Never Go Cheapskate Again


This post is to remind myself not to be a cheapskate, because it’s gonna ruin your life.

 I understand why most people choose to be a cheapskate. I’m not a wealthy person myself, in fact, I think I’m almost the opposite of wealthy (hahaha) but seriously people, being a cheapskate will cost you more money then you intend to.

Good things come with price. Tho sometimes it’s not always the case, but most often, yeah, it IS the case. I think all the cheapskates out there have experienced at least one situation, where your cheap goods don’t work well as what have you expected and you end up buying more and more of that thing. Why not, right? It’s cheap. But if you combined all of the money you spent earlier, you realise that you can buy one GOOD DECENT item that works better and last longer, instead of the cheap one which is just a major faulty, harmful and of course, a laughing stock.

That’s what happened to me. I ain’t gonna name all of the cheap goods I bought as a result of being a cheapskate (because it’s a lot, from gadgets to food to make-up to stationeries, boo the old me), but I just wanna tell you, something happened yesterday and now I swear not to be a cheapskate anymore. Not gonna tell you what it was because it was a long story (and embarrassing one!!)

Good things make you feel good. If you don’t have the money right at that moment, wait and save up. Don’t waste the money you’ve already have and buy faulty stuff at a low price, which in the future, it’ll just cost you more. You do know good things come to those who wait, right?

Buy good things. Use good things.
Consume good things. Wear good things.



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