I hope it’s still not too late for me to wish you guys, Happy New Year! It’s still January right, so I guess it’s still relevant. Hehe.

2016…. It’s the time where I move from my sweet 20s to oh-not-so-young the big THREE-O phase. It’s scary. I think about lots of things. My future, mostly. Like, what’s gonna happen in this phase? Will kids be involved in this phase? Am I still gonna be a teacher? Will I still be living here in Muar? What about my health? Those and other endless questions…. To think about all these uncertainties, it makes you scared because you don’t have the answers to them. All you can do is just pray that these years ahead of you will be a smooth sailing one.

I’m not intending to write a long entry today, so I think that just might be it. Again, Happy New Year guys. Hope 2016 will bring all of us nothing but happiness and success.

Good luck to us all….

…..and 2016, please be nice.