Midnight Update



It’s 2.32 a.m. right now and I’m still wide awake. Actually, my eyes are half-closed but I just don’t wanna go to bed yet. I was browsing a few online shopping websites just now while waiting for hubs finishing whatever he was doing and suddenly I feel the urge to update my darling blog right now. Just because. ūüôā

Hence, the midnight update. Tho I don’t really have anything worth telling right now.

The house is pretty chaotic these days. I’ve been busy with work and it’s hard for me to keep up with my weekly cleaning duty. As the result, I have to turn a blind eye for all the mess that’s happening here right now. At least to my eyes la, hubs cakap x semak pun. Pffft. Finger prints on the coffee table, dusty shelves (not visible but you know the dirt’s there), laundry’s not done, fridge’s not stocked up etc. They are all in my weekly duty list but at the moment, I fail to check them off the list.


Can’t wait for next week. Can’t wait to get my life back.
Can’t wait to get my proper house back!


I just don’t know why am I staring at this mute TV right now. I just can’t be bothered to turn it off properly or even turn it on so then I could watch something.

NO. The remote’s too far.

Mute TV

Mute TV

Meanwhile, this is what hub’s is up to right now.

Packing Tamiya for his buyers.

Packing Tamiya for his buyers. Excuse the sexiness. I’m too lazy to crop it. Hahaha

I guess I should go to bed now.

Btw, I’m sure the box will be left on the floor, until I ask him to keep it somewhere else. Wanna bet?


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