Mr. Crab And Mr. Squid



So tonight I would like to share one of my lesson plans that I designed for my Year 3 kids. It was not in the textbook because I created it myself. So, please expect some flaws. Haha

Lesson 1 : LISTENING / SPEAKING I wrote this story myself so it was kinda weird. And.. Mr.Crab and Mr.Squid? Where's Spongebob?

After I read them the story, I asked them simple WH Questions such as, ‘How many characters in the story?’ “Where did Mr.Crab live?’ and etc.

I wrote this story at 3 a.m. I just couldn’t find the best, simplest and easiest story to teach Simple Past Tense on the internet, so I had to come up with my own story. I dunno why I chose crab and squid as my characters, but these two characters remind you of something right? Haha. SPONGEBOB!

If you look at the ending of the story where the food was gone, I was actually so sleepy and exhausted at that time. I didn’t know how to finish the story, so sengaja buat tergantung. Kunun2 nk suruh my kids sambung cerita la and it worked. Haha

Lesson 2 : READING They colour the sentence halves based on the story that they've learnt in Lesson 1.

Lesson 2 : READING
Match the sentence halves based on the story.

Answer and colour. Colour and answer.

Answer and colour. Colour and answer.

This is what I did in Lesson 2, after doing shared reading. First, I asked them to retell the story using picture cards that I pasted on the board and then, we moved to this activity. Basically, they just had to choose the correct phrases based on the story, but to add more fun in it, I asked them to colour it. They loved colouring. Semua pun nk warna. Gambar Mr.Crab and Mr.Squid yang memang dh berwarna tu pon nk warna lagi..

Lesson 3 : WRITING A good platform to expand their ideas.

Lesson 3 : WRITING
A good platform to expand their ideas.

Talking about outside the box huh?

Talking about outside the box huh?

Here is the best part. I asked them to throw me ideas about what happened to the food. At first, class was a bit quiet because they thought I expected some serious answers, so I started to give examples, ‘The food was gone because Mr.Crab didn’t like it and he threw it away.’ After that, one by one gave me weird funny answers. I wrote properly on the board and asked them to choose any three of the answers and write them on the task sheet.

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR Simple Past Tense yaaww..

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR
Simple Past Tense yaaww. (I suck at writing simple instructions!)

Since the story was in Past Tense, I thought it would be good if I focused on the Simple Past Tense used in this story. I explained about Past Tense and gave examples such as ‘had’, ‘went’ and ‘shared’ from the story. Then, I asked them to help me find few more Past Tense verbs and list them down in the task sheet above.

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR Match and match and match!

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR
Match and match and match!

Then, match the verbs in Past Tense to the root words. Of course, I gave an example on the board before asking them to do it by themselves.

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR Fill in the blanks!

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR
Fill in the blanks!

Lastly, ‘Fill in the blanks’ exercise as the closure of the grammar lesson. For some reason, they said this exercise was the hardest. I didn’t give examples but I told them the answers were all in the story that they have just read. I helped them with the first two questions, then, baru la diorg boleh buat sendiri. Maybe my instructions were not clear.

For ‘Language Art’ lesson, I just asked them to do a role-play. I divided them into several groups and they presented it in front of the class. I know there were only two characters in the story, but I asked them to insert the ending of the story by themselves (like what they did in Lesson 3) and there, they could add more characters. So, every group presented different ending of the story. One of the groups came up with something like this,
‘The food was stolen by a witch. The witch gave the food to her assistant and children.’

Some even acted as non-living thing, like bubbles.
‘The food got into a huge bubble and the bubble took it away. When the bubble got into the surface, it burst!.’

It was funny but quite tiring especially when you handled a group of over-curious and over-excited students.

Owh, I just love teaching!

p/s – It’s 12.02 a.m. now so Happy Birthday to me! Haha

Little Cabin In The Woods

credit picture to lochinvarsturdy.

The original poem entitled,
Little Cabin In The Woods

Little cabin in the woods,
Little man in the window stood,
Saw a rabbit in the woods,
Frightened as could be.

