New Crush Alert!



I just got over my crush on James Marsden and now I land on one again! Sighhh…

Few weeks ago, I caught a Cinderella clip on FOX, which would be premiered on that channel in a week time or so. I was kinda excited because I remember planning to watch Cinderella in the theatre but I didn’t manage to watch it at that time. It’s the well-known fairy tale Cinderella, everyone knows the story, everyone knows the villains, everyone knows the perfect happy ending. Owh and it’s Disney. What do you expect from Disney movies? Easy plot, light, not much conflicts and of course, the most important one, it’s almost always a happily-ever-after kind of story, which I like. 🙂

One thing that I like about this particular movie directed by Kenneth Branagh, is how they keep it as close and classic as they can to the original one, with a lil bit more details here and there. I think it’s nice to see this original most anticipated Disney movie be transformed into a real film without changing the storyline too much. Of course we wanna see the real Cinderella and Prince Charming in human forms (not animated ones) because we wanna see who got what it takes to be the Cinderella and Prince Charming, right?

These people did!
Lily James (Lady Rose McClara from Downton Abbey)
Richard Madden (Robb Stark from Game of Thrones)

I love Lily James, the Cinderella. I think she could pass as a real life princess, but I ain’t gonna talk about her. I’m gonna talk about my celebrity crush right now. It’s none other than, the Prince Charming (duh!). This character was portrayed by Richard Madden. I mean, if you watch Game of Thrones, you’d know him as The King of The North. I don’t watch it tho, it’s too violent for me. Plus, they don’t air this series here in Malaysia hahaha. Anyway, siding aside that he’s super gorgeous, perfect and SO GOOD-LOOKING with his blue eyes like a real prince (which he could pass as one too), I also love his husky voice and later when you watch him in the interview clips where he was outside the character and being himself, you’ll love his laughs and his Scottish accent too. He’s just so very perfect I can’t even describe anymore. His smiles and laughs are going to murder my soul, seriously!

Here, my favourite scene of all from the movie, where Mr.Kit (the prince) met Ella (Cinderella) for the first time in the forest. According to the interviews, this scene took place on the first day of the filming where they (Richard and Lily) also met for the first time and barely knew each other. It added more to the magic of this scene, didn’t it? Too many first-times.

If you’ve watched this particular clip above, you’ll notice how cute they’re together like a real couple. Even Rachael love them together. And… Did you hear what they said in the end of the clip? That they’ll be working together again? With the same director? AS ROMEO AND JULIET??!!!
#scream #fangirling

The Romeo and Juliet promo! Omaigod can't wait!

The Romeo and Juliet promo! Omaigod can’t wait! Read more, here.

The ball scene.

The ball scene.

Perfect couple, on screen!

Perfect couple, on-screen!

Look how cute they're together off-screen!


This one I find it hilarious! Like really, I still giggled and laughed after countless times watching it!

Those blue eyes!! SWOOOOONNN!

Those blue eyes!! SWOOOOONNN!

Yeay, I have Prince Charming on my screen!

Yeay, I have Prince Charming on my Macky screen!

Sigh.. After James Marsden, now it’s Richard Madden. Wonder who’ll be next?


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