Today, we went to our new house again. The kitchen is almost done, but I’m planning to fix some of the things that didn’t turn out as what I have expected. Yeah, I’m fussy when it comes to this kind of things. Even if you have all money in the world, house renovation is not something that you do every year right? Because it’s not just about money, but TIME mainly! So once you do it, you need to do it right, or else you have to suck it up and live with it (which I hate). Alhamdulillah, today we manage to find solution to the kitchen flaws and hopefully after this, it’ll turn out well.

Also, a bad news for today.

My EG Tukar result. As expected.

My EG Tukar result. As expected.

Seriously, the thought of working for another year at that school is very torturous. I don’t mind people being strict or too particular for that matter, because in everything we do, we always wanna see good results out of it. Right? That’s normal and I wouldn’t complain about people being fussy because I’m a fussy person myself. I can bear with that.

But how can you bear with people who are so full of favouritism, speak with a forked tongue like a snake and cause fights among the colleagues, disrespectful and so manipulative. It’ll become worse if those are the acts of a leader. People like this are nothing but poisons of an institution or an organisation. You can never be happy working for this kind of people. No one can.

Better luck for me next year, I hope.

Off to the post office. Remember that TPL group I talked about in my previous entry? I sold two more dresses in my wardrobe (to give room to other new dresses haha) because I rarely use them. That’s unfair to the dresses, right? They surely deserve better owner. Haha



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