Nothing. Really.


Haih. My extra weekend is almost ever. Need to wake up early tomorrow. Funny everything I wake up, I wish one of my colleagues will give a text message saying ‘No school today. Bangunan sekolah runtuh.’ or ‘Emy, jangan pegi sekolah. Bahaya tadi ada ular besar kat sekolah.’ Is it funny? More to mean actually. If the school building does really collapse, kesian budak2 nk belajar kat mane? But those awful thoughts will be washed away as the cold water from the shower refreshes my body. Time mengantuk paksa bangun memanglah macam2 kau fikir.

This post is gonna be random. I have a lot to write until I don’t know what to begin with. Actually, I have prepared a draft on my Singapore vacation last year. Long story short, when I was almost done writing it (only a few last sentences), I clicked on ‘save draft’ and everything had gone. Wtf. Now, I don’t have the mood to write it again. For now.


Before I go, enjoy these two interesting videos I found on Youtube.

p/s-How on earth, a cat getting into a football stadium?

-updated, THIS CAT NOW HAS A TWITTER ACCOUNT!!! Let’s follow!-

Anfield Cat =!/AnfieldCat


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