Another Random Post



Internet tonight is a real sad. Seriously Yes? You’re a big NO tonight.

Well, I just dunno what to ramble on tonight but still I feel like blogging. My fingers are typing furiously but my mind keeps thinking what should I write after this sentence? What next? Now, what next?

Truth is, I’m hungry, but I don’t feel like I wanna eat anything because I already brushed my teeth. Hubs is busy on his PS3 in the game room, I don’t wanna bother him.

School holiday has started since Friday. Since it’s Post UPSR, I was supposed to have a very relaxing school break for a week, but I just got my hopes way too high. No, no relaxing school break for me this year. I need to attend a meeting for three days, Sunday till Tuesday in Ledang. BUMMER! The only good thing is, hubs will be going with me, since he is also involved in the meeting. On Wednesday, I will be going back to Selangor for Aidil Adha celebration with my family. Will be there until Friday (if not Saturday). Then, school’s back on as usual.

That’s pretty much my schedule for this holiday. I don’t get to go jalan-jalan anywhere. Huuuuu….

Know something? While typing this, my eyes are actually half opened/half closed, whatever you call it.
Okay eyes, I got it. You’re asking me to sleep.

Signing out now. Bye.


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