Bakul Sampah



So my previous post was a lil bit too emotional. Was not in a right mind since I was in a fight with hubs, so I went overboard with almost every aspect of my life. Job, family, etc. Hakikatnya, things aren’t that bad. I was being so ungrateful, wasn’t I?

I could consider myself as perfectionist in certain aspects, so when things in those particular aspects aren’t going well, even if it is just a minor glitch, I could go crazy and go hysteria about it. I can’t keep all this emotion inside me so I need to get them out of my system. Hubs is always the victim. He is the ‘bakul sampah’ who would just accept all my emotional nags and cries that I’ve been throwing at him. Every time he opens his mouth to reason with me, I would just shut him up with my even more emotional cries and irrelevant arguments. I dunno how he puts up with all of this crappy attitude of mine, but he handles it well every single time.

I can never lose this man. NEVER! He’s my sanity. Thanks love for being my bakul sampah. I love you.

Anyway, right now, I’m in the middle of writing my recent vacation in Seoul (Part 2) and it’s been saved as a draft right now. Haih, I’m starting to forget the details already, I better quick!

Till you see my posts again. Bye for now.


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