Sad Little Person



What’s the use of having people around you but you seem like invisible to them?

What’s the use of being in the same place but you do your own things and don’t talk to each other?
You don’t even see each other.

What’s the use of discussing things, then saying sorry when you keep repeating the same mistakes?

What’s the use of being together when every act of yours will hurt the other?

What’s the use?

Sometimes, I feel like I’ve had enough of this life. I just wanna leave everything and everyone behind me, go somewhere alone and have a good reflect on what I have achieved so far. Which is not much. I don’t know if you have ever felt sad and disappointed with your life but right now, that’s what I feel. I feel useless. I feel shit. I feel like my life has been laid out in front of me and I should just live by it. Play it safe.

There are times when I consider of quitting what I’m doing and just see where it takes me, but I ain’t that bold, especially when I have so much on my plate right now, especially when I have people who hold me back from making that decision.
I’m only young once, and right now I’m already a year away to my thirties. Will I live like this until I’m old?

Being a grown up sucks. If I could hop into a time machine now, I would like to travel back to my childhood years. I don’t even wanna be a teenager, I wanna be a kid. I wanna be with my mak and my ayah.
Haih… Ayah… Tetiber rindu sangat kat ayah.

Life’s so complicated right now.

I feel like screaming my lungs out. I feel like crying my eyes out.

Sorry for his rubbish post. I’m just a sad little person right now, who needs to pour out these words, otherwise I’m going crazy.


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