Karnival Teratak GLAM Raya



The first week of Ramadhan has already passed. How have you guys been? I hope, we’re all getting whatever that we aim to achieve in this Holy month. 3 more weeks to greet Syawal. How’s your preparation? I gotta admit though, I actually dislike Syawal. In order to welcome Syawal, you have to prepare everything to celebrate the 30 days of fasting. It is very time and money consuming even though I know, it actually doesn’t have to be that way. I honestly prefer if we can just puasa for a month and only celebrate it for a day, which is only on the 1st of Syawal. Then, the next day, we just chill at home with family, eating raya food and watch raya programs on TV. Mcm Aidiladha la.. Sempoi je. But since we can’t, since there are gonna be open houses to attend (or even to host!), friends and relatives to visit, places to go and etc, we have to, I repeat, HAVE TO, make baju raya for those events. Not just for baju raya, but us girls, tudung raya, kasut raya, handbag raya, jewellery raya, sekarang ni nail raya pulak with homemade inai, contact lens raya jugak maybe.. Macam2!

So, yesterday I went to this Karnival Teratak Glam Raya which is organised by Hanis Zalikha, to do some raya shopping. This year, I’ve been twice to this kind of events. The other was hosted by Vendeur, a month ago in the same place. This Glam event was a lil bit more interesting because you also get to see other Malay celebrities opening their booths, selling their preloved items, like Lisa Surihani, Liyana Jasmay, AwalScha, Elfira etc.

With the celebs

With the celebs

Wearing Poplook top and Aidijuma scarf

Wearing Poplook top and Aidijuma scarf

The crowd

The crowd

I went to this carnival with my sister and my niece. Just the three of us. Hubby didn’t go because he said there was nothing for him there. Yeah okay. As you can see, the place was really really crowded. 11 a.m. and onwards, people were starting to flood in and it was kinda difficult to stop at certain booths because people kept pushing you, unless, you move to the side and squeezed yourself into the booths. It was not as crowded as Vendeur tho, because if I’m not mistaken, this event was only joined by 200 vendors compared to 400 at Vendeur Festival last time. However, when an event is also participated by celebrities, paham-paham sajoooo lah yoo.. Some of the aisles were blocked by people who wanted to take a peek at the celebs but too shy to ask for a photograph. So, diorang berdiri je la kat situ ramai2 and caused the traffic jam. So in order to move, you have to squeeze in yourself between the queues and crowd. Orang raba kau, kau raba orang. Gitu laa.. Haha

With Elfira Loy at Twinkle Booth. Saw her when we passed by her booth, so.... Why not.

With Elfira Loy at Twinkle Booth. Saw her when we passed by her booth, so…. Why not.

Saw other celebrities too like Awal and Diana Danielle but we didn’t stop for pictures, instead heading straight to the entrance. Kepala ingat nak balik je time tu, exhausted.

Damages done. Bought a scarf to match my JM dress at Dhia Collection and Malady Couture to match my baju raya on the 1st Syawal.

Damages done. Bought a scarf to match my JM dress at Dhia Collection and Malady Couture (Puteri Sarah Collection) to match my baju raya on the 1st Syawal. Few other things too.

A quick shopping at Ariani before calling it a day.

A quick shopping at Ariani (for me, mom and sis) before calling it a day.

There… My raya shopping, done! Only for myself tho. Hubby still hasn’t done his part. Ladies first, words of a gentleman. Hihi


Another Off Day!


I didn’t expect this, but thank God I got another day off today! Yeaayyy!!

Well, I’ve been on 5 days off work and that felt so amazing! Starting last Thursday (due to JDT’s victory in Super Liga), then of course the weekend (Friday and Saturday). Then, Sunday too due to 1st Ramadhan and ………. *drum rolls*, MONDAY, which is TODAY!

Okay, why today? Here’s why. Our school had already planned on conducting Open Day on last Thursday. They’ve prepared the venue, kiosks and food to sell, so they couldn’t just call it off tho it was supposed to be an off day. If they did call it off, they wouldn’t have time to do it again due to the fasting month (quick question, why do I say ‘they’ not ‘we’? Because I wasn’t involved, I was on a course for a week). The JPN said, for those schools who had events planned beforehand, they were allowed to apply cuti ganti. So, while I was chilling at home because my course was canceled on that day, my colleagues had to come to school hosting the Open Day. Long story short, I got 2 days off for free while they just got one!

