Things I Did With My Money.. Hehe

Hi all! So.. Now I’m officially in Selangor, but still not at home yet, am now in Shah Alam. My sis’ place. Will be here until tomorrow, and then back to Sabak Bernam. Few days after that, gonna be busy with all the meetings at school before 2011 school session starts.. Erghh! Dun wanna think about that yet! Ade rase annoying dlm perut!

So, my holiday in Muar was quite fun, even though we didn’t really go to fun places, but the company of a good family was enough for me, and of course, his presence.. 🙂 The other stuff that made the holiday was fun, was because of two things. 1) Bought the wedding bracelet and other stuff for our coming wedding of course, and next 2) Chullie’s modification!! Yeay!

1) Wedding Preparation

For the hantaran, I think I’ve got them all covered, the handbag, make-up set, perfume except shoes. I haven’t found the right shoes yet, have looked all over stores but none of them caught my eye. Yeah, I’m quite a fussy buyer. We also have bought the wedding bracelet! I loveee it! Okay, mostly people will buy wedding rings right? But since I’ve had two rings already, I can’t afford to wear another one. Too many rings make me feel uncomfortable and somehow makes me feel…. Old. So, I chose bracelet. And that’s quite a NICE one! Hehe. Can’t wait to wear it next year! What about him? Okay.. I think the stuff that he already bought for himself were only the wallet and the belt. That’s all. Why haven’t he bought for the rest yet? Coz he’s conscious bout his size. He still dunno what size to buy for his shirt, pants and shoes.. He’s planning on a diet, but I seriously dunno if he could make it within these three months! Wahai cik abg, I seriously and honestly dun mind laaa…. I still love you regardless the shape and size.. Haih.. Beli je baju size XXL tu ye syg..

2) Chullie’s Modification

Hahhah! This is the best part ever!!!! If you’ve read my previous entry, you’d see that I did post a picture of how my Chullie would transform to after modification, phase 1.

I wanted to transform my Chullie into this!

Okay, so I started with the plat number first. My previous front number was like this,

The front plat number.. From left to right.. Standard sgt kan..

So, I changed it to this!

Race Rally Research frame.. From top to bottom.. Hehe.. Cun!

The frame for back plat number.. Hihi


This, we did in Kedai Sticker, somewhere at pekan Bukit Pasir, Muar. This store offers really awesome car stickers and customized plat number frames. We also bought some stickers.. Hehe

R3 -Race Really Research sticker.. Okay, forget the P. It'll be expired soon.. Hehe

I cant remember how much I’ve spent my money here, but it’s surely worth every penny. For me la.. Hehe..

And I also changed the sport riiimmm!!!! Like I said in my FB account, my Chullie now has a set of new sport shoes!!! A really good set of sport shoes!!! Guess what? ENKEI, model Honda Integra DC2, ORIGINAL!!! They’re very light, that’s why my Chullie can run even faster now (dulu2 pon mmg laju, skang lgi laju la.. Hehe), plus, jimat sket minyak. Hehe

Enkei, Honda Integra DC2 Original

The gold caliper.. Pas spray..

The long colourful nuts..

Chullie, full pic after make-up..

I’m very much satisfied with the new Chullie, especially bout the sport rim laa.. Thank you to Mr.Gonzales, Ijan, Azraie, Abg Boy and the geng. You guys aree awesome!!

Some people say that spending money on cars is such a waste. I once thought so, and sometimes I still do think it’s a waste of money, but terpulang la kan.. Hmm… Even though it looks like I’ve spent so much for myself, cars, make-ups, dresses etc, STILL, up until now, I haven’t missed giving some of my monthly salary to my parents and paying my monthly insurance.. Itu yg paling penting. Every time dpt gaji, first I’m gonna make sure I have enough amount to give them and also to pay the insurance, then only I’ll figure out what will I do with the rest of the money.. Kalau mcm life yg sgt loser dok melepak kat umah je malas gile nk gi jalan2 (which happened many many times before), save la sket duit. Kalau tetiber mood rajin merayap, duit pon berkurang la. Haha

Nways, can’t wait for 18hb Jan 2011. Something’s magical gonna happen in my bank account… God, Alhamdulillah.. Ehem, Mr.Gonzales, bile awak nk join saye?

Let’s Do Some Catchin-Up #16

Okaaaayyy!!! Well, where do I start this??

I’m gonna start with…


Yeah, this is our first time hanging out together as a ‘tunang!’ Hihi.. Soo gumbira!

Him, reading the menu at Secret Recipe

Excited seeing him! Tgk muke tu.. Xbleh bla!

