A Tired Entry (Yes, There’s NO Better Title Than This)

cat tired


I’m just so tired tonight. This week has been so crazy, mentally (tears and pain at school) and physically (rushing here and there). No TGIF this week because Saturday is a working day (sekolah ganti). November seems so out of reach now and I just pray to God, to be granted good health so I can go through this in one piece until the end. I know, we are just one week away from first mid term school break, but that doesn’t mean anything. Class is on, as usual (UPSR classes). To add to the list, I also have a choral speaking practice to handle since we’ll be representing our zone to the district level. Since there’s a lot of things to work on, I need the whole week to improve the team. There goes my holiday! Yeay!

I have nothing more to add. Bye.


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