Fresh Flowers



I woke up quite early today. It’s not something that I look forward to do on working days, but somehow it’s something that I always do on school break. When you wake up early and sort everything out for the day, you’ll feel some sense of achievement in you. Good feeling. So today I asked hubs to have breakfast outside, satays and lontong. Yes, having brekkie like a true Muorean! Haha. Next, we went to the market to buy some fish (for the cats) and some fresh flowers to fill in my big vase, then finally to the laundry to sent them my batik clothes.

You know, ever since I bought lilies for my open house the other day, I find myself so addicted to fresh flowers now. Hubs feels the same way too. He kept shaking his head whenever I showed him artificial flowers that I wanted to buy at first (in order to replace the dead lilies). Plus, since artificial flowers last forever and you don’t have to check on them everyday, don’t be surprised they’re gonna turn so ‘beautifully dusty’ some day. I know that’d happen to me, so I’m gonna root for fresh flowers.

Don't know what kind of flower this is..

Don’t know what kind of flower this is..

Fresh air in the house!

It complements the table and the whole space! Love it!

Will keep buying them more and more!




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