Aidijuma Fever Is Back On!



Yeah, the release that I’ve been waiting for! It’s been awhile since they last released the Black Label (BL) collection, which is the best quality label in Aidijuma hijab line. Looking back to the old days, I ain’t sure how did I get myself into this, but once you’re hooked, you’re forever hooked. I always have a hard time to hold myself from buying these beautiful scarves because they’re indeed so beautiful. Although they’re exclusively designed by the founder herself, they’re still not ridiculously expensive, you know. You can get them as low as RM10.00, for White Label (WL).

This is my first post on my Aidijuma fever. Click here.

BL is my favourite label in Aidijuma collection because I love how they come up with different patterns at the edges of the scarves (besides full print scarves) so you can wear them in different styles. Click here and here to see how I wear them to work. Compared to the plain bawal scarves, I believe this is more fun and attractive looking. Just look at their colours. Colourful, chick and modern, aren’t they?

So, this BL collection that is just released today consists of 8 different B.E.A.U.T.F.U.L  designs which are;

Screenshot 2014-11-29 13.23.45

The new collection.

Each design of the new BL Aidijuma collection.

I bought 6 of them! Guess which designs I bought today?


Tadaaa! *Winter Shell is a WL. See, RM10.00 only. And another piece of Traveller is actually for my friend.

BL Traveller was all sold out in the website, in just a matter of minutes and by now, the only designs left are just BL Love Safari and BL Fall. The rest is gone. I heard the same thing happened at the concept store (Aidijuma boutique). Customers were all like piranhas, hungry for human flesh. I stayed by my computer since midnight, kept clicking refresh button to see if they have posted them up. At 3 a.m., I gave up and went to bed. I remember saying this to hubs, ‘I need to buy those scarves. Kalau x dapat, I will bad mood and tanak cakap dgn you satu hari.’ Sleepy hubs was just like…’Hmmmm’.

So this morning at 6.30 a.m. after Subuh, I sat with my laptop on the bed and ‘refreshing’ the website every 5 minutes, with my eyes half closed (because I was still freaking sleepy. I went to bed at 3 remember?). Until I noticed one of the designs was up, then I stopped clicking ‘refresh’ button, adjusted my sitting position, opened my mouth to show my sharp teeth and… started hunting. I am very happy with my ‘tangkapan’ today. Heheh

I guess I was a piranha too. A virtual piranha.


p/s- After the hunting activity, I was all smiles and laughs that I woke hubs up. He turned to me with his eyes closed and asked, ‘Dah menang ke blum? I said, ‘Dahlaaa!!’
‘Semua ke dapat?’ Yesss.. All 6 of them!’
‘Patut laaaa hepi semacam…’



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