Getting ‘Wet and Wild’ In Gua Tempurung!


Hubby’s going on school camping today so I’ll be home alone for these two days. Sad. ūüė¶

But you know, since I have nothing to do really, well, besides watching Gossip Girls DVD over and over, I think it’s best if I write about my recent school trip to Gua Tempurung and Cameron Highland.

Well, we gathered at school around 2.00 a.m. and I was the laaast teacher to arrive, at 2.15 p.m. Tgk, lambat 15 minit je dh jadi yg paling last sbb budak2 ni semua excited nk pegi, pukul 1 pagi dah tunggu kat sekolah. Hehehehe.. As for me, malam tu memang lambat packing so lambat la sampai. :-p ¬†After doa and a quick speech by the ‘Ketua Rombongan’, we departed from school at 3.00 in the morning. I slept for the whole journey and only woke up at RnR Jejantas Sungai Buloh at 5.30 a.m., if I’m not mistaken. It was sooo cold, so I didn’t plan to take my shower because right after this, we were heading straight to Gua Tempurung. As I have stated in the previous entry, this caving activity involved a lot of water so there was no point taking shower in the morning, only to get wet in the cave later, right? Hehe

After freshen up, solat and breakfast, we continued our journey to Gua Tempurung. I really like the view along the highway. It was so beautiful compared to southern highway that I found too boring. We arrived at Plaza Toll Gopeng and continued another few minutes to our destination. When we arrived there, there were six to seven school buses by the road. Oh my! It’s gonna be a full cave!

Before I go further, here’s a little information about Gua Tempurung that I found in Wikipedia.

“Gua Tempurung¬†is a cave in¬†Gopeng,¬†Perak,¬†Malaysia. It is popular among spelunkers, or¬†caving¬†enthusiasts. More than 3 km long, it is one of the longest caves in Peninsula Malaysia. Part of it has been developed as a¬†show cave¬†with electric lighting and walkways and there are a range of tours of different lengths and difficulty. A fine river cave, the river passage runs about 1.6 km through the hill. There are three very large chambers and some spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.”

Okay, enjoy the pictures!


Before entering Gua Tempurung..

Gua Tempurung, 2012. Last time I was here, it was in 2001.

Deeper into the cave.. The exploration begins..

Tired of climbing up those stairs, now let’s camwhore! From left, KakYun, KakLina, moi, and KakLeza.

Being here in Gua Tempurung reminds me a lot of memories when I was here more than 10 years ago with my friends. By the way, perkataan 10 years ago tu sound sooo muda kan? Hehe. The landscape outside was quite different, but other than that (inside the cave), the whole thing was still the same. Of course, it’s a cave right. Haha

One of the things that you need to know before having an adventure inside the cave is, there are more than 700 steps here, going up and down. So, you can decide whether you want to stay in, or walk out of the cave. I have not done this kind of activity for a long time, so I was not as fit as I used to be. Kejap je dah out of breath! When I stepped inside the cave and walked 50m deeper, I could see the amazing view inside. Stalactites and stalagmites, both are beautifully formed into beautiful sculptures. There was one looked like a man wearing a turban (Osama, as what they called it) and others. You can see various patterns on the cave walls that were also formed into some amazing carvings, such as a giant turtle and snail, a woman, a man led the solat (imam) and the makmum behind him, and others. They were all so amazing that words couldn’t describe how amazing they were. I’m not¬†exaggerating, really. Subhanallah!

We spent more than 3 hours in there, climbing up and sliding down, walking in the dark with torchlight in our hands, crawling like a crocodile in the water to avoid being hit against the stalactites, entering a very small hole (lubang tikus) to go to the lower level of the cave and etc (as for the lubang tikus part, I bet my hubby couldn’t fit through it haha). It was sooo fun! In fact, it was better than the last time! Thank God the water wasn’t that smelly but it was sooo cold.

Now, getting down babeh! Curamnye hoi!

Sliding down! They said the height is about 20 feet.

Sampai bawah lutut longgar terus! Haha

This is what we call ‘Lubang Tikus’. Kecik gila kan…

Be careful kids…

Done with lubang tikus, we were now at the bottom of the cave. Time to get wet fellas!

Cikgu Bahrin, one of the male teachers (2 org je kot cikgu laki) with his pair of jeans in the cave. Cool x masuk cave pki jeans? Haha

“I’ve been crawling in the dark (in our case, in the water as well), looking for the answers..” -Hoobastank

Resting for a few minutes here..

My friends, my shoes and I.

Yeah, out of cave and back to civilization!

Once we got out of the cave and felt the touch of sunlight against our skin again, it was now time to get back to reality. Arghhh! Feel like staying in there. So calm and peaceful. Not even a sound of a bat. Owh yeah, they slept during the day, I forgot.

So, we took our clean clothes from the bus, showered and changed before having lunch. It was so hot outside that my wet T-Shirt dried before I even showered. I didn’t get to buy any souvenirs here because I spent most of my time queuing in the toilet. Huh! That place was full of students from Penang, Kedah and also Pahang. Crowded!

By the way, there are many things that I learn from this caving experience. How water play the most important roles to create the amazing view and how the limestone hills and hard rocks ‘listen’ to the water. Somehow, looking at the¬†bizarre¬†rock formation that caused by the water in that cave, made me felt touched at this natural phenomenon. Of course we have been told this kind of story many times when we were little (at least I was), ‘camana batu yg keras tu boleh lekuk disebabkan air’, but seeing it yourself before your eyes, it was totally a different feeling. It was like, this time you really believed in it. This thing taught you, ‘nothing is impossible’. What is important is the will, and how bad you want something. Hmm… This phenomenon is very close-related to our life, isn’t it?

At 2.30 p.m., we got on the bus and continued our journey to next destination, Cameron Highland.
Will be continued in my next entry.


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