For someone who really hates school, this is a super good thing for me. I’ve never thought I would say this, but really, from the bottom of my heart,
‘Thank you, JDT for winning the game. You’ve done me a huge favour. P/s- I still hate you.”

So, since I’m home doing nothing, my boredom has led me doing some online shopping. I ended up buying FIVE Aidijuma scarves (raya collection) which I only planned to buy just one at first. Damnit!

Aidijuma Website banner - WB00005 -o-1170x362

AJ Fullprint Greenpink

AJ Fullprint Greenpink

AJ Tribal Tone Turqoise

AJ Tribal Tone Turqoise

AJ Blue Angel

AJ Blue Angel

AJ Dusty Red

AJ Dusty Red

AJ Lotus Tone

AJ Lotus Tone

There’s one I didn’t get tho, which the one I wanted the most. Love the soft tone pastel colours, with those sweet flowers at the edges. Huuu

AJ Button Flower

AJ Button Flower (Sold out!! 😦 )

So, that’s pretty much it.

Wish me a nice day!

Morning Talk?

sony vaio

I feel like blogging today. It’s been a while since I last updated anything here. Yesterday, we had a cleaning spree in our house and man it was so exhausting! Thank God, I’m in the time of the month so I could drink some cold water after that, pity hubby. Haha. So how is your raya preparation guys? Mine is almost 100% done. Almost? Huh, it’s never enough until it is. I keep buying this and that and to get rid of the guilt, I told hubby I wont go shopping for the rest of the month. Haha I hope I can do that though I highly doubt myself. Teehee

Hmm. I don’t really know what to blog about actually. I’m waiting for hubby who’s now getting his haircut and (blogging and watching E-News at the same time) then after that, we plan to continue kemas rumah. Living hall and bathroom are done, that leaves the kitchen and bedroom only. I have a few things to do this afternoon so balik kampung would have to be postponed till tomorrow.

Just to kill the time, let me just tell you how work is going for me. School is getting more and more ridiculous especially when it’s only a month away from UPSR. Piles of work, tests need to be marked, boss to be pleased and stuff. I’m used to all that except for the last part, since I’m not an ass-kisser. It’s a good thing that I wont’t be seeing school for a week or more. That place just despises me more and more. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my students. It’s just…. You know, the whole administration thing. School politics.

Now, where’s hubby? It’s almost two hours now. He’s just getting a haircut for crying out loud.


Happy Aidilfitri From The Blind Kitten

Hi people. I am in Muar right now, raya’ing with my family in law. Sorry that I have been ignoring this blog, lately. It is just that I have been so busy with raya preparation as well as……. my transferring process (I haven’t told you about this one yet, I will soon). I didn’t even get to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya kan?

So, here.


Drive carefully. Ingat orang yg tersayang -Pesanan penaja (Ewan Gonzales Sdn.Bhd)

p/s- I’ll post the proper entry about my raya celebration, first time with a husband.

A Little Bit Of Here And There

Yeah, blogging again!

Lately, I keep blogging. Why? Coz I love my new layout so I’m in high spirit updating my blog. So, if any of you are getting tired of it, you can always surf away. It’s that simple. 🙂

Okay. It’s now the twentieth day of Ramadhan for us, Moslems. How is everyone doing? I’ve already had my MC for almost a week, sooo I guess I am doing good. Haha. It’s now getting nearer to raya. This is going to be my first raya as a wife. I’m kind of excited and already finished doing major shopping (like shoes, handbags, dresses, baju melayu, scarves etc) for both of us. Our raya theme is purple+pink. I actually wanted some turqoise but I couldn’t say no to the purple baju kurung moden that I saw in Tangkak with Mr.Gonzales. But we’re planning to peek at some last-minute shopping too. Maybe I could catch a few more…? And this time turqoise?? Let’s see. Owh, almost forgot! I haven’t bought any raya brooch yet! Okay, put that in the list.

