Midnight Update



It’s 2.32 a.m. right now and I’m still wide awake. Actually, my eyes are half-closed but I just don’t wanna go to bed yet. I was browsing a few online shopping websites just now while waiting for hubs finishing whatever he was doing and suddenly I feel the urge to update my darling blog right now. Just because. 🙂

Hence, the midnight update. Tho I don’t really have anything worth telling right now.

The house is pretty chaotic these days. I’ve been busy with work and it’s hard for me to keep up with my weekly cleaning duty. As the result, I have to turn a blind eye for all the mess that’s happening here right now. At least to my eyes la, hubs cakap x semak pun. Pffft. Finger prints on the coffee table, dusty shelves (not visible but you know the dirt’s there), laundry’s not done, fridge’s not stocked up etc. They are all in my weekly duty list but at the moment, I fail to check them off the list.


Can’t wait for next week. Can’t wait to get my life back.
Can’t wait to get my proper house back!


I just don’t know why am I staring at this mute TV right now. I just can’t be bothered to turn it off properly or even turn it on so then I could watch something.

NO. The remote’s too far.

Mute TV

Mute TV

Meanwhile, this is what hub’s is up to right now.

Packing Tamiya for his buyers.

Packing Tamiya for his buyers. Excuse the sexiness. I’m too lazy to crop it. Hahaha

I guess I should go to bed now.

Btw, I’m sure the box will be left on the floor, until I ask him to keep it somewhere else. Wanna bet?

Another Random Post



Internet tonight is a real sad. Seriously Yes? You’re a big NO tonight.

Well, I just dunno what to ramble on tonight but still I feel like blogging. My fingers are typing furiously but my mind keeps thinking what should I write after this sentence? What next? Now, what next?

Truth is, I’m hungry, but I don’t feel like I wanna eat anything because I already brushed my teeth. Hubs is busy on his PS3 in the game room, I don’t wanna bother him.

School holiday has started since Friday. Since it’s Post UPSR, I was supposed to have a very relaxing school break for a week, but I just got my hopes way too high. No, no relaxing school break for me this year. I need to attend a meeting for three days, Sunday till Tuesday in Ledang. BUMMER! The only good thing is, hubs will be going with me, since he is also involved in the meeting. On Wednesday, I will be going back to Selangor for Aidil Adha celebration with my family. Will be there until Friday (if not Saturday). Then, school’s back on as usual.

That’s pretty much my schedule for this holiday. I don’t get to go jalan-jalan anywhere. Huuuuu….

Know something? While typing this, my eyes are actually half opened/half closed, whatever you call it.
Okay eyes, I got it. You’re asking me to sleep.

Signing out now. Bye.

Never Go Cheapskate Again


This post is to remind myself not to be a cheapskate, because it’s gonna ruin your life.

 I understand why most people choose to be a cheapskate. I’m not a wealthy person myself, in fact, I think I’m almost the opposite of wealthy (hahaha) but seriously people, being a cheapskate will cost you more money then you intend to.

Good things come with price. Tho sometimes it’s not always the case, but most often, yeah, it IS the case. I think all the cheapskates out there have experienced at least one situation, where your cheap goods don’t work well as what have you expected and you end up buying more and more of that thing. Why not, right? It’s cheap. But if you combined all of the money you spent earlier, you realise that you can buy one GOOD DECENT item that works better and last longer, instead of the cheap one which is just a major faulty, harmful and of course, a laughing stock.

That’s what happened to me. I ain’t gonna name all of the cheap goods I bought as a result of being a cheapskate (because it’s a lot, from gadgets to food to make-up to stationeries, boo the old me), but I just wanna tell you, something happened yesterday and now I swear not to be a cheapskate anymore. Not gonna tell you what it was because it was a long story (and embarrassing one!!)

Good things make you feel good. If you don’t have the money right at that moment, wait and save up. Don’t waste the money you’ve already have and buy faulty stuff at a low price, which in the future, it’ll just cost you more. You do know good things come to those who wait, right?

Buy good things. Use good things.
Consume good things. Wear good things.


Not A Good Day



I am at school right now. I know it’s not the right time to blog right now (all my classes are done actually and I have finished writing lesson plans until Tuesday), but I need to pour this out. Just for the sake of it. I was just not my usual self today. I tried browsing some online shopping websites for some kind of therapy, but that just added more stress because of the things that I can’t buy. Hmm.. I did not have a good start today. I was late to school after promising myself that I would never be late again. Due to that, I failed to secure myself a seat at the assembly (again) so I had to stand up for like an hour. In heels. I’m used to walking in heels, even running in heels, or climbing up and down the four-storey building in heels. I feel nothing. But standing still in heels for an hour, I suddenly felt the pain. There, not a good start. Tired and painful.


I’m at home now. School hour’s over.

Usually when that happens, there comes my downward emotional spiral. Like a roller coaster. I started to feel annoyed by just looking at the innocent faces around me. Looking at them, suddenly there were inner thoughts coming to mind, like

‘Arghh… Don’t talk to me.’,
‘Why do you talk with your mouth like that?’
‘This one has nerve staring at me!’
‘That’s why your students won’t shut up in class, it’s because you won’t too!’
‘Argh… You again!’
‘You wear sandals like that to school? Seriously??’

‘Oh my God, I hate your baju.’


and etc etc etc..

I know.

Such a bitch, I was.

After the assembly, I went to the staffroom before going into class. Then, I noticed that I didn’t have my pencil case with me. Maybe it doesn’t seem much to you people, but my pencil case is my nyawa. I started to lose it already. I texted my hubs and blamed him for not putting my pencil case in my work bag. He’s been dealing with ‘this’ right here for more than 4 years so I guess he’s used to it. Thank God I have a few black and red pens on my table (but they’re not my favourite), so I just grabbed those and went to class.

The blame game with hubs.

The blame game with hubs.

The magic started here. Every time I feel disconnected with the people around me, I always feel calm and more relaxed every time I’m in class dealing with my students. I would avoid staffroom and canteen because I just couldn’t handle adults. Plus, I hated to pretend everything was okay when it wasn’t, so it was much easier to just avoid people. Today, I spent the whole school hours in classes, even during my free time. 8.00-9.30 (class – 5 Usaha), 9.30-10.30 (free time & recess – lepak at 5 Yakin, they were in Music room), 10.30-11.30 (class – 6 Rajin), 11.30-12.30 (class – 5 Yakin), 12.30-1.30 (free time – lepak at 3 Yakin, I dunno where they were at, the class was empty).

Did I or did I not just list my whereabouts at school?

I guess, I’m feeling a lot better now. Of course, I feel a lot better, I am at home. Everything is a lot better at home.

This sure helped a lot.

This sure helped a lot.

Guess I’m signing out.

Need to catch some Zs.