Unnecessary Dilemma


My mother in law once asked me about places that she could buy clothes or blouses from, at low price, so I replied, ‘Eh, mak kan orang sini (Muar). Patutnye mak la lagi tau’.  But since she really didn’t know, I tried to name a few places around here that I could recommend her, but nothing really came to mind. Here’s why! Because all this while, I’ve been shopping online!! Haha. (Berbalik pada cerita mother in law tadi, we finally brought her to Wetex Parade and bought a couple blouses there. Our treat, so kalau mahal pun xpa la pasal memang susah nak carik yang cantik dan murah kan.. Quality comes with the price. Hihi)

My favourite online shopping website is of course, ThePoplook.com. Till today, I’ve spent over a thousand buying dresses and blouses from that famous line. They’re just my taste! Hihi. Senang beli online sebab xyah round round jalan penat kaki kalau x jumpa apa kita nak kan.. Penat carik and still x jumpa, fed-up, boleh main Facebook terus, or better yet, shut down laptop, tido saja. Haha

Look at those!

All the dresses and tops I bought from ThePoplook.com. Hubby said I’m a crazy shopper. Naahh, there are many out there who are way crazier than me.

Just now, when I was browsing the website (the most dangerous activity for me because I always end up buying something), I saw these caftans. There are three designs, but these two are my favs. I’m just torn apart between them and I can’t pick one! Help!

Carol Kaftan Blouse Light Brown

Carol Kaftan Blouse Light Brown

Carol Kaftan Blouse Lime Scarf Print

Carol Kaftan Blouse Lime Scarf Print

I’m more to Lime Print, but Light Brown pun cantik jugak especially when I pair it with my dark purple long skirt. But I belum pernah ada baju colour lime tu. Takkanla kena beli BOTH pulaaaak though I really love caftans. Caftans are the best! They are comfy and flowy, perfct to beat the heat nowadays. It’s just been extra hot for the weather right now, kan? Tak tahan nk pakai baju fit2 lagi. So uncomfortable. Kejap je badan dah melekit macam hape.

Okay, so, which ONE??

p/s- Hubby said, ‘shopping selagi boleh, nanti dah ada anak kena berkorban sikit duit tu for baby.’

p/s/s – No, I’m not pregnant yet.


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