Mr. Crab And Mr. Squid



So tonight I would like to share one of my lesson plans that I designed for my Year 3 kids. It was not in the textbook because I created it myself. So, please expect some flaws. Haha

Lesson 1 : LISTENING / SPEAKING I wrote this story myself so it was kinda weird. And.. Mr.Crab and Mr.Squid? Where's Spongebob?

After I read them the story, I asked them simple WH Questions such as, ‘How many characters in the story?’ “Where did Mr.Crab live?’ and etc.

I wrote this story at 3 a.m. I just couldn’t find the best, simplest and easiest story to teach Simple Past Tense on the internet, so I had to come up with my own story. I dunno why I chose crab and squid as my characters, but these two characters remind you of something right? Haha. SPONGEBOB!

If you look at the ending of the story where the food was gone, I was actually so sleepy and exhausted at that time. I didn’t know how to finish the story, so sengaja buat tergantung. Kunun2 nk suruh my kids sambung cerita la and it worked. Haha

Lesson 2 : READING They colour the sentence halves based on the story that they've learnt in Lesson 1.

Lesson 2 : READING
Match the sentence halves based on the story.

Answer and colour. Colour and answer.

Answer and colour. Colour and answer.

This is what I did in Lesson 2, after doing shared reading. First, I asked them to retell the story using picture cards that I pasted on the board and then, we moved to this activity. Basically, they just had to choose the correct phrases based on the story, but to add more fun in it, I asked them to colour it. They loved colouring. Semua pun nk warna. Gambar Mr.Crab and Mr.Squid yang memang dh berwarna tu pon nk warna lagi..

Lesson 3 : WRITING A good platform to expand their ideas.

Lesson 3 : WRITING
A good platform to expand their ideas.

Talking about outside the box huh?

Talking about outside the box huh?

Here is the best part. I asked them to throw me ideas about what happened to the food. At first, class was a bit quiet because they thought I expected some serious answers, so I started to give examples, ‘The food was gone because Mr.Crab didn’t like it and he threw it away.’ After that, one by one gave me weird funny answers. I wrote properly on the board and asked them to choose any three of the answers and write them on the task sheet.

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR Simple Past Tense yaaww..

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR
Simple Past Tense yaaww. (I suck at writing simple instructions!)

Since the story was in Past Tense, I thought it would be good if I focused on the Simple Past Tense used in this story. I explained about Past Tense and gave examples such as ‘had’, ‘went’ and ‘shared’ from the story. Then, I asked them to help me find few more Past Tense verbs and list them down in the task sheet above.

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR Match and match and match!

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR
Match and match and match!

Then, match the verbs in Past Tense to the root words. Of course, I gave an example on the board before asking them to do it by themselves.

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR Fill in the blanks!

Lesson 4 : GRAMMAR
Fill in the blanks!

Lastly, ‘Fill in the blanks’ exercise as the closure of the grammar lesson. For some reason, they said this exercise was the hardest. I didn’t give examples but I told them the answers were all in the story that they have just read. I helped them with the first two questions, then, baru la diorg boleh buat sendiri. Maybe my instructions were not clear.

For ‘Language Art’ lesson, I just asked them to do a role-play. I divided them into several groups and they presented it in front of the class. I know there were only two characters in the story, but I asked them to insert the ending of the story by themselves (like what they did in Lesson 3) and there, they could add more characters. So, every group presented different ending of the story. One of the groups came up with something like this,
‘The food was stolen by a witch. The witch gave the food to her assistant and children.’

Some even acted as non-living thing, like bubbles.
‘The food got into a huge bubble and the bubble took it away. When the bubble got into the surface, it burst!.’

It was funny but quite tiring especially when you handled a group of over-curious and over-excited students.

Owh, I just love teaching!

p/s – It’s 12.02 a.m. now so Happy Birthday to me! Haha

Another Bite of Apple



After about two weeks purchasing iPurple and falling in love with iOS, I decided to switch from android to apple. So, I passed down my S3 to my husband (he wanted it badly), and bought the second Apple gadget that I used to hate before. Taadaaaa!





So thin and sleek!

So thin and sleek!

The home screen...

The home screen…

The lock screen..

The lock screen..

I purposely chose black for the colour, to match it with my iPadmini that I bought before. Plus, I’ve been using white phones (S2 and S3) for two years so it’s kinda getting old. To be honest, I was not familiar with Apple gadgets and iOS, but it actually wasn’t that hard to master. I remember after buying an iPhone5, I went to Pizza Hut for dinner and there, I didn’t really eat though hubby ordered a lot of food. I just ate the salad and spent the rest of the night playing with my new gadget. Honestly, I couldn’t rest until I figured out the tricks and shortcuts this gadget has to offer.

 After more than two weeks owning and using this gadget, I admit there are certain things that are lot easier on S3, for example, well, the obvious one, setting the phone ringtone! Hahah. Using iTunes for the first time was quite confusing especially when I wanted to set the ringtone but I managed to do it (after several emotional tries haha), thank you Mr.Google and Mr.Youtube. The only bummer is, I can’t use Google Maps on iPhone because it’s not available on Malaysia AppStore. The iMaps installed in it for navigation purpose is super stupid, I can’t get anywhere using that. So my friend suggested me installing Waze. That one seems promising though I haven’t used it properly yet.

Matching black!

Matching black! My iPadmini and my iPhone5! The ‘in’ things right now. Haha

I don’t regret doing this move (from Android to iOS) even though I notice a lot of people around the world vote for android, particularly Samsung compared to Apple. I loved my S3 before, and I love my iPhone now. Both are great phones!

It's been an honour knowing you S3!

It’s been an honour owning you S3! Hehee

Though I already passed down my S3 to my hubby and it’s practically his now, but I don’t allow him to trade that phone to get an iPhone5, in case he wants to ‘berhijrah’ too soon. It served me well for less than a year so I don’t want it to be in a stranger’s hand.

So, that’s it! Bye!