Kun Faya Kun

2012-07-09 11.02.53

When I was on phone with my mother just now, she told me something quite surprising. Something that is beyond logic of a human’s mind. But, remember what we’ve learnt in kelas agama? Bila Allah berkehendakkan sesuatu, maka terjadilah ia.

Kun faya kun. As what we call it.

Subhanallah… Ya Allah, can I have that chance too?


Ayah, I miss you so much, and I always will. I’ll always pray for you and think of you. You’re the king of my heart and no one could ever take your place. I promise, one day if I already have children, I’ll let them know how special you are to us all. I’ll make sure they’ll love you too just like we do, even though they’ve never met you.

I love you so much ayah!


p/s- Anyone of you has watched this telemovie on Oasis channel, Kaabah Depan Rumah?

And.. Anyone of you has experienced something like the final scene of that telemovie?


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