“Help me! Help me!” the rabbit said,
“Before the hunter shoots me dead.”
Come little rabbit, come with me,
Happy we will be.

I asked my students to change few nouns, verbs and adjective in the poems to make their own versions based on their imagination and creativity.

So, these are the poems that were written by my students. PSSSTT!! I copied them here without changing anything at all. This is EXACTLY what they wrote. That explains the grammar errors in the poem. Hehe

The pieces of poems by my students...


Big stable in the village,
Big boy sit beside the door,
Saw a horse in the village,
Sad as could be.

“Help me! Help me!” the horse neigh,
“Before the  villagers caught me.”
Come big horse, come with me,
You will save with me.


Big garden in the backyard,
Little girl in the swing sit,
Saw a beautiful butterfly in the garden,
Nervous as could be.

“Help me! I be trapped at the spider web,
“Before the spider eat me dead.”
Come little butterfly, I help you
Hurry up little butterfly.


Big zoo in the city,
Big man outside the cage,
Saw a tiger out from cage,
Frightened as could be.

“Give me some food! Give me some food!” the tiger said.
“Because I am hungry.”
The big man give some food to the tiger,
Full you will be.


Big garden in the backyard,
Big girl in the garden stood,
Saw a unicorn in the backyard,
Cute as could be.

“Hug me! Hug me!” the unicorn said,
Come cute unicorn, come to me
Let me hug you with my love.

I had fun seeing them having fun writing the poems. When they asked my opinions, I was like.. “Huh?? Nervous butterfly? Stable in the village??” Haha. But, it was all about their imagination.. So, xper la.. Okay la kot… Hehe.

On Monday, they’re gonna write the poems on the manila card (after I ask them to make correction on the grammar part, of course), and decorate the card as creative as possible, and display the work at the students corner.

Dean Winchester’s Room -DM Project

I went to St Lucia (Lynn’s house) with Didie this evening to finish our claymation project for Digital Media unit. I could say it’s 50% finish, and I’m very glad about the work that has been produced today!

The story is about a boy named Dean Winchester (Duh! Of course I suggested that name! Haha!) who loves eating junk food, instead of fruits and vegetables. Until one day, he dreams that his body explodes from getting too fat, then he realizes the importance of practising healthy lifestyle. (Typical!!) But, who cares. So, the first thing to do before filming this, we have to create the set!

So.. Ta-da!! Presenting, Dean’s room!

See?? Dean loves Liverpool and Stevie G! Just like me! Haha!

I love the bed!

This is Dean, the leading character for our claymation project.

I enjoyed making Dean’s laptop from the clay, pasting the pictures (frames) on Dean’s wall, making Dean’s desk from ‘lebihan2 kotak’, while Didie was working on the bed and pillows, and also books using boxes and tissues, the curtains from the apron that she found at her garage (the curtains look very cool!), and Lynn was busy making the chair from woolies cotton buds box, and the vase which actually made Dean’s room looks very girlish. Haha! Never mind, Dean loves those colours.

Me and Didie, with our project. Lynn is also in our group, but she refused to be in the pic. Haha!

You can look at the whole claymation video, here. Enjoy! 🙂

I’m Not ‘Minah Bunga’

These are among the photos that I took in Roma Parkland,

I’m not ‘Minah Bunga’, but I took all these pictures to get used to DSLr for my Photomedia unit. Plus, all these pictures are especially dedicated to my mom, who really is ‘Minah Bunga’. Haha.

And this is ‘Story Bridge Scenery’ that I took at night with Syefah and Sal.

So… What do you think? Haha. I know, so many flaws on the pictures. What can I say.. I’m still learning.

Okay. Enough with the pictures. I’m in computer lab right now, uploading all these. It’s not that I don’t have internet at home but, overusing the Internet quota again so that I can waste another maybe $200? No. Could not risk it.

I had Photomedia lecture just now. Haha. As I said in my previous post, that was my first time attending the lecture. Hmm, I give 5 out of 10. It was kinda boring because the lecturer is boring, but some of the pictures that she showed, they were kinda cool.

Okies. Cheers ~