Home Is Where Our Story Begins (Part 1)


It’s not hard to make an entry about our new house (not so new now I guess, it’s been 5-6 months since we moved in), the hardest part is to gather all the photos of the house since its first red brick. They are everywhere, Facebook, dropbox, hubby’s phone, my old phone, this disk and that disk. So, this is what I’ve got. It’s good enough to make a story I guess.

It all started from this sign...

It all started from this sign…

Do you see that Rumah Banglo 1 unit sign? That was the one for us. Actually, they built 2 units. One was already sold to hub’s 2nd boss, Cikgu Nazim. That left the other unit for us. Actually, Cikgu Nazim was the one who persuaded us to buy this house. It’s a cute banglo unit (it means we don’t share walls with others and have our own surrounding space. Mind you, banglo doesn’t necessarily mean big), it’s very strategic, built at the front row by the main road and situated at the Muar suburb, which is only 3-minute drive to the heart of the town. It’s a green neighbourhood and very close to the river. So serene. ūüôā

You know how people are busy scouting houses to settle down? Doesn’t matter what kind of house, as long as it’s a house? You can no longer be picky when it comes to houses. Yes, because of the price is getting more and more unbelievable these days (unless you’re rich, then no point worrying). ¬†Alhamdulillah, praise to God, that didn’t happen to us. In fact, when Cikgu Nazim asked us to check out the site, I was just¬†‘acuh tak acuh’, far from being excited. I was so comfortable renting the house then, and buying a property¬†like this¬†never really came to mind. We almost didn’t buy it, but thanks to hubs for persuading me that this was a good investment. The developer almost gave up waiting for our answer, thank God Cikgu Nazim was so nice to¬†ask them to hold it for us. If we said ‘No, sorry, we’re not interested,’ to the developer, lots of the others were waiting in line and we might have wasted our chance, just like that (snap finger).

So okay, we bought it. I was still quite bitter. ‘Mehhh, there goes our monthly salaries!’ People were congratulating me for finally having our own house and I was just like, ‘Hmmm.. Kot.’ Silly ignorant me. Didn’t even realize I was so lucky. This was like, ‘bulan jatuh ke riba’. We weren’t even looking for a house, yet we got it just like that (snap finger again).

Thank you husband for rooting against me when I said ‘No’ on this matter. It might not make sense to me then, but it’s making more sense now. If it wasn’t for you, haha we might be still ‘homeless’.

Okay, enjoy the pictures.

The early phase of the construction..

The early phase of the construction..

This is our hall now... :-)

This was our hall then… ūüôā

The almost-not-ours unit...

The ‘almost-not-ours’ unit because I was arrogant haha

After they've done cementing the inside floor..

After they’ve done cementing the inside floor.. That was the kitchen.

What is this eh? Our room maybe..?

What is this eh? The guest room maybe…

Our master bedroom.. I hate those yellow tiles btw.

Our master bedroom.. I hate those yellow tiles btw. At this time, I insisted that I wanted to change the flooring.

The fence! At this time, we only realized how big our yard was..

Here comes the fence!

I only realised how spacious our yard was.. Then i only got a lil bit too excited..

I only realised how spacious our yard was.. Then, only then i got a lil bit excited.

From the front view..

From the front view..

Me, trying to make sense the whole space... Haha

Me, trying to make sense the whole space… Haha

Almost there... Owh, there's a door!

Almost there… Owh, there’s a door!

Me, trying to play Jamie Durie or at least, Eric Deco.

Me, trying to play Jamie Durie or at least, Eric Deco. Haha. Failed because I came up with nothing at this time. :-p

That’s all the photos I could gather. I know there’s more, but not sure where hubs keeps them all. This was only the first part of having a house. The part where we just observed and monitored the whole progress which was easy. The real pain was to decorate the whole house, turn the house into a home. Yeah, real pain, real headache. Real hole in the pocket too. But what the heck, it’ll never be a waste of money, it’s an investment, it’s for the home, the place where you come back to when everything falls apart. I need it to be nice and tranquil. Geddit?

Will be continued in Home Is Where Our Story Begins (Part 2). Bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Home Is Where Our Story Begins (Part 1)

  1. yati says:

    Cantik sgt your house. Sorry mencelah since sy tgh blog hopping about house renovation.
    Me and husben pon dah beli rumah dijangka siap tahun depan. And… sy nak tanya, u estimate budget how much utk rumah punye renovation ye?
    Such as kitchen cabinet, tv cabinet, bedroom, interrior design and what not…
    Sgt memerlukan pandangan dan pengalaman dr org macam awak.
    Tq ūüėČ

    • emywinchester says:

      Salam. It depends on what you’re gonna do with your house.
      Kos akan jadi mahal kalau banyak pecah2 dinding. Mcm kami, cuma pecah dapur saja dalam 10 kaki.
      That and table top, kitchen flooring dlm 10k. Bedroom, TV cabinet altogether dlm 10k.
      But depends jugak on how do you want it. The simpler design, the cost will be less.
      I’m writing the second part of the entry which is on the renovation and decoration, nanti saya dh update and you ada masa you tgk la ek..
      Hope this helps.

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