Getting Cold in Cameron Highlands!

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Our next destination was Cameron Highlands and here, we stayed at SK Brinchang. Hm… How do I describe the place.. Well, nama pon sekolah kan, so faham2 je la facilities tu camana.. Kena share toilets, long queues lagi, thin mattresses, limited space (we were placed in a classroom). We were like refugees. Or flood victims. Yeah, whatever. That was the disadvantage in this trip.

Honestly, this trip to Cameron Highland was not as great as I expected. Yeah, I had fun with my colleagues and students but I think we wasted too much time up there. First day we arrived there, we settled everything before going down to Brinchang night market. Well, it’s Cameron, so there was a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, not forgotten, souvenirs, food and T-shirts and etc. I love night markets. This is the place with low price and I also could improve my bargaining skill!

T-shirts, soft toys , gloves, accessories..

The fresh vegetables..

That night, I hung out with two of my colleagues, Kak Fai and Kak Idah. I bought a black short-sleeved T-Shirt with glittering strawberry in the middle of it, so cute! Hmm.. I didn’t buy that much, because like I said, I’ve just been here 3 months ago and later in October, I’ll be going here again with my husband on his school trip. Three Camerons in a year, so no need to waste so much money shopping in the same place, don’t you think? Hmm… As for dinner, I bought Nasi Ayam Percik, with HALF marinated chicken, for only RM5!! That was soooo cheap! It was half chicken, I repeat. I think it’s hard to get that price anymore else where. Actually, if you buy the chicken only without the rice, the price is still RM5. It means, the rice comes for free, but if you buy the rice alone without the chicken, it’ll cost you RM2. Haha.

I also bought this! The best strawberry tea I ever tasted! So wangi!

After dinner, the students were not allowed to go anywhere, so they just needed to get ready for bed. Unlike us, the teachers, KakLeza, Kak Fai, Kak Yun, we went down again to get some night air, as well as to the night market, since they hadn’t finished shopping. I bought more T-shirts for my husband and I this time. Kang dia merajuk lak tak belikan apa2.. Hihi. After walking around for an hour down there, we walked back to the school. The school was actually situated on the hill. There were stairs that linked the ground level, to the school ground floor on top of the hill. To make it more ‘interesting’, our room was on the FOURTH floor, so imagine how many steps we needed to climb before we reached the room. Normal people couldn’t do it. Since I was an IPBArian (IPBA has the worst stairs ever! Imagine you are from Block 3 to the foundation class yang tingkat 4 kat hujung dunia tu, with a lot of shopping bags, sleepy and tired), I managed to get up there in one piece. Haha. I told him about the stairs and he was like, ‘Huh, kalau I mati la dah naik xder nk turun2!’

This is not captured by me. I googled it, just to show you guys what the school look like. That is only half of the stairs.

The next morning, we woke up early to get ready for MARDI and Bharat Tea Plantation. Actually, that night  some of my colleagues faced a liiiiitle ‘problem’ when they were sleeping. You know what I mean. That was a school, so biasalah benda2 supernatural kat sekolah kan.. Plus, kat bukit pulak tu. Huuu… Alhamdulillah, I was not disturbed though I was half awake when that thing happened. By the way, it was a very cold morning (duh!), so at first, I planned not to take showers unless they got water heater which obviously they didn’t. But then, tengok2 semua orang pon mandi though just mandi koboi, so I changed my mind and got showered too. D.A.M.N.C.O.L.D!! I felt like showering in ice, but it was very refreshing!

We started the day by having breakfast by the road, near Petronas Brinchang. Seronok agaknya makcik tu dua bas serbu kedai dia. Haha. After about an hour, we departed from Brinchang and went straight to MARDI. MARDI is actually Agro Tecnhology Park that is situated at Jalan Persiaran Endah, Tanah Rata. It consists of six sections; English Garden, Herb Garden, Orchid Garden, Rose Garden, research and also information centre. You can find a lot of types of vegetables, rare and unique flowers, fresh fruits and others in this place. You also can visit mini tea plantation here, 1 meter of walking up to the hill. I almost missed it.

Agro Technology Park (MARDI) in Cameron Highland

At this place, we spent more than 2 hours walking here and there, camwhoring as usual, scrutinizing and smelling flowers (especially the ones we haven’t seen in our life before). It was quite boring actually because I was not into flowers, but surrounded by your crazy colleagues, they just made everything fun!

At Rose Garden, with Kak Lina, Kak Leza and Kak Yun. 🙂

Silver Dust, the name of the flower! Or you can also call it Winter Flower. Haha. This is my favourite. Lawa kan?

I just love this picture!!

Mini tea plantation as our background. Haha. Excuse the gedikness!

The students..

Talking about cabbages! Haha. Kata lawatan sambil belajar kan… Hehe

Don’t forget to try fresh strawberries with hot chocolate dipping!

After two hours, we walked back to the bus to go to Bharat Tea Plantation. That is the biggest tea plantation in Malaysia. This place is a trademark of Cameron Highland. There is not point going to Cameron Highland if you don’t visit this place. Even though it is just an area of tea plantation, the view here is breath-taking.

Sadly, we got a very bongok bus driver. The car park provided was full, so he took an easy way out not to drop us there! He simply said, ‘Banyak keta la cikgu, tak boleh parking. Xyah berhenti laa…’ Personally, I didn’t mind because I have been there and in fact, I’m going there again this October, but how about the kids? Some of them couldn’t afford to go here and wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the school trip! Dahla mcm tu, he was the worst bus driver that I have ever met. So stuck-up, not friendly and very VERY hard to tolerate with. Tolong bukak luggage compartment kat bawah tu pon malas. HE even asked us to do it ourselves. Berat gila kot nk bukak tu. Memang teruk! Along the way from school to Gua Tempurung and Cameron Highland, he kept complaining every time we asked him to stop at RnR. Tah hape2 je.. You are a bus driver, but your job is not just drive. You have to provide good customer service. You are paid to do other things that are in your job description which are assisting the additional needs of your customers. Suruh stop kat RnR pun susah, let alone find a spot at the Bharat Tea Plantation tu. The other bus driver was okay. He was friendly with the students and teachers as well. They went to the tea plantation when we didn’t. We went down straight to Tapah (we didn’t even drop by at Lata Iskandar!). So we, including the students had two different experiences on this trip. Kesian budak bas aku.. 😦

So, that’s all for now. Remember if you go to Cameron Highland in a large group (school trip), please organize your time well. One more important thing, FIND A GOOD BUS DRIVER. It doesn’t matter if you travel in a 3-star-bus, as long as the bus driver is willing to provide you 5-star service. Ours was the opposite. 5-star bus, not even a half star deserved by the driver. Puii!


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