Big Bad Wolf Book Sale


The biggest book sale, Big Bad Wolf was here again yeah (and already ended 2 days ago)! It’s my first time going there. Last year, I planned of going but couldn’t make it and I couldn’t remember why. So by hook or by crook, this year I really needed to go to this place. Lucky enough, despite dealing with everything that’s going on right now, (tuition and house renovation that needed to be monitored everyday), I managed to spare some time and go there. Yay me!

Since the first day they opened the sale to public, the place was so packed with book lovers. Last Sunday, which was the last day of BBW, was extra crowded than usual. Managed to grab 16 books when I was there. It doesn’t matter if I have time to read all the books or not, I just love seeing my collection gets bigger. Hahahaha. Kidding. Well, half-kiddin.

Anyway, the crazy bargain offered at BBW was insane. You could get those novels at only RM8.00, mostly. Some RM10.00 and RM6.00. I’ve spent RM100++ over these 16 books that I ended up buying.

All of them! 2 were not in the picture tho..

All of them! 2 were not in the picture tho..

My picks!

My picks!

Hubby's picks!

Hubby’s picks! Hubby said, ‘3 volume je pun xper laa…’

Hubby's picks for me! Amboih.

Hubby’s picks for me! Amboih.

I read through the pages and laughed. Haha.

Funny, these two. Haha

Seriously, who would Google that? Hahah

Seriously, who would Google that? Hahah

That Twilight comic is interesting! Heheeheh

Saw that Twilight comic and I picked it up, spontaneously.

Tho I already have the actual novels, just bought it for fun.

Tho I already have all the novels of Twilight series, I just thought buying the comic would be quite a collection lah kunun tho I missed vol.1 . Muahaha

My Twilight series collection

My Twilight series collection

Thanks to Salina, who actually talked me into reading. I wasn’t much of a reader to begin with. When we were in Aussie, she once dragged me to Borders and suggested the good books for me to read. No, she actually forced me to buy those books. I remember she forced me to read the first chapter of Narnia in front of her, while we were waiting for bus. Haha sick woman.

So yeah, this reading thingy kinda grows since then.

Okay gotta go. I haven’t showered and it’s almost 2. Haha bye!


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