New Home And New ‘Dress’



I’m home alone at this moment. Hubby’s gone to the new house to monitor the whole process of installing the TV cabinet at our hall. I was planning to go with him, but then I changed my mind because something interesting was on TV haha.  We’re still not moving in yet. There’s still dust everywhere, curtains and blinds are not done yet, lil things here and there need to be fixed and added. I think, we can only move in by late February or early March. As much as I can’t wait, I’m also super lazy to do the before and after things, ‘PACKING AND UNPACKING’. I wish I can hire people to do it for me. 😦

Anyway, here’s a picture compilation of our master bedroom that is now 90% complete. The only things left are the wallpaper and the blinds. Can’t wait to see the whole look! 🙂

Owh, there’s a picture of the hall too. 😛

The installation of TV cabinet and the wallpaper.

The installation of TV cabinet and the wallpaper.

Thank you Abang Cabinet. Love your work!

Thank you Abang Cabinet. Love your work! As you can see, white and dark brown are the theme colours of our new home. Clean and neat.

I’m so relieved that he made us this big wardrobe! Well, big enough to me. Wardrobe lama kat rumah ni mcm nk meletup sbb padat sgt kena sumbat dengan TPL dresses yang boleh tahan banyak jugak la. 3/4 of the space is for me, 1/4 is for hubby. Haha

Speaking about dresses, I haven’t done that kind of shopping for a long time now. 2 months or more, I think. Surprised? Yeah, me too. Hahah. The collection now gets too boring for me, same old plain coloured dresses, just a change of names. I need to lay it off for a while until it comes back to me again.

I’m now attracted to something else. If you know me well, you would know that I’m a sucker for phone casings. YES! Hahaha simply because I get bored easily using the same casing over and over again.  Orang cakap, ’emy ni pantang nampak kedai casings, mesti nak masuk”.

It’s true.


This is taken last year in October. It gets bigger by now haha

This collection is taken last year in October. It gets bigger by now haha

So it turns out, I’m a sucker for every type of casing, not just a phone casing! Right now, I’m always tempted to buy casings for my Macky. Same reason, same excuse, ‘Get bored easily’ hahah. Boleh terima x excuse tu?

The other day, I went to ebay to search for other things actually, but ended up buying one more ‘dress’ for my Macky. Of course la kat ebay lagi murah kan (not sure about the quality since I haven’t received it yet).

Macbook Air crystal case, AQUA

Macbook Air crystal case, AQUA

Macbook Air crystal, PURPLE

Macbook Air crystal, PURPLE

Torn apart between these two, but I finally settled for Purple. I put the Aqua under the watch-list tho because I actually really really like both colours. So there, I’m still buying dresses, but instead of for me, I buy them for Macky. Hahah. Orang belum ada anak, mcm ni la. One day, when I have a daughter, maybe I’ll shop less for me and more for her. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll just buy stuff for both of us. Kehkeh

My perut is so berkeroncong right now. I took a long nap today so I dunno what time will I be sleeping tonight. The good thing is, tomorrow is Friday and it’s already weekend for us here in Johor. Weird weekend, remember? Still adapting to it.

Sabtu sekolah ganti pulak. Ahad we go back to school as usual. There goes my lazy Sunday. The good thing is, no more Monday Blues. Haha


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