Antara Negeri. Yeay me too!

Farewell present, from girlfriend, Mdm.Teh.

Farewell present from the kids at school.. 🙂

That’s all. Thank you. *graceful bow*

A Tribute To Sica

*This isn’t Sica, but it has black fur, just like this. Keep reading and you’ll know why I hardly have her picture.*

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I was so shocked when I found my cat dead yesterday morning. At that time, I was on the way to school. First I thought it wasn’t her, but it really looked like Sica, with the short tail and black+orange fur. I was in the car and wanted to stop, but I couldn’t coz I was already late to school. So I called my dad and ask him to check it. Few minutes after that, I called dad again and he told me that it was Sica. Huhu


Sica was actually the third kitten of Peah (memandai je aku ckp third), a stray cat that I adopted to be my own cat. Sica was born in August 2010. I don’t remember the date, but I do remember the place of birth. It was in my dad’s old Volvo (BELIEVE IT!). That was their home for a few weeks before I bought them a big cage. Dad was fine with it (I guess? *shrug*) coz he didn’t use that antique car anymore. So, anyways, there were 4 kittens at that time, Heechul, Sooyoung, Sica and an unnamed kitten (he died before being named). These three kittens have been part of me since then.

I took care of them, bathed them, fed them, woke up in the middle of the night just to make sure they were okay before going back to bed, bought them to the vets when they got eye infections ALONE (imagine me handling those three kittens in a car who were sooo afraid of the sound of car engine), postponed most of my vacation plans coz I was afraid no one was going to take care of them and etc etc. Owh, not to forget, I lied to the school administration that I had an appointment with a doctor so that I could go back early, when actually, I went to the vets cos one of my kittens had fever.


It was my routine to let them out of the cage at 4.30 or 5pm every evening, let them play, explored things around them, and when it was Maghrib, I would put them back into their cage. Sica was the MOST DIFFICULT one. Every time I wanted to put her into the cage, she would run here and there, climb this tree and that tree, I have to wait for her to climb down and chased her again. Sampai kadang2 almost 8pm baru dapat tangkap. Tu pun dah sweat gile and bengang2. Haha. She really hated the cage.

There was one day, when I got back from school, I saw Heechul and Sooyoung were sleeping on a shoe rack. I guess someone, either my father or sister, must have taken them out of the cage and forgot to put them back in. At that time, I didn’t see Sica. I tried to look for her, but x jumpe. So I thought xper la, petang nnti ade kot. But when it was already 7pm, Sica was still nowhere to be found. I looked for her sampai rumah jiran sebelah, but still xjumpe. Long story short, I found her in a bush. Heechul helped me to find it (He sat there and kept meowing, mmg pandai lah Heechul ni). I called Sica but she didn’t move. I checked her legs, and found that one of her hind legs was like terkulai already. It was broken kot. That was why I couldn’t find her that afternoon. Maybe she was there in the bush and couldn’t move because she broke her leg. Dahla ujan kejap tengahari tu. Kesian btol.

I took her, washed her leg, put some minyak gamat and wrapped her with my old unused tshirt before putting her back into the cage. For a few weeks, my job of putting them to their cage every evening was easier. I didn’t have to run here and there chasing Sica again coz she just rested in the cage since her leg was still not recovered. Haha. Bagus jugak dier injured time tu.

But even when she was fully recovered, she still couldn’t walk properly. She walked like terhencot2, but when she was running and climbing up the trees, she seemed just fine. Since then, Sica was called, Si Cacat.

Owh, how I miss her!

I don’t really have pictures of her to put here because she was the least favourite (because she was sooo black and x berape cantik compared to Heechul and Sooyoung) but this is the only picture that I have in my disk.

My darlings when they were soo little..

Sica, she was the quietest, the most independent. She was sooo special. Even though she wasn’t my favourite cat, but still, her death affected me a little bit. She really was something.


Rest in peace, Sica. :’-(

Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #19

Just got back from pekan. I’m such an idiot. Niat di hati nk photostat ntok class esok, but bende nk diphotostat x bwk. So, just went straight home. Buang masa and minyak keta jer. Huh!

Nways, my new layout. What do you think huh? Mr.Gonzales likes it. He said, it’s simple and not too crowded like before. I designed the background myself, that explains why is it sooo… amateur, but takpe lah. Daku memang ada penyakit x suke theme blog daku same ngn org lain, that’s why buat sndiri. Haha. FYI, I just bought a WordPress plugin to change the fonts in my blog for $30. I always have issues with WordPress fonts. Too small lah, too thin lah, too big lah. not funky at all. So, by using this plugin, I can change the head and title fonts, the body texts sesuka hati. (Daku tgh pujuk myself that this is not pembaziran).

The $30 set-of-fonts that I'm using right now.

Some random fact – I always think WordPress is much cooler and classier than Blogspot. That’s why semua bnda pon kena byr! Haha. 

 Okay, this entry is supposed to be a Catchin-Up series.

1. Firstly, my transfer application to Muar dengan segala hormatnya was rejected. As usual, the primary reason was because there were not many English teachers in this district, so they would not let go of any English teachers especially TESLian like moi.


2. Next, last school holiday, we had a family vacation at Bukit Merah, Perak. Actually, we wanted to go to Kuala Terengganu, Cherating (shopping2) but at the last minute, we decided to dedicate the vacation to the kids, my little nephews and nieces. Ye la.. Budak2 kalau ikut jalan2 shopping, nanti diorg boring. So, bwk pegi theme park. It’s okay, we’ll have another adult vacation next time.

Best girls+ Best friends..

KakSeha with our Darlene @ Darling!

Danish. He's one of a kind. Get to know him, and you'll know why. Haih la ini budak. Haha

Hotel Pool ramai2..

KakLong and KakNgah, showing off their original BigBang tshirts (fanatic Kpop fans)

On the boat to Orang Utan Island, with nephew Aneeq.

Jidin and Sarah, the Orang Utan babies.

Before goin for dinner, KakNgah, Darling and I.

Mom and Dad... 🙂

Beloved hubby and I before goin back to Selangor.

3. I lost my phone and this is my first time losing this type of gadget (benda lain memang banyak kali lah, especially wallet). It was either misplaced or stolen, but I second the latter. Never mind lah. Daku halalkan sapa ambik. I was planning to buy a new one pon (tah bila la…). So, as for now, I’m using sis’ Mini Nokia N97 until I got the new iPhone4 (again, tah bila laaa…).

My previous phone.. Sob Sob.. Banyak sweet texts from Mr.Gonzales dlm ni.. Huhu..

My current (temporary) phone.. Okay, it's actually sis', pinjam jer before beli baru.

My future phone. Eh?

4. Still remember bout this post?  I was talking bout the day I got my P for the car license. Now, I’m no longer P holder. Yeah! During those 2 years (2009-2011), I only had 2 speeding tickets and 1 car accident (only minor scratches, beautifully repainted by Uncle Gim Lee, Alhamdulillah).


No more P!

5. Heechul is sick. He kept being attacked by this one vavi cat until he was badly injured. Huhu.. Poor my baby. Look what that vavi cat has done to my poor love. Sampai demam2.

Swollen paw.. Mcm belon. Huhu..

I still couldn’t catch that vavi cat lah. He quickly ran away every time he saw me (since daku baling dier dengan batu ari tu).

Okay…. I dunno what else to tell here. Everytime buat Catchin-Up memang mcm ni lah. Rase mcm byk nk cerita, but once I typed them down, tak lah banyak mana.

Babai for now.