School Trip!


 This morning, at about 2 a.m., I’ll be joining my colleagues and students for a school trip to Cameron Highland. This would be the second time I go to Cameron in 3 months. I went there before with my family during the last school break. It is quite recent right? So, memula tanak pergi sbb baru je pergi, plus it was also due to flu and bad cough that I’m having right now, but then I think, this trip is too good to miss. Why?

Well because, before going to Cameron Highland, we will stop at Gua Tempurung for a cave exploration. I haven’t done this kind of activity in a loooong time! I’ve been in Gua Tempurung before for cave exploration too, when I was in Form 3, which was more than 10 years ago. It was so much fun! We were crawling in the water, climbing up and sliding down, walking on our knees for 3 hours with the smell of bats poop all around. We only had some chocolates with us to keep our energy going. There was one time when our torchlights blinked a few times before dying one by one. Trust me, it was SUPER.CREEPY. It was pitch black in there, we couldn’t see anything. So, terpaksa la jalan berpimpin tangan and berhimpit himpit mengharapkan cahaya torchlight kawan2 lain, menjerit-jerit takut kena tinggal .  I’m dying to relive the moments, not the creepy part of course, but to be inside the cave again. Only this time, I’ll go as a teacher instead of a student like I was before.

Gua Tempurung, Perak. Here I come!
*picture taken from Google*

Though I am pretty much excited right now, I haven’t packed anything yet because I feel sad to leave hubby alone at home. He asked me not to go due to my ill condition, but I told him I could take care of myself and will be taking medicine. Lagipun, kalau tak pergi, takda la memory ngn my Year 6 babies yg baru abis ‘perang’ tu kan.. Some of them really want me to go on that trip. Biasalah… Teacher cool kan.. Haha

Okay, wish me a safe journey! Will be taking lots of pictures and upload them here when I get back. Bye!

p/s- This blocked nose is sooo annoying. And I can’t stop coughing. So, will be bringing a lot of Strepsils! (wow that rhymes! haha)


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