Selamat Hari Malaysia



My 400th entry happens to be on my country.. ūüôā

Yeah well, to sit down and really think about it, there are times when I hate being a Malaysian. I once said to my hubs, if it’s really up to me, I would just drop everything I do and migrate to other country. Why in the world would I think something like that? Why would I be such an ungrateful spoiled citizen? Mostly because, I hate the way they run things here, the cronyism and the corruption by the leaders who are supposed to take care of the country and its people.

As a teacher, I’ll touch on the education system too because education is what I do for living. Our education system is not something that we can be proud of, yet. It might not be the system’s fault alone, but also the school’s pressure on us teachers, which is coming from the higher departments. They don’t care how you do it, as long as you achieve the target on paper, even if it means ‘dishonesty’. You can relate to what had happened recently. You know, the UPSR leakage, one of many relatable events. Masing2 pihak nak selamatkan leher masing2 dari dpt low percentage, bad GPS, so cikgu selamatkan leher dari sekolah, sekolah selamatkan leher dari PPD, PPD dari JPN, JPN dari Kementerian. If this continues, schools will turn to be a dangerous place, which produces more and more machines and robots with so many As in hands, but incapable to do anything in the real world.

Well, I hate those two things. The administration and the education system. But, to sit down and really think about it again, nobody’s perfect right? Hatred doesn’t bring one anywhere. I just can pray to God that Malaysia will be a better country in all aspects, someday.

However, the number of things I love about Malaysia is so much bigger. No explanation, just points. I love the super yummy food from different ethnics here, I love the Manglish discourse like ‘Laaaaa’, ‘Where got..??’ I love the Malaysia batik art, I love MAS Airlines (despite the two sad tragedies), I love the costumes (Men in Baju Melayu are so segak and us ladies in Baju kurung/Kebaya are so ayu!), I love the nature and the beaches (but the humidity, not so much) and the Malaysian people in general. Us, Malaysians. Although not all of us are nice,¬†but I believe the ones who are nice, friendly, helpful and welcoming outnumbered the ones who aren’t. We’re like a family.

Those are enough reasons for me to love Malaysia. My motherland. Wherever I go (if one day I do migrate to other country haha), I still will come back to this lil place for those reasons.


p/s : What do you like about Malaysia?


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