Iced Blended Green Tea, Iced Chocolate, and Chocolate Cheese

Iced Blended Green Tea, Iced Chocolate, and Chocolate Cheese

Everytime dating, after/before tgk movie, mesti buat bnde ni! Lepak'ing at Borders, and read their mags!

Cover mulut, or cover perut??

Ohoho! Sempat lgi camwhoring!

I love taking his picture while he's reading the menu.. He looks soooo... serious..

I looked soo sleepy, but really, I was not!

He's ngade2 tanak pandang camera!


Owh!! That white teddy!!

We also did some shopping and watched movies!! It was really fun!



I’m gonna list the things that I have been buying since couple of weeks before, online and offline.. 🙂

Maybelline EyeShadow, Maybelline Watershine Lipstick, and Double Intense Gel Eyeliner Dark Brown from Silky Girl

I’ve tried the Gel Eyeliner, it’s like sooo cool!

Some of my make-up stuff that I brought here in Muar.. Lain2 kat umah Sabak.

Elizabeth Arden Make-Up Set! This is for next year event! Cool stuff inside! And a free red hot bag!

Take a peek!

More free bag from Elizabeth Arden!


Wooooo!!!! The handbag for hantaran next year! Surprise!!

Free gift, GUESS pillow!

Nice!!! Bleh letak dalam Chullie!

Pink scarf!

Black gypsy shawl..

Black cardie..

The fancy necklace! Can't resist!

I think ni je la kot…. Or maybe more.. I cant remember lah!


Haha. Xla modification ape pon, just sket2 jer. If Mr.Gonzales reads this, he would laugh his ass off hearing the BIG word modification, but the only thing yg nk modify, just nk tukar nat tayar jer. Haha. Whatever. This is just a start. Bluek!

The colourful tyre nuts... haha

The colourful tyre nuts!!

Cun! Mr.Gonzales made this research for me! Haha

I dig that white soprt rim! He said all I have to do is just prepare the money, he'll look for the best! If only la he says, 'I belanje u sport rim!' Aaa...

Okaaaayy!! So, I’m gonna start with the tyre nuts first, then the plat number, after that change the tinted, then the sport rims, last skali after dah 5 years ke, bru the engine. Haha

p/s – I’m quite afraid actually bout all the warranty stuff coz Chullie is still under Proton warranty at least for 3 years, but Mr.Gonzales said, just by changing the tyre nuts, plat number and sport rims, that doesn’t have anything to d0 with the warranty.. And… He laughed at me for worrying about that!



Handmade okaaay??

Thank you Waznah!!!

This very talented girl <click HERE> made me these cute little things!! I only asked for one, but she made me two!! One’s for me, one’s for him! Sooo thoughtful of you!!! Thank you again Waznah!!! Me soooo likey!!!

Okay… I’m going out now. Dh siap pon, tgh tgu Mr.Gonzales, Usher and Bob siap. I’m like so early la pulak… OH! Tomorrow kursus kawen! Haha.. Should I be excited about it?? Pfft!

Okay now. He’s calling! Babai!

My Shoulder-To-Cry-On, Chullie Is

Not in a good mood yesterday, and maybe for the rest of the week. I had it up to here (pointing my head) with everything in this house yesterday. So, I decided to take a drive around, taking my own sweet time, and  just cooling myself down.

The rain, the cold, somehow made me felt better..

Santai btol driving 80km/h jer.. Haha. Malas nk bwk laju, malas nk smpai rumah cepat.

I was only wearing sleeveless+hoody and shorts. X kluar keta pon, so takpe. Hua9

I love long drive (in this case not so long lah). Long and SMOOTH drive. Away from everything! Just my car and I, with good music.

Thank you God for giving me Chullie. I love her!

My Sexy Babe, Chullie Winchester

Okay… I’m trying to update my Blind Kitten right now.. It’s been what… almost a month since my last post (excluding the After This post). That was before raya. And now.. Tah bape Syawal tah already…

Eh, before that, I wanna explain why I am sooo lazy to update this thing. Besides the fact that aku mang malas, here’s another reason. Before raya, we had rearranged the furnitures in this house and the current furniture setting right now does not allow me to have access to the Internet easily and comfortably. The sofa and the table had been moved to the other corner, soo… I have to sit in this loser desk to update my blog. Hm.. Ayah, bile nk pakai wireless ni..??

Well, the biggest thing that happened to me so far… Is.. I now have a new darling. It’s bright, red and sexy. It’s… CHULLIE!

From the back, those meaningful numberss... 🙂

The bonet.. Hm.. With the first aid inside.. Haha

From the back+side.. Do you notice the black top? That's for the sporty-look purpose la kot..

From the front...

Tgk dalam lak.. The black+red leather seats..

The back seats.. Owh, that umbrella was a free gift.. Haha

The dashboard...

