Accidental Nap (If That Is Even A Nap)

It’s 2.46 a.m.

I’m on the bed right now with hubby snoring beside me, but I just can’t sleep. I accidentally took a looooong nap (not sure if that’s considered as nap tho because it was long and not during the day), from 6-ish this evening, until 11.15 p.m.!! Hubby woke me up 3 times but failed. Okay, why does it sound so familiar? Owh! Because I’ve done it before (refer to this entry)!

How did it happen again? Okay, actually, after school, we went for lunch at Pt.Bakar and straight after that, we went to Wetex Parade to hang out before collecting my old Vaio Pink that I sent for service weeks ago. Then, we went to Jalan Junid to take a look at our new house that is still in progress. When we got home, hubby went out again to play badminton with his colleagues. I was bored so I played with my nail colours that I bought at Wetex earlier, since I’m in that time of the month right now. This is the result of my nails by the way. Haha. I am soooo bad at manicure.

Glittery White. Next, I want to buy PINK!

I wanted them to dry faster, so I went into the bedroom, switched on the fan, lied on the bed and waited for it to dry. Tau2 je dah 11.45 p.m.! Hubby balik bila pon x sedar.. Huhu. That’s why I am here right now, blogging.

One of the things I do when I can’t sleep!


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