Another Off Day!


I didn’t expect this, but thank God I got another day off today! Yeaayyy!!

Well, I’ve been on 5 days off work and that felt so amazing! Starting last Thursday (due to JDT’s victory in Super Liga), then of course the weekend (Friday and Saturday). Then, Sunday too due to 1st Ramadhan and ………. *drum rolls*, MONDAY, which is TODAY!

Okay, why today? Here’s why. Our school had already planned on conducting Open Day on last Thursday. They’ve prepared the venue, kiosks and food to sell, so they couldn’t just call it off tho it was supposed to be an off day. If they did call it off, they wouldn’t have time to do it again due to the fasting month (quick question, why do I say ‘they’ not ‘we’? Because I wasn’t involved, I was on a course for a week). The JPN said, for those schools who had events planned beforehand, they were allowed to apply cuti ganti. So, while I was chilling at home because my course was canceled on that day, my colleagues had to come to school hosting the Open Day. Long story short, I got 2 days off for free while they just got one!

For someone who really hates school, this is a super good thing for me. I’ve never thought I would say this, but really, from the bottom of my heart,
‘Thank you, JDT for winning the game. You’ve done me a huge favour. P/s- I still hate you.”

So, since I’m home doing nothing, my boredom has led me doing some online shopping. I ended up buying FIVE Aidijuma scarves (raya collection) which I only planned to buy just one at first. Damnit!

Aidijuma Website banner - WB00005 -o-1170x362

AJ Fullprint Greenpink

AJ Fullprint Greenpink

AJ Tribal Tone Turqoise

AJ Tribal Tone Turqoise

AJ Blue Angel

AJ Blue Angel

AJ Dusty Red

AJ Dusty Red

AJ Lotus Tone

AJ Lotus Tone

There’s one I didn’t get tho, which the one I wanted the most. Love the soft tone pastel colours, with those sweet flowers at the edges. Huuu

AJ Button Flower

AJ Button Flower (Sold out!! 😦 )

So, that’s pretty much it.

Wish me a nice day!


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