House, Master and Supplement

This kitty has its own blog too! Haha. Isn’t it cute? I found this picture, here.

Okay, I actually feel guilty that I’ve been ignoring my blog. Again. I know no one cares about this blog except me (haha), but I think I have to write more often. Like right now, I love to dig back all the entries that I’ve written since 2008, when I was a student both in Australia and IPBA, when I first started teaching, when I got married and etc. To be honest, some of the entries are so funny, weird and stupid. I don’t want that feeling of reading those to end and I don’t want to read the same entries over and over too. That’s why I have to keep writing even though it’s just a stupid piece of writing. In short, I actually write for my own sake. Having said that, I promise not to abandon this online diary of mine ever again so I can read it, tease it and laugh about it in future. Haha

So…… I wanna talk about my house. I can’t wait for it to be completely done next year. I can’t wait to move in and decorate it. 😀 It is located in Muar town and to me, it’s quite far from the school that I’m teaching right now which is in Parit Jawa, so I hope I can change my workplace too. Plus, I’m not in that high spirit to work in that place anymore. It’s just….. I don’t know. There’s no drive. I keep losing it. By the time I found it, it only lasts for a while and then I lose it again. Actually, there are other things that make me unhappy too but let’s just not spill the beans here.

This is an old picture of the house. Few months ago I think. By this time, I think it’s 80% done already. 🙂

I have several plans to do for years ahead. One of them is to start applying for my Master. I know a lot of my friends have furthered their study again, and most of them doing it part time. I wanted to but when I thought about it again, oh my! I can’t do part time study. It’s just so exhausting because you’ve been working for five days and then during weekend, you’ve got classes for the whole Saturday and Sunday! Imagine, teacher’s workload which is getting ridiculous each day plus assignments and tests and etc? I think I can’t do that. I salute those who are so brave to have these commitments. Kudos! Therefore, since I cannot and don’t want to do it part time, I will do it full time. I don’t know when will it be, probably next year, or the year after that, or the year and year after that, I don’t know, but I would go for full time because I’m no superwoman to do two big things at the same time.

Before I pen off, I would like to ask for some suggestions. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I decided to take some supplement. My body feels so weak and I feel tired all the time! Is it aging sign? Gosh, I’m only 26! This is surely not good for my body. One of my besties, Wana suggested me to take Shaklee supplement. There are four types of them but I can only remember Shaklee B-Complex and Vita-C because Wana kept suggesting me those particular supplements. Any other good supplement out there that I should try? If none, I think I might just try Shaklee.

Shaklee Basic set

Okay, I should get ready now. I’m going back to Muar today and I haven’t finished packing. Talk to you soon.

Minah Versus Lela

(Okay, I exaggerated a little bit. Takkanla sbb x dpt beli lauk favourite sampai sebulan x tegur kan? Haha! Rekaan semata2 hokaay..)

I’ve been both, Minah and Lela. Sometimes, as humans, we are just too…. dependent. We ask our friends for help (when we ourselves are capable of doing it) and when they can’t help us (due to other waaaay more important things/commitments), we start to get mad. Whether we show it to their faces or a silent treatment. Is that really necessary? What if we’re in Lela’s situation? We try to help our friends but there are other bigger things that we need to handle first, and finally, we let them down because they don’t get what they want. I’ve been in Lela’s situation a few times now, and yeah, every time it happened, I felt guilty. So guilty that I felt like buying something as a peace-offering to make it up though I really didn’t have to. Now, when it happened again, I started to get annoyed. I mean, if you ask other people for help, and then your request can’t be fulfilled, you shouldn’t get mad. Remember, for whatever reasons, it’s your fault for not doing it yourself. Trust me, even though you’re too dependent, people are not that unhelpful. They’ll help as much as they can, but when they can’t, you should just appreciate the effort.

I know sometimes we need other people to help us because we have no choice, but when you’re not being fully attended to as what you expected, you should just keep your dissatisfaction to yourself (unless if you feel you have the right to, for example, if you’ve already given your money and they didn’t return it etc) otherwise, just move your lazy bum and do it on your own.

Okay dah. Tu je nak cakap. Babai!