Hazy Updates On Our New House


Thank you haze. You force me to stay indoor and blog today. Thank you again.

Well, few days ago, I just got a call from Ling Jaya Developer, regarding to our house. They informed us that we could get our keys now and that also meant that we could move in right away. I know I was supposed to be happy with the news, but surprisingly, I had a minor panic attack. I should get started on brainstorming about the decorations, because to me, that’s what matters the most in a house, and I SUCK AT THAT.

The kitchen, is the most most important area that needs bigger attention than the rest of the spaces in the house. I once told my husband, ‘If you want me to cook regularly, you need to give me a very nice kitchen. Like the one in Food Network.’ Haha. That’s a threat otherwise I don’t wanna cook haha. But he sucks at decorations too, so I have to step in. Duh. Of course I have to. I’m the Jamie Durie in our house. Haha. The thing is, our kitchen is not that spacious, so it’s kinda hard to decorate and arrange stuff in there. The island, the cabinet, the stove, the sink etcetera etcetera. I’ve made some research, but still couldn’t figure anything out. Huhhh, maybe I’m not Jamie Durie after all. I need professional help. Not just for the kitchen, but for the whole house!

I don’t think we can celebrate raya in our new house this year. Well, we can if we want to, but I don’t wanna rush. It’ll be too much hassle.

Till meet again. Bye for now.