New Obsession, iPurple!


I’ve got myself an iPad mini! At last! I named her iPurple since I chose her the purple casing. We didn’t have any intention to buy it actually and I blamed the whole thing on hubby. That day, we actually planned to go to Watson to buy my product supplies. After that, we went to the third floor to look at some cool phone casings. I was the one who wanted the phone casing, hubby usually was the victim who had to pay them for me. Haha. After buying two phone casings, I wanted to go home straight away, tapi hubby ajak singgah Navotech pulak. He said, ‘Singgah sini jap, nk tgk something.’ I said no, nanti makin tengok, makin banyak duit keluar. Hubby degil, dier cakap, ‘Takde laa… Sekejap je. Nk tengok bukan nk beli.’ Yeah right.

We went to different sections, hubby asked the salesman about computer stuff and I just walked around looking at everything. I noticed hubby went to iPad sections with the salesman and they chatted for more than 20 minutes. I knew it was 20 minutes because I looked at my watch. Kalau setakat tanya2 gitu je apesal lama sangat. So I went to him and held his hand signalling ‘Let’s go now’ but instead, he turned to me and said ‘Beli iPad nak?’ I was like, ‘Now????’ He insisted on buying but couldn’t give me solid reasons why. At first, I didn’t agree and thought it was a waste of money since we didn’t really need an iPad (though I agreed it was so cool to have it), but finally I surrendered. We always made random decision like this you know.. Remember when I bought my Sony Vaio Pink laptop last year? Mcm ni jugak lah. Cakap nk tgk2 je last2 beli jugak. Haish!

So, here’s the second argument. As usual, Apple’s products are available in two colour selections, black and white. We wanted the white one (I always hate black gadgets, I think they’re boring), but the one that we wanted (Wifi+Celullar, 16GB, White) was all sold out already. Black, that was all they had left. I asked hubby to order it first and waited until they called, maybe about a week or so, but hubby refused. He insisted on going home with an iPad on that day itself. I surrendered again.

So okaylah. Nk black, black je lah.

Unboxing the iPurple (which was not yet purple at this time).

Unboxing the iPurple (which was not yet purple at this time).

Putting on the screen protector..

Putting on the screen protector.. Look at her! Black and sexy!

It turned out, the black iPadmini was not that boring. To my surprise, this colour looks so classy and stylish. If you look at the featured image on top on this entry, you can see that the black colour actually covers both sides (front/back) like iPhone 5 whereas for the white ones, they use silver colour for the back side (less stylish because of the dull silver but of course it was cuter).

I was torn apart between these two colours, purple and pink. I didn't wanna embarrass hubby using iPink so I chose iPurple. Haha

I was torn apart between these two colours of the casing, PURPLE OR PINK? But since I didn’t wanna embarrass hubby using iPink, so I chose iPurple. Haha

iPurple is actually my first Apple product (I’m an Android user). Now that I’m loving it to bits, I’m now weighing my decision to buy an iPhone 5. Haha!

p/s- Hubby yang nak sangat iPad, but balik rumah daku yg conquer. HAHA


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