Nasuha Spices and Herbs


I’ve lived in Muar, hubs’ hometown, for more than 3 years now and he had never told me about this place I’m about to tell you guys.

Last week, I went to Pagoh for a post-UPSR meeting with hubs. We went there together but hubs was placed in a different group so we only saw each other again in the evening, after the program ended. So when I was out for lunch with my friends, he didn’t get to join us as he was out with his boys too.

So back to the main story here, around 11, my friends (Akmal, Fiza and Kak Tiqah) and I had a lunch at this place that I just knew existed. It was Akmal’s idea to dine here. They said something herbs, weird healthy drinks blah blah. I just didn’t care because my tummy was growling at that point. It’s called Nasuha Spices and Herbs. If you’re from the PLUS Highway, it’s located on your left, not far from the Pagoh exit, about 5 km to Muar direction. It’s very hard not to see that big sign by the roadside, so don’t worry you won’t miss it.

Outside, before going in.

Outside, before going in.

This is what greets you at the entrance.

This is what greets you at the entrance.

Located at the foothill, this place is actually a herb nursery. Everything about this place is herb-themed, from the decoration to the menu. Before you enter the restaurant, you need to take off your shoes first. There’a reason for this. Here’s why.

The reflexology treatment for your feet!

The reflexology treatment for your feet!

Owh, I always hate this kinda floor but this, I can't resist to try.

Sakit kaki ceq!

When we arrived at this place, we were among the earliest customers so we kinda had the whole place to ourselves. It was very serene and peaceful. Being in the restaurant, the decoration kinda made you feel like you were in a tree house or something. Or in a dwarf’s house. Haha

Was in awe with the decoration.

The inside of the restaurant.

Akmal, Kak Tiqah and myself. :-)

Akmal, Kak Tiqah and myself. ūüôā

The herbal tree. I guess if you want one, you can just pluck it from the tree haha

The herbal tree. I guess if you want one, you can just ‘pluck’ it from the tree haha

The menu

The menu, ‘We Serve Finest Fresh Herbs’ tagline is spot on.

What can you order here? Everything is herbs!

What can you order here? Almost everything is herbs!

We asked the waitress what was their significant winning dish and she said, most people came here for the briyani. That day, I didn’t feel like having rice, so I chose grilled lamb chop. I can always come back later and then I’ll choose briyani. You know, I’ve never been a big fan of lamb chop since I don’t really like lamb (I prefer beefsteak, even asked if they had one but they didn’t), but that was the only western choice that I preferred having compared to chicken chop and fish and chips, so grilled lamb chop it was. The price is RM21.00.

As for the drink, this is the interesting part. Since this is a herbal restaurant, we chose to have herbal drinks. As you can see in the above picture (bottom right), there’s an information on every herbal drink provided, like Serico, Centella, Garcinia, Gora, Cinnamon and many others. I chose Gora because I’ve never heard the name and was very curious about the taste. Apparently, Gora is a fruit, originally from Yaman and you can’t find this fruit elsewhere, except in Nasuha Herbal Farm and Yaman itself. Hmm.. Interesting.


Interesting choices of herbal drinks. It’s best served hot!

My Gora hot drink and Gora the fruit next to it. Looks like buah koko. Haha

My Gora hot drink and Gora (the fruit) next to it. No, they are not served together. We were just curious what the fruit looked like so we asked the waitress to show it to us. Macam buah koko pun ye jugak..

Akmal chose schapium long drink, or something. Can't remember the name but this one is served cold.

Akmal chose schapium long drink… or something. Can’t remember the name but this one is served cold. It is the mixture of buah barli and gula melaka and something else, so it’s wee bit sweet compared to other herbal drinks. Perfect for you who doesn’t like bitter plain herbal drinks.

So after waiting for 10-15 minutes, my yummy looking grilled lamb chop had finally arrived. Loved the fries, they could work more on the coleslaw tho, the lamb was quite okay too, but THE STAR OF THE SHOW WAS THE GRAVY! Owh my, the gravy was sooooo good! It was sweet salty and you could also taste the herbs, like the guys in the Food Network always say, ‘It’s like an explosion of flavours in my mouth!’. It was seriously finger licking good. I didn’t bother to use the knife and fork anymore, just used my bare hands to eat the lamb and lick the gravy.

My grilled lamb chop! Heaven knows how delish this is!

My grilled lamb chop! Heaven knows how delish this is!

The gravy was gone. If only I could eat the bones too.

Gone was the gravy. If only I could eat the bones too.

We went back to Pagoh, feeling full and happy! Good meals make people happy right?

You know something? Turns out, Nasuha Spices and Herbs doesn’t just offer good food and healthy drinks, but it’s also suitable for meetings, camps, seminar talks and even outdoor adventurous activities like canoeing, abseiling, jungle trekking etc. They also provide chalet or villa for those in Muar or nearby areas, who’re looking for short getaway but thinking it’s too far to go to Cameron Highland. Nice! Teachers, this might be an excellent idea for your annual dinner or end year school activities for your kids. For more info, check out their website here.

So back to the lamb chop, I told hubs about our lunch once we got back to the meeting place. He was so jealous and insisted to go there again that evening, on the way back to Muar. I always have issues going to the same place so many times and then being recognised especially if you’re wearing the same outfit! It is so freaking embarrassing to me.¬†So I said ‘NO!’ to hubs but Fiza and Akmal said they were going again too for dinner, and insisted I brought him along.


So we went there again. Twice. Same outfits. Hid my face. Being recognised still. Embarrassing.

Hubs chose briyani beef.

Hubs chose briyani beef.

Guess what I chose for that dinner?

That's right, the lamb chop again! Hahah

That’s right, the lamb chop again! Hahah. Felt sooo good having lamb chop for both lunch and dinner. Muahaha

 Hubs tasted my lamb chop and decided to order it! After finishing a plate of briyani!

Way to diet, sayang.


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