The red line at the door.. Loves it.

The engine.. Hmm.. dunno what to comment la.. Not an expert in this.. Haha

Charlie, my buddy in the car.. Hehe

The keys.. And that MICKEY keychain, I bought it in Disneyland HongKong when I was there with my babes.

It is a pair. One pink and the other is blue. I gave the blue one to Mr.Gonzales and he attached it to his car keys too. Hehe

Even though it’s still less than a month I own this sexy car, Chullie was injured twice already. First, it was just a minor injury, and it was my fault. I accidentally hit the ‘tong gas’ while parking my car in the garage. Mak was boiling the ketupat in the big pot at the garage, and there was also the tong gas. I miscalculated the distance, and theree…. I hit it. Thank God it wasn’t that hard, so, no kemek2 or anything, just some scratches.. Itu pon dh nk nanges dh..

The scratches..

During this time, I just wished I could turn back the time.. Haha. Really2 nk nanges..

But after a while, Abg Man and Abg Bob helped me to polish and wax it, and some of the scratches were gone, so I could smile again! But ade la lagi sket2 yg tamau ilang, but it was okay, x bape nmpk pon. Haha.

The second incident happened, that was the worst and I really pray to God, that will be the last one. I dont want anymore of that and anything like it. One night, my sister and I went to pekan Sungai Besar to have dinner. It was my first time going out at night by myself (and sis). So, I parked my car not far from the restaurant. From my seat, I could see Chullie and everytime I looked at it, she was just fine. I’d never thought anything bad would happen to her. After dinner, we went to expo at the Sungai Besar bus station. Just round2 jer.. And that was the place I bought Charlie ( the red soft toy ) from.

Hmm.. About 10 minutes, we went back to the car and drove to Maybank to withdraw some money. This. Was. The. Moment. I. Met. My. Worst. Nightmare. When I was shutting the door, I noticed something -a scratch, more like a writing. On my car! SOMEBODY SCRATCHED MY CAR.. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t wanna believe it. I tried to dust it off, but it stayed there. Of course it stayed there, it was a scratch. I immediately called Mr.Gonzales and told him what happened. He asked me to get home quickly. He was worried, I could sense that. On my way home, I kept asking my sister, WHO? HOW? and most importantly, WHY?? I was really heartbroken. She was speechless and very emotional too. I thought it was just one scratch, but the next morning, I noticed the same writing on two more doors at the opposite side. This was not an individual work. Do you know what they wrote? They wrote, PUKI, which means, pussy. Who the hell in the world wanted to write something THAT LOW on other people’s car??? I was speechless and pissed off. I quickly sent my car to be repainted. It already happened. Nangis air mata darah pon x gune even tho I cried like hell that night and the next morning. Better I solved it as soon as possible. Hmm..

To those retarded psycho, I dunno what was your real motive but hear me out. I WILL forgive you, but only if you COME TO ME AND APOLOGIZE PERSONALLY coz I really wanna know WHY did you do it.. Were you mentally sick at that time or were you possessed by evil spirit or something.. I just simply wanna know coz I am still wondering until now. Heh, that would take forever la kan for you to find me…? So, paham2 laa…

The sick scratch.. I was too fragile to take the other two photos of more scratches at the opposite doors..

I believe things happen for a reason. When I sent my car for repainting, I ask the awesome Uncle Lee to paint my bumper yg longgar tong gas tu skali. Alang2 kan.. Hehe. So, long story short, Chullie is fine now and she looks as good, hot and sexy as new, Alhamdulillah.

“Ya Allah, jauhkan lah hambaMu ini dari segala malapetaka dan bencana, juga dari orang2 yang berniat tidak baik terhadapku.. Sesungguhnya, hanya Kaulah yang Maha Berkuasa dan Maha Melindungi.. Amin..”

So, that’s about Chullie. 😀

Next, I’ll write about raya pulak, but right now, need to signing out la… Dad wants to use the Internet. Again, ayah.. Pasangla wirelessss… Xyah rebut2 mcm ni…

Okay, bye all! We’ll have a great day tomorrow, I.Allah.. 🙂

After This

Don’t freak out, new catchin-up entry is coming up soon..

After this..

(Ceh, sape la yg freak out pon…)

Special message to the owner/driver of Black Myvi (cant remember the plat number), “I am really sorry. I didn’t see that you were behind me just now (which was a very weird thing coz I have already checked the rear view, side mirror and blind spot mirror, and nothing was behind me..). If I had seen you, I wouldn’t just swift lane like that. I wouldn’t risk my car ( and money ) for something that stupid. I reaally really didn’t see you. Sorry okay.. Whoever and wherever you are. I’ll be careful next time.”

Fuh.. Berdebar lgi ni..