I Ain’t A Tree



Here, I’m quoting some of the things I wrote regarding the first few days I was at my workplace. Lawaak gile! I can’t read this without cringing at my own innocence. I was like, ‘Whaaaaaatttt??’

“I would say, that I’m gonna love the school. I don’t really care about the students, because you know, kids will be kids, (naughty, attention seeker, rebellious), mane2 pon same jer, but the teacher, so far those who I have met, are very very very nice. But hey, it’s only my first day, it’s still early to tell actually. Maybe true colours are gonna start showing in 2 weeks time. Or less than that (Or, is it my own true colours that I am talking about? HAHAHA)?”

Full entry, read here.

So, now after more than two years, do I still think the same about my workplace?

HELL NOOOO! Hahahhahaha.

That explains this.

If I still love it, do I apply for this?

If I still love it, do I apply for this?

I believe in this saying,

‘If you don’t like being in a certain place, MOVE. You’re not a tree.’


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