Some of this actually not for raya, for example that scarf. It's for casual outings. Bought it coz.... I love it?

While blogging, I’m also downloading Daughtry’s songs. I’m planning to burn those awesome songs into a CD and put it in my car. So whenever Hitz.fm is playing suckie songs, I can always play this. Erm, not just Daughtry actually, I’m also downloading Lifehouse’s. I love this kinda bands you know, Daughtry, Lifehouse, Nickelback, Rascal Flatts, I used to like 3 Doors Down too (please note, I didn’t mention Westlife coz that was the band I used to like in my TEENAGE years). But my favourite would be Daughtry, Chris Daughtry. I believe he has the manliest voice ever on Earth!

How I wish I can play guitar.. No, I’m too lazy to learn. I want it to magically happens. Boleh? #LikeABoss

Hmm.. What else to ramble here? Owh, here’s this funy+sweet story about my Year 5 students. I was mad, like really mad at them on last two Friday. I was so mad that I walked out of the class just like that even though it wasn’t really time yet. Then, when I was in the staffroom, this Year 3 boy came to me and gave me something. It was a letter. He said, ‘Cher, ni budak2 darjah 5 bagi.’ It surprised me a little bit, so I asked, ‘Budak darjah 5 tu sape?’ and he said ‘Tah, budak2 lelaki’. I said thanks to the boy, and read the letter. Yes, it was an apology letter. Too bad I already threw it out otherwise I can put the picture here. I was not convinced by their apology. On the next Monday, I was still mad, so I didn’t enter the class. I just gave them work to finish. I did the same thing on Tuesday. Wednesday was on off day due to Nuzul Quran, so on Thursday, I decided to enter the class. Enough la merajuk with kids. Hmm… I didn’t mention anything about the Friday incident, I straight away went on with my Literature lesson. Well… I guess they behaved better this time. When I walked out of the class, these two girls came to me, and handed me something. It was presents. I asked them,’What for?’ One of them said, ‘Kitorang tak tau birthday teacher bile, so kitorg bagi je la..’ I laughed and said, ‘My birthday bulan April. Dah lame lepas..’ ‘Takpe la teacher.. Ambik je..’ I was touched. I think I knew why they gave me the ‘birthday presents’. I smiled and thanked the sweet girls. As I opened the box, owh I love it!!! This handphone string that has my name on it, and this very cute little house, full of red and green flower petals in it. I thought they were very cute. And, they were RED, my favourite colour! I told Mr.Gonzales about it, and he was soo jealous that I have such sweet students. Hehe

Look at that handphone string. Lovely!

The little house. I put this on my car's dashboard. 🙂

Okay, speaking about Mr.Gonzales, I have something to clarify here. In the last entry, when I said I was really mad about him coz he was being too nice, some have misunderstood what I was trying to say. Some have claimed that I’m not being grateful for what I have? Maybe because of my poor writing that the message was not well delivered. But if you read carefully, it was actually a compliment I wrote for him. What I meant was, he is the only one who can put up with me at my worst. He is the only one who could be that patient with me. And it actually works well for our relationship. If you asked me, do I want someone who’s as stubborn as me, as bad-tempered as me, as mean as me, HELL NO! I am sure our house will be torn apart. What I am saying is, yes, he’s so patient, always gives in, always takes whatever bullets I shoot at him and hardly shoot them back at me, that at some points I find it boring and no challenges at all, but thank you God, it works that way, because if it didn’t we wouldn’t get to this point. We wouldn’t get married to each other. He teaches me to be a better person in his own way, even though so.far.it.doesn’t.really.succeed.coz.i’m.still.bad.tempered.as.ever but my point is, unlike any other men, he is able to handle me. I feel like he’s the only man who can do that. I appreciate him. I’m grateful that I have him in my life. I won’t trade him for anything in this world, even if Michael Owen or Jensen Ackles get in the way. Okay. Full stop.

The luckiest or not-so-luckiest man in the world<- My beloved husband. 🙂

Okay, I’ve rambled quite a lot already. I think that’s all for this time. Pray I won’t be blogging again for the next 24 hours.