I Am Back Babeh!


Hallloooooooooooooooooooooooo there!!!!

Yes, it’s me and I’m back!

O.M.G. Lama gila tinggalkan blog ni *bersihkan spider web!* If you look at the archives, there are few months missing, including the month of the 4th blog anniversary, August. Sooo sad.

Well, firstly, the reason I have not updated this blog was, I was quite busy (but if you are one of those who follow my updates in Facebook , Twitter on Instagram, you know that I was not that busy haha). I barely had time to take care of the blog because I rather spent my time watching TV, hanging out shopping,  lazy’ing’ etc.

The second reason was, my pinkish laptop (Fifi Winchester) that I have been using for blogging badly misbehaved. Though I also have a desktop at home, but I can’t blog on it. I’ve tried few times tapi feeling tu takda if you know what I mean. I ended up saving it as a draft and kadang2 satu line je pon. So, back to Fifi, well, I guess it was the time for me to find a replacement. Plus, she has worked sooo hard for these past 3-4 years and it is now time for her to rest. Or…….. Maybe hubby would want to use it since he does not have any. That, if he does not mind using a pink laptop. 😛

Well well well, now I have the replacement so I am back to blogging!

I’ll make an entry about ‘the replacement’ soooon!

p/s – Owh my! I owe this blog 12 months story. -,-“


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