Bye, 2016 and Owh Hi, 2017


So this is what my blog has become.. Bidding goodbye to a certain year, welcoming the new one, be quiet and missing in action for the rest of the year and only pops up again to bid goodbye again, in order to welcome the following year. Again. The cycle continues.

I guess, I just don’t have much time to blog like I did before. Blogging is still relevant tho, it’s still some kind of therapy for me, but the time…. I just don’t have the time. Even when I do and I have so many things to tell, I always feel so tired to get my laptop and start writing, so usually I just resort to Instagram or Twitter (since my FB is still in deactivated mode) to talk about my days.

Hmm.. Anyway, 2016….. It. Was. Freaking. Crazy. I don’t know how I got through it, but I did. Tears, sweat and blood, all of that made 2016 so much worth living! Thanks for all the things that happened or did not happen, thanks for the good and bad memories, thanks for all the lessons, thanks for making it fun to enter my 30s, thanks for the laughters and cries and all in all, thanks for making it so awesome. I wouldn’t regret one bit of it.

Now, 2017, let’s kick some asses!


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