My Kinda Morning


I’m home alone  right now. Hubby’s not here due to a course that he needs to attend this morning, so I’ll be on my own until 4-5 p.m. Hmm.. What should I be doing now? I can’t go out because hubby’s using my car and I don’t know how to drive his manual car. It’s not that I can’t drive manual, I just can’t drive his. Too many modifications he did on that car. I’ve already folded every single clothes yang bergunung x lipat semalam, changed the bed sheet, scrubbed the toilet and vacuumed the whole house including the room. All done yesterday. So now, I’m on my Macbook, facing the TV watching Starworld, with a cup of hot Milo and Delicia Gardenia with me. What a boring morning. Haha

My kinda morning..

My blogging spot.. (Ignore those Tamiyas)

Any of you who’s already off to your vacations? Well, we’re going back to Selangor probably next week since hubby has LDP sessions at school for the whole week. As much as I want to, I can’t be there longer since we need to check on our house renovation that will be starting this week. Probably balik sana just for a week. Can’t wait for mak to complete her ‘edah’ so then we can bring her jalan2 in Muar. Heh, jalan2 la sangat kan..

Anyway, last night I saw a link posted by an acquaintance (wanted to write a friend, but… no she’s not really a friend haha) on Facebook about this tremendous journey of a British man, from Singapore to London, BY TRAIN, BUS AND FERRY! No planes at all. Here, I’m giving you the link.


Such an awesome journey! I spent the night reading all his stories on his blog and pretty amazed by all the fascinating experiences, cultures and people that he encountered along the way. It’s true what they say, it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters the most. I told hubby about this and asked him if he wanted to experience it some time in the future, he said ‘Taknaklah. Buat ape susahkan diri? Kalau nak pergi, naik flight je la.’ Adoi. So then I lectured him about all this journey and destination quote thing and asked him again the same question. He didn’t answer (because he was focusing on FIFA14 at that moment! I doubted he even listened to my lectures.)

Alright. I think I wanna do some blog-hopping and then maybe try to get some ideas on the internet for my kitchen at the new house. Bye!


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