Take Off Your Work Heels…


… and start wearing flats and sneakers, coz it’s school break time!!

Excited into, but the truth is, school break la sangat kan.. Budak je cuti okay, cikgu cuti sikit2 je. but I’m still happy because at least, I don’t have to wake up as early as 5 anymore. Tehee..

So, where are you guys going this holiday? I already started my pre-holidays last 2 weeks (the Langkawi vacation) and another one (the Sarawak vacation, in sha Allah) would be around late December. I’m not sure if I would be going anywhere in the middle of the school break because we still need to focus on the house renovation that is done yet. Maybe we would , I don’t know.

School tuitions will be starting in December. Hmm.. As long as I’m a teacher at this school, my school break timetable will be something like the image below. Does anyone wanna replace me?
Pretty pleaseeeee…

Note to Sal if you’re reading this, ‘I’m tired of being WANTED all the time! Once in a while nak jadi UNWANTED mcm you bleh x??’

Tuition timetable..

Tuition timetable.. Hello! There’s ANOTHER PAGE of this with MY NAME